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  1. I had to stop having the oldies here because I lost two in one day, that was so heartbreaking. But its worth it, you get so much love from them. I will go back on the lists next year for oldies.
  2. Quiz on canine body language

    I got 10 which seems I know nothing about dogs. I do know when mine are unhappy or stressed or frightened. But with the Fauves when they are out you don't often see their faces because their noses are stuck to the ground sniffing. I just took them out up to the Standing Stones and if their noses weren't down they were peeing! Gilly tells me exactly what he wants. Edited to say Fauves ears are always down, they help channel the scent.
  3. How do they know?

    I like having snakes in my yard, I don't have much control over them anyway I have a frog filled creak about 50 metres away and paddocks on two sides. They have a place in nature. If you don't want them don't have water supplies around, keep your lawn low and clean out all areas with places to hide. Mostly they like wood piles and tin piles, they are nice and warm. If you have chooks keep all feed well contained because they come after rats and mice. Keep your house rodent free but please use nice poisen that doesn't keep killing when a snake or an owl eats it. My neighbour on the property I lived on poisoned his rats and later over the next week I found all the RBBs that lived in my yard dead, who knows how many that went away to die somewhere else. I also meant to say the RBBs loved the mulch on my garden, because it was nice and warm and it gave rodents covered areas that they make tunnels in.
  4. How do they know?

    JRTs are terror with snakes, one of my rescues who went to a friend killed two Red Bellies and was also bitten twice by two. She didn't survive the brown that bit her though. Loulou was a gutsy girl who took her job of guarding my friends twin daughters very seriously. Even Gilly will still go after reptiles and he is 21! I used to walk Bob when I lived out of town and we saw snakes everyday mostly Tigers and RBBs maybe a Brown once or twice a year oh and a death Adder once that was asleep on the other side of a log that we both stepped over, Bob walked on it and I just missed it. Bob always knew when a RBB was around I believe they have a distinct smell, because he always remembered where he saw them. I have Copperheads here and other smaller snakes, Anna and Cedro bailed one up in a pile of bricks a few years ago, Anna was nearly uncontrollable! My dogs have a definite different bark for snakes, its deeper and more persistant.
  5. Little Dogs and Bones

    Lately he has been looking quiet good. No bald patches and he has put on a bit of weight. If it wasn't for all the lumps and his smelliness you could think he was much younger.
  6. So worried about snakes!!

    A suggestion is to get a reptile ident book, they are really interesting and you get to know and understand reptiles. Up here (northern tableland nsw) snakes are out early in the morning and in the warmer evenings. I have a bush garden with lots of places for reptiles and have seen two snakes in 8 years. They arnt interested in wasting their venom on us, or dogs, most are bitten when trying to kill a snake. As Pers says they learn to dry bite, all you need to do is stand still and a snake will go on its way. I miss the pythons we don't get them up here, I had one called Trevor when I lived near Kenilworth, he was a good guard snake, my Bluey and Lab both ignored him.
  7. Have you tried breeders on the DOL pages? There might be a retiring dog or an older dog looking for a new home.
  8. Phoebe has puppies!

    Fat little pupkins arnt they and they have teef. Is that a 'who are they ' look?
  9. Phoebe has puppies!

    Heavens she looks like she might explode.
  10. Little Dogs and Bones

    He is peeved at me at the moment because I took the sheets of the bed he is curled up in an angle at the end of my bed with the blankets.
  11. Tiny little foster dog being Bullied

    Even after many years I still jump at patches of stuffed animal hidden under a bush or rock in my yard. The Fauves have never been interested in toys, they look upon live animals as play things. Gilly had a traumatic experience with squeaky toys, when he was young and we were in Armidale dog training, the class next to us squeaked their toys all at once and the were lots of them! Gilly was doing a recall exercise and was running to me, he came as he usually did but went straight past me and out of the oval and under my friends car, refusing to come out. From that moment on we have been a squeak free zone. So not many toys here. Ive tried but he just runs and hides when he hears them. Thankfully he is deaf now so squeaks don't bother him.
  12. Basset pup on gumtree

    How could any one be frightened of a puppy? Its just and excuse to resell and make money. I wonder if the breeder even knows. Bassets arnt common. Poor little thing.
  13. Little Dogs and Bones

    I have a 21 yr old who is small xJRT he loves his bones and steals from the big dogs! I also have a submarina dog, I know when winter is coming because he goes under the doona. Summer he stays on top.
  14. Dogs with storm phobias

    I think its air pressure, Bob wasn't always frightened of storms but as he got older and deafer it got better. So maybe a combo of pressure and sound.
  15. Happy birthday Jarrah

    Happy birthday Jarrah. The oldsters are the best. My Gilly was 21 on ANZAC day he is deaf, nearly blind and his back legs are starting to go. He sleeps most of the day but does zoom now and then. He is still happy in himself but I think this maybe his last winter. I hope your jarrah has a lovely long life.