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  1. BREED: Pomeranian DOG: Supreme Ch Pomquest Fame N Fortune DATE: Sunday 22 July 2012 AGE: 21 months (attained Grand Ch on same day) OWNED: Brett Abraham & Sandy Barrington-Rowe (handled by Sandy)
  2. Am I able to email Dr Littman myself or should my Vet do it?
  3. My fussy Pom wont eat the Z/d :-(. She did eat a tiny bit for a few days but wont touch it now. I just gave her some sardines which she seemed to like.........
  4. Hi Sheridan, My girl has been diagnosed via Endoscopy and Blood Tests at Queensland Veterinary Specialists. She spent two weeks in ICU. It was a follow-on from IBD caused by something she ate. I have seen that it is common in Wheatens. Pop is doing reasonably well at the moment but I am searching for ideas on what I can or cant feed her. She has had a few soft stools yesterday and today and would ideally like to get them back to formed if I can. Thanks heaps for the contact details for Dr Littman. Sandy.
  5. Thanks Pauchel. Did your vet advise you to have your puppy PTS? Was there nothing you could do for her? My girl is not a puppy, she is 15 months old. She spent two weeks in hospital but is now back home. Hope someone else can share their experiences. Sandy.
  6. Hi, I am desperate for info on Protein Losing Enteropathy (PLE) from anyone who has/had a dog/s with this disease. Treatment, diet, outcomes....... Any help appreciated, TIA, Sandy Pomquest Pomeranians
  7. Our big hope for 2011 is Richie (Pomquest Fame N Fortune) sired by RUBIS CH Winterspell Warlock from BIS CH Soffies C'mon (imp DEN) Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and wishing everyone success next year showing their hopefuls
  8. Hi, I need a tried and true solution to removing Comfrey ointment from hair. We have tried baby powder, dish washing liquid and dry shampoo in a can. Greasy patch is not a good look for a show dog Any help much appreciated! Thanks!
  9. 1. What is my relationship with the breed? (ie breeder, first time owner etc) Exhibitor/Breeder/Addict 2. Where and why was the breed first developed? The Pomeranian is believed to have descended from wolf-spitz type dogs which at a very early period in history migrated to Pomerania from the north of Russia and Siberia. Queen Victoria was responsible for the popularity of the Pom and it was she who bred them down to a smaller size. The earlier spitz, type dogs were used to work as guard and sled animals, however the smallest were often kept as companions. 3. How common is it in Australia? They are quite common in Australia and very popular. Because they only have small litters (1 or 2 puppies) demand usually exceeds supply of quality Poms. Unscrupulous back yard breeders regularly advertise inferior cross-breeds as purebred and should be avoided at all costs. 4. What is the average lifespan? The average life-span is around 12 years but its not unusual for them to live well into their teens. 5. What is the general temperament/personality? Extroverted, lively and very, very intelligent. Must be a part of their family. 6. How much daily exercise is needed for the average adult? They do not need a huge amount of exercise but do benefit from a daily walk as their minds and bodies like to keep active. 7. Is it a breed that a first time dog owner could easily cope with? Yes, although they are not recommended for families with small children. 8. Can solo dogs of this breed easily occupy themselves for long periods? Poms prefer to be part of a pack, whether this consists of humans or other dogs. They dont like being left alone for long periods. 9. How much grooming is required? A good brush once a week combined with daily checking for matts is recommended. Trimming of hair around the anus is also a very good idea. Shampoo with good quality product when necessary. 10. Is it too boisterous for very small children or for infirm people (unless the dog is well trained)? Small children and Pomeranians do not mix well unless the child is very quiet and careful not to drop or hurt the Pom. They make fantastic companions for elderly people once they are past the energetic puppy stage. 11. Are there any common hereditary problems a puppy buyer should be aware of? Poms can have problems with Patellas, collapsing Tracheas, coat loss and Hypoglycemia. Problems are less common if you buy from a reputable breeder. 12. When buying a puppy, what are the things you should ask of the breeder? (eg what health tests have been done (if applicable) and what is an acceptable result to those tests so the buyer has an idea of what the result should be) It is always best to be able to view the parents, siblings or other relatives if possible to see if any health problems are evident. Some problems cannot be seen of course. Find a reputable breeder.
  10. Hi Julie, Tried pm'ing u but ur inbox is always full and saw that u had posted this thread and thought u might read my msg here...... Just wondering if u had emailed me the logo to use on my website yet? No worries if u havent had time yet....just wanted to change the email address if I could? Can u pls email it to [email protected] instead of the Pomquest one. I cant wait to put it on my website! By the way, I am honoured to be nominated in the awards this year! Still in shock I think Thanks, Sandy LoveMyFurBabies
  11. Thanks heaps, we will call them and see what they have. You wouldn't happen to know of any fenced off leash parks for the dogs ikn Canberra would you? Ah, yes. There are two new ones. One by the shores of Lake Gininderra (Belconnen) and one by Lake Tuggeranong. (Greenway side). What they are like in terms of user responsibility I cannot say. Great We also found on the petbarn website that there are 2 fenced ones at Fyshwick so we have a few to chose from
  12. Thanks heaps, we will call them and see what they have. You wouldn't happen to know of any fenced off leash parks for the dogs ikn Canberra would you?
  13. Hoping someone can tell me where to buy BARF in either Canberra or up to Wollongong? We are driving from Gundagai to Canberra today and then up to Wollongong and I am almost out of BARF. I have been supplementing them with Ziwipeak but would really like to restock the caravan freezer. Boy it has been hard to find our fav doggy dinner since leaving home (Brisbane) a few weeks ago. Most people I asked in Victoria (including Vet surgerys and Pet Stores) hadn't even heard of it. Can any DOL'ers point me in the right direction please? S.
  14. Like dogbesotted said....a test and/or treatment for cocci wouldnt be out of place. Cocci can kill. S.
  15. We get our Artemis delivered to the door from Petdeli but would love to know more contact details about the stockist at Glasshouse. Will try and find out....thanks for the tip Hesa. S.
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