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  1. Fauves haven't changed that much over the years. I suppose its because they are duel animals pack hunters and family dogs. But they haven't been in the ring very long either. When I first took Cedro to a show I was told by a non Fauve owner what his coat should be like. When I look at Bassets I just cant see them running in a pack, that is what they were designed to do. They need to have strong backs and legs to run, most I see couldn't walk very far. But, there are good working lines out there. I met one at Armidale show one day and he was a beautiful hound. It feels to me that people have gone way past the 'good of the breed' to the good of the owner.
  2. Gilly wears his el-cheapo coat all the time now, he hates it but he loves it! Cedro has enough fauve coat to keep him warm, he likes to sit out side in the very cold wind, with his ears blowing behind him, like he is in a sports car! Reminds me of a Marriane Faithful song!
  3. I have a Fauve he is a hound with a hound nose, but if you get one with not so much drive they make wonderful family dogs. If you get a breeder to pick the dog for your family it could work out well. My boy Cedro loves children and will go out of his way to meet them. he is gentle and loving. I recon Basset Fauves make great family pets they are a rarer breed but are becoming more popular now. They do need grooming if you show them but a good brush weekly if not shown. They are really wash and wear dogs.
  4. There are three Bernese that walk down my street every day and when the Celtic festival was on I met a lovely pair of smooth Fox terriers their owners were also amazed I knew what they were. Keep your eyes out for Basset Fauves there are a few around now.
  5. As the heading says what dog transport do you use. I need to get a dog from Vic to me.
  6. They used to bait where I used to live, I couldn't let Bob out of sight just in case. Ive seen what it does to foxes it isn't nice. East of here in the NPs they bait all the time and its destroying the Quoll populations. Our property road was at the end of dirt road, people used to bring their unwanted kitten litters and dump them at our gate. Id say half survived because you could see the damage that they did in the paddocks and hills. I don't know why they don't shoot them instead of baiting its kinder and quicker.
  7. I had a blue heeler that worked on the farm with me, one day getting cattle in, a snake scared my horse and I got thrown. I was knocked out for a time, the bloke with me had to go and get the ute to pick me up. He told me not to go to sleep, I was having trouble staying awake. He left and my Bluey Ringer sat right next to me and every time I started to go to sleep she barked at me. She kept me awake this way until he came back with the ute. I broke many ribs and had a concussion. Ringer had a ear splitting bark that really hurt up close! I loved her to bits.
  8. Maybe a cat would be better.
  9. Cedro believes it his duty to clean Gilly's ears and Gilly waits, if its a sunny arvo, for me to put the rug on the lawn so we can lay in the sun.
  10. Nothing makes you ready for a loss. I lost two dogs in one day 3 years ago. I had one for 19 years, I felt like I would never heal but I did. Its hard and you do it a day at a time.
  11. He has dementia PK he forgets what he is doing Cedro has had kongs and things but if Gilly isn't interested he isn't either. I often have to remind him why he is outside at night, I don't think he can see in the dark, so I take a torch and he follows me around the yard. He is snappy, stinky and annoying at times but I love him to bits. Cedro and I will miss him awfully when he is gone.
  12. He is a questionable JRT, just a bit too much brown in him. He has had a raw food diet all his life. The only time he gets dry food is when I sometimes throw a handful around when I go to work. He loves it but it makes him poo heaps. So I have pretty well stopped that to Cedro's unhappiness! Im in the Northern Tablelands of NSW up in Glen Innes and the mice are driving me crazy.
  13. The strange thing is he still, at 21, catches mice and they sqeek like crazy, doesn't bother him then. Especially now when there are thousands of the little buggers around.
  14. We have a dog park here but it has no fences and is on a very busy road so I don't go there. Its really hard up here, I don't really walk Cedro because there are so many roaming dogs that give us a hard time. Most are Staff crosses or pig dogs, so, larger than Cedro. Parvo is rife here as well so there is lots of danger for my dogs. I am thankful I have a 1/4 acre block that they can roam in.
  15. I feel for all my dogs especially Gilly, who at a tender age was traumatised once at training. We were near another group who were using squeaky toys and they all squeeked at once! Gilly was by my side off lead and he just bolted to the car. So Ive tried many times to bring in toys but none of them seem to want to play with them. Cedro just wasn't interested either. Bob destuffed one or two but that was it. I feel my dogs have gone without the fun of toys.