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  1. Happy birthday Jarrah. The oldsters are the best. My Gilly was 21 on ANZAC day he is deaf, nearly blind and his back legs are starting to go. He sleeps most of the day but does zoom now and then. He is still happy in himself but I think this maybe his last winter. I hope your jarrah has a lovely long life.
  2. My next one will be a Dyson I got a Volta pet one and its useless.
  3. I have just added a third to my pack, she is a teenager and has fitted in well. I got her because I was worried what would happen to Cedro when his best mate Gilly (21) has gone. She was a bit timid to start but now she is part of the pack and is as happy as anything, its like she has always been here. Its been a while since I have had a three dog family and I didn't realise how much I missed it. I always had oldies who came to die here, which for me was very hard, but they usually had good lives for at least a while. I got Cedro because I wanted a dog I picked and waited for and now with Etta who is also a Fauve I have a nice little family. I got Anna and Cedro together when Anna passed I was very worried about Cedro but Gilly helped him a lot. Now its near Gilly's time and hope Etta will be there for Cedro.
  4. I don't usually have many problems with fleas, this year Ive treated the dogs once and that was just in case because one of them was scratching. I think the cold here helps.
  5. Check out Basset Fauve's they can have a lot or a little drive depending on the dog. Wonderful family dogs but also good workers. Love their people and are tough and fairly bomb proof. I have two one with a short coat and one with a longer coat. Have a look in dogs 101 on DOL.
  6. Etta is a 16 month old she came to me on Thursday and is slowly relaxing. She was in a pack of 11 and she was at the bottom of the bitches, she is a very soft gentle dog, coming here with only two males she is now the only bitch. She needs to develop her confidence, she has settled in well with no problems but is still a bit wary. I know its only been a few days but would love some suggestions on how I can help her feel more confident.
  7. Yep Dylan wrote Blowin in the wind. But I just cant remember the Marriane faithful song. I saw he do it at Byron Bay many years ago. I stood on a table and danced!!!!!
  8. There are Griffons in the Basset family of dogs. Maybe check them out they are just as rare I think.
  9. I have seen heaps of film and pics of Basset Fauve De Bretgne's on a hunt in in Spain/France and Britany the only difference I have seen is length of coat. They have been working dogs and family dogs long before they went into the ring, I like the idea that they got the working bit down before they were shown. Because they were bred to work as a pack and its wonderful to see them as a pack working a scent. If you look at the Basset and all its types you can see that they have been bred to do a particular kind of job when hunting. They are heathy and strong, Id say because breeders didn't allow a unhealthy dog to survive, because they would be able to do their job. No sentimentality there, just practicality, if they cant do what they are meant to do what is the use of them. That's not how I think but Id say that's how the breed stayed as they are.
  10. Basset Fauves are wonderful, love kids, will take as much or as little exercise, love their families weekly grooming and just allround great dogs. But Im biased!
  11. Nope PC the one Marriane Faithful wrote about a women who died in a sports car when her scarf got caught in something.
  12. Fauves haven't changed that much over the years. I suppose its because they are duel animals pack hunters and family dogs. But they haven't been in the ring very long either. When I first took Cedro to a show I was told by a non Fauve owner what his coat should be like. When I look at Bassets I just cant see them running in a pack, that is what they were designed to do. They need to have strong backs and legs to run, most I see couldn't walk very far. But, there are good working lines out there. I met one at Armidale show one day and he was a beautiful hound. It feels to me that people have gone way past the 'good of the breed' to the good of the owner.
  13. Gilly wears his el-cheapo coat all the time now, he hates it but he loves it! Cedro has enough fauve coat to keep him warm, he likes to sit out side in the very cold wind, with his ears blowing behind him, like he is in a sports car! Reminds me of a Marriane Faithful song!
  14. I have a Fauve he is a hound with a hound nose, but if you get one with not so much drive they make wonderful family dogs. If you get a breeder to pick the dog for your family it could work out well. My boy Cedro loves children and will go out of his way to meet them. he is gentle and loving. I recon Basset Fauves make great family pets they are a rarer breed but are becoming more popular now. They do need grooming if you show them but a good brush weekly if not shown. They are really wash and wear dogs.
  15. There are three Bernese that walk down my street every day and when the Celtic festival was on I met a lovely pair of smooth Fox terriers their owners were also amazed I knew what they were. Keep your eyes out for Basset Fauves there are a few around now.