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  1. They do drag hunts now I think, they do with Fauves, but I have seen some clips of Fauves bailing up a boar. Some Aus farmers do awful things with their dogs but not all, most love their animals and respect them for the work they do.
  2. I love dogs shows they are so entertaining in SO many ways!
  3. Fauves are awefully cute pups. I have one with a short coat and one with a long unstripped coat, people all seemed to like Cedro because of his long shaggy coat.
  4. Gilly hasn't needed a vet for most of his life, he hates the vet. What I have done before with Anna, Fi takes me and she has a van so we sit in the van outside the vets surgery and we do it there. That way dog isn't stressed. When It was Annas turn the vet said she went very fast so she was ready to go even though she was only 7 she was very ill. Every morning I have to wake Gilly up just to see he is still with me, he breathes so gently its hard to tell.
  5. As Gilly has turned 21 now I wake up every morning wondering if he is still with me. I hope with all my heart he goes in his sleep under the doona walm and happy. But my experience with many old dogs I have never had one to pass in their sleep. I have had them tell me its time though. I hope he goes in his sleep, because Fi and I have known him all his 21 years and it will be just as hard for her as me to take him to the vet. But at the moment he is playing with Cedro in the hallway so he isn't ready yet!
  6. Was he a working dog? If he was you might find that he is used to being outside, a lot are chained outside when they arnt working.
  7. My lot like to wake me up around 7am, they don't believe in sleep ins, Gilly just ignores them and doesn't get up until at least 9. But the Fauves have a hard time at night chasing mice and rats, flying off the end of my bed, propelling themselves often off my legs! They then slip and slide and loose all their momentum on the polished floors and said rodent escapes, so then they have to stay in one spot and bark at it for a goodly period of time, or when I throw something at them. They also like to tell me loudly when the local feral cat is around and if anyone is walking anywhere in town, they believe, I think, that they think its their job to be extremely annoying. Its an experience having two Fauves barking/screaming and a deaf dog, who cant hear himself, so screams as well. As hounds their noise can be extremely bloody awful at times. No lovely woowooing, they sing.
  8. He wont let me take a pic hates the camera every time I try to sneak up on him he bolts. Just visualise a bandy JRT with completely white face, one hairy ear and a coat that's hardly there. He is deaf and nearly blind but can hear a biscuit wrapper a mile away! Very good at placing himself in a position where crumbs will fall in front of him. Sleeps most of the day and because he is deaf and cant hear himself bark he screams!
  9. My little JRT cross has made it to 21! I have had him all his life and love him to bits. He is stinky, bandy legged, lumpy and has a hairy oldman ear and one bald one. A good advert for raw feeding, he has had raw all his life, with vedge and bones and a few other things thrown in. He still loves a good bone every few days and still has a zoom everyday albeit not as fast as the others, he can also still jump up on the lounge and bed! So all in all he is doing ok for a rickety old little bloke.
  10. I have PTSD and when it gets nearly out of control Cedro sticks to me like glue, he sleeps at the foot of the bed and stays close in the day time. Often I don't realise its as bad as it is I only notice because of his behaviour. He has helped me through some very dark times over the last four years and Im very thankful for that.
  11. Thanks everyone after watching Olive Mcdinmont and a while ago I looked in to them in Aus. It seems there arnt too many here. They seem to be a lovely breed. They have just been given their own tarten so they must be ok. Maybe I might see one here next month for the Celtic extravaganza we have in first week in May. I like small feisty dogs fauves can be feisty! I caught Cedro yesterday eating his way through his wire pen, had already made a large hole but just not big enough for him to escape from.
  12. Having problems finding a breeder in Australia there must be one here somewhere. can anyone help me with info.
  13. Bassets have been around for a long time helping farmers and hunters get food and keep pests away. They have been changed to fit the game they need to catch. Fauves and other members of the Basset family have been hunters, if you look at them they go from Long low Bassets, then fauves then up another level until you get to the Grande. All fit into a different area of hunting game. Owners have done that to get a dog that they need to catch bigger game for larger families. Larger families because more game is caught to feed the family? What came first?
  14. I don't think anyone has mention that your are legally responsible for what your dog does when Its roaming. Wether it bites someone or impregnates another dog, you are legally responsible. If nothing else that should be enough to keep you dog contained.
  15. I waited for Cedro and Anna for a long while, but it was worth the wait. I am now waiting again.
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