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  1. Fox taming experiment

    Port Kembla Golf course used to have a big wireless tower near the bottom of the course, It had a really big old nest that Ravens had built, they used to go after golf balls all the time. I was an adult when I first saw a live Wedgetail,up in the Snowies the only ones I ever saw were stretched out on fences. The first live ones I saw were near Wauhope one day. I have always thought of them as my bird. When I used to travel on the train to Sydney and back, I always new I was near home because I saw a Wedgetail up in the valley between Armidale and Tamworth. I had a pair that nested on the property I lived on. I watched them raise many babies and got to see the youngsters learn to hunt and ride the thermals. The most wonderful thing for me was lieing on a rock watching them ride up the air. The day before I left that place I was doing just that sort of saying good by and one dropped a feather for me!
  2. Fox taming experiment

    Two doors up from me a man used to have show chooks, this was at least 10-12 years ago, the foxes still come to visit! They come through my yard sometimes and make the dogs crazy. Speaking of hunting birds, I was out the front of my place just sitting on the steps and there was a blackbird digging in my garden. Then there was a squark and a woosh and a Harrier grabbed that bird and was away. It was about 10 feet away from where I was sitting. I don't mind because I don't like introduced bloody blackbirds that take over the nesting areas in my garden. I have rabbits in my yard they come from the paddocks and the trees hide them from the Wedgeis and Hawkes.
  3. Nosework: Great For Dogs!

    I would love my hounds to do something that they enjoy Noseworks would be great for them but sadly way too far away.
  4. Best vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

    Yes I know its on my list of first things to buy when I have the money! My DIL has one and I agree far to much plastic to break.
  5. Best vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

    I bought a 'pet' Volta vac, we only have one place in town to buy electric stuff, the one I got was just under $200 and is totally useless. The last one I go,t different brand but just as useless. Blocks up constantly and has no suction and its not even 12 months old. Putting pet on them seems to add $100 to the price. I have to travel to Inverell or Armidale to get another one. So next time I will make sure its the best I can afford.
  6. Fox taming experiment

    When I was out of town here the main gate was at the end of a dirt road about 10ks from town, people used to dump kittens all the time at the gate. What they thought would happen to them I don't know. But I always knew by the amount of dead things I saw, the body count would at least double. I had a chook farm next door and every evening at sunset the foxes would go past my place off to get a chook or two. The paddock next to the chook place always had dead chooks and eggs in it! They got a pair of Guardians but they went bush, didn't stop the foxes thou.
  7. Best vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

    Is it possible to put prices that people paid. I am desperate for a new vac the one I have is useless, so much so I sweep instead of vaccing because it blocks ever few minutes even when I sweep. I need a cost range for a good middle of the road one for polished floors and long dog hair.
  8. Fox taming experiment

    Thanks Pers. I think of the size of the feral cats I used to see in queensland and was wondering if dogs settle into their environment like cats do. The dairy I lived and worked on had major problem with dogs, big dogs, they did so much damage to calving cows. That place was many ks from town its where I first learnt about ferals, animals and people the people came for milk! When I travelled to Nambour every wendesday for study, on the way home I used to see many dingos, I really admired them.
  9. Fox taming experiment

    Id be interested to know how long it takes a domesticated dog to become a wild dog. We have lots of wild dogs up here, not too many are part dingo most come from escaped or dumped domesticated dogs way back in their history.
  10. Fox taming experiment

    Sounds like a even more "thinking" fox, which to me is not a good thing.
  11. Yet another dog attack

    I stopped walking my dogs up here because there are so many loose dogs everywhere. My Bob got attacked by a pair of really nasty Labs once, I had to pick him up and he was 25kilos! It changed him for life he was always over vigilant and we couldnt walk in that lane again without him getting anxious. I just don't want to take the chance of the hounds getting hurt. I used to walk around the block, which includes areas of paddocks and town. Once we got near the start of the houses half a dozen staff crosses would come out and bark at our heels. It was awful for me and the dogs. Its terrifying to have your dogs attacked.
  12. Dogs in literacy program

    One of the schools up here have dogs working with kids who have behavioural problems. Has given them some responsibility and it seems to be working.
  13. Dog Stairs

    I was going to get Gilly stairs for the bed but I thought its good for him to jump up I always lift him down. I had visions of the Fauves using the stairs as a runway.
  14. There would be now way in hell that I let a dog of mine have a litter outside in a cement kennel it gets way to cold up here.
  15. And how in hell would they police that. Places like here when you cant get the police to come let alone the RSPCA and the Ranger doesn't work weekends. This place is full of people with un-desexed cross-breeds that are constantly having pups that are sold on Sell, Swap and Buy for $100s. When they cant get enough for a deal of ice they dump them or just take them out bush and dump them. That's in town. Around town in the smaller villages there are puppy farms and a bloke advertises every few months that he is coming throu buying whole litters. Dog knows what he does with them. Ive seen him and his trailor stuff full of dogs of all sizes and ages. Really its like something from asia.