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  1. Or maybe police are sick and tired of being abused for trying to do their jobs. I'm in a profession where I can be in the firing line at any given time but remain professional at all times. So what if she had to wait to get home. Her reaction was completely out of proportion. Does she honestly think that the police want to stand around blocking people from their homes?
  2. Oh Anna..... I'm so sorry for your loss. Your devastation at losing little Chichi is palpable and my heart absolutely breaks for you. Please know how much Chichi loved you and will always be in your heart xxxx
  3. My old red girl was my pride and joy. She was cuddly, loyal and tenacious. I loved all those qualities. She was extremely protective but was very dog social until I had my son then she became quite dog aggressive. NEVER human aggressive though. I'd have another cattle dog in a heartbeat.
  4. Im so sorry for your loss. Rest easy Maisie.
  5. Rest easy Chisel. I'm sorry for your loss. Such a gorgeous boy.
  6. I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest easy Tess :-(
  7. Well I think it's sad.
  8. That's awful Teebs. Such a sad fact. I had no idea. A vet in Darwin last week is believed to have killed herself and her two young children. Devastating for everyone.
  9. What a gorgeous old duck! :D
  10. I'm sure it varies for everyone but I didn't last long at all. I lost my 12 year old Cattle dog in March 2 years ago then a month later my 14 year old Stafford died. I lasted 10 days without dogs in the house so went and adopted a couple of oldies. The house was just too empty without a dog in it.
  11. Whatever... It's bringing attention to the animals which is her goal so kudos! If I had that bod I'd march around like that everyday!!
  12. Rest easy Jessie So sorry for your loss. The cattles sure do get into your heart.
  13. He's Gorgeous!!! I love a good boofhead... Thanks for sharing. I too love to see comparison photo's showing how quickly the little weeds grow :-)
  14. Lots of assumptions made from people given what little information was provided. It's great that he's back home safe with his family who seem very happy with his return.
  15. How is she going Kelpiecuddles?