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    I was hoping I wouldn't find this here sounds like you gave her the perfect day out, so sad, so hard ... just so sorry so sorry for your loss for lovely loved Lola I'm sure Harry will look after her and poor Sid, very hard
  2. I've been teaching Saxon to go around (a tree or tree-like things) for over a year now, but I have 2 separate commands for the 2 directions I haven't been clicker training him, he does know the bridge but gets a throw (or 2) of his ball so all his training is quite slow and patient and ad hoc, I tend to have a goal for a week, sometimes I forget or try something else ... anyway I thought he knew the 2 directions well, but the more I tested it the less he seemed to get it ... oops ... so for a while I was only teaching/asking the one direction and he had that no worries, so I tried mixing them both and he was only getting it about 50/50, so I went back to basics with a nice clear verbal and hand signal cue ... and he got it 100% the correct direction. So then I was specifically teaching the verbal ... give clear verbal, delay, then hand signal ... 100% so that was last week, then this week I try from different angles a little, not so regimented in my body language back to 50/50 right and so now I believe the hand signal was only a small part of the picture, that really it's the whole body language that he's going by, he certainly isn't getting the verbal correct and the whole body language picture is ridiculous (cause I've been standing there thinking exactly how I'm gonna make sure I say this right hahaha ... silly slow humans) I think I need to continue to teach the verbal, then vary that silly body language cue so it's simply the hand signal that I thought was what he was going on all this time ... he's probably just been guessing ... he really doesn't care which way, whatever, just throw the ball you fool hahaha He has the spin both directions on 2 separate verbal cues so not sure why this seems so hard
  3. awesome! love all these photos, so well captured of such a fun event! great seeing all the gopro's too, professional pups super cute shepherd pup I couldn't help adoring all such lovely dogs really :)
  4. I bet a lot of tourists make the mistake of touching all those lovely fresh fruit & vegies, amazing colours! looking forward to catching up on your other photos as I get a chance
  5. okay, I admit I've not the attention span to read all of your words, but loving the bits and pieces, the "observations" are cool and you do make me want to visit, great photos again :) nonna is very authentic :) (maybe a stupid comment but I can just see her making a point of checking everything out) anyway
  6. wow, loving your stories and pictures :) particularly enjoy the bobbing boats :)
  7. brilliant!! what a great and fun idea ok, admittedly I watched the video first and was a little horrified to think you were letting him eating not just 1 meat pie but many, but of course not one to be quick to judge I read the first post ... sorry to hear about Digby but such a cool way to spend the time with him
  8. thanks guys :) I got his ashes back today ... I didn't want to get stuck at the vet making these decisions, so had my mother do all that ... it was a pleasant surprise ... couldn't help tearing up ... but to kinda mark the occasion I took Saxon for the drive and ended up taking him for a quick off lead run at a different park to usual. really feels like the end of an era, for so long it was Texas, Jamie and Chester ... and now just Saxon ... not that I feel necessarily that it has to be bad or sad, just is, but yes is sad
  9. thanks all again TSD - thanks heaps, hope you and yours are keeping well. I can't believe I'd forgotten about the Dally thread, all those pictures I posted, a lot of memories there after a quick look :) you know I've gone looking, my external hard drive, pre-2009, is not working, can't believe it, found some hack video stuff (but invaluable) on photobucket, cool that they keep it all Chester is everywhere really, so glad I have so much, it's hard to remember the good old days when the most recent Chester was so different, frail, just not the same brat, so hard, someone mentioned he always looked so happy and kind, that was Chester alright, that tail was always high and wagging
  10. thanks all, I really don't know what else to say I'm so missing him
  11. I'm hopeless with goodbyes I haven't been very active here for quite some time, but I know Chester had admirers so out of respect for him figured I should put together something for those who may remember him fondly my first purebred, a puppy liver spotted dalmatian boy he was toilet trained from the day he came home, not a single accident in the house, but he did cock his leg on an indoor plant while visiting elsewhere, we never had indoor plants at home the most enthusiastic and motivated clicker training officinado a lover not a fighter (one of his least favourable habits, got him his nickname "Chester the molester" by some) the most perfect of running companions, kept me fit for years the most perfect of hot water bottles, that was from week 1 as well, he slept on the bed with me, under the covers, from puppy hood until only recently he could no longer jump on the bed a most handsome and seasoned poser, was always there when I needed him for practising photography 2008 actually now I think about it, he was the reason and motivation behind my two hobbies: dog training and photography, I owe him :) 2009 2010 2011 2012 and from last year, the old boy still had some style :) will miss you baby boy Chess
  12. phew, I don't feel so bad about abandoning as well, and something along the reasons of CC and even with my choice of theme for this fortnight, I feel what I could do is just gap-filling, rather than a nice thought-out process, work and my work-times are really draining me atm changes in rosters seem constant, sleep all over the place and time for things I want to do few and far between, I have so many things I want to do, things I have to do and I keep running out of time even when I get days off, like today, gone already ... I need to win the lotto, get my work time back
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