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  1. I saw a lot of these in Laos, in the temples they were everywhere.
  2. If anyone is interested in seeing a gang of Basset Fauves just youtube them, they are very popular in France and Spain. Just be careful some are Fauves on a scent.
  3. Up here at the moment its echidnas!
  4. Next year the Celtic Festival in Glen Innes will celebrate Brittany. So I thought that it might be a good time to get together with some other Basset Fauve de Bretagne's and their people, to walk in the parade and walk around the Standing Stones if I can organise it. mI just asking to see if anyone is interested.
  5. This is a constant problem on sell,swap and buy up here. A while ago a women advertised a dog aggressive wolfhound cross, that was good with her kids but hated other dogs! She had allowed her under five children to play with it! I suggest that it might not be a good idea to rehome an aggressive dog. I was sworn at and abused, but suggested again if nothing else it could be a legal problem for them if it hurts another dog or person.
  6. I understand how you feel about Feather, every morning I roll over and check Gilly is breathing. My biggest hope is he goes in his sleep. I know when winter is coming because he dives under the doona., last night it wasnt that cold so he was under the top doona not the two of them!. I don't know what Cedro and I will do when he goes Cedro has known him all his life and I have had him for 21 years, so it will be very hard for both of us. But he isn't showing any signs of leaving me, he is a bit weak in the back legs, but can still jump on the bed, he also zooms everyday. When he stops those things I think it will be his time.
  7. They both are just like the pigging dogs you see up here. They often have wolfie in them and a mix of other breeds. Swampy is down right lovely.
  8. It has flowers that change colour from white to purple. Someone on here will be able to put a pic up. The colour change is why it has its name.
  9. I made a felted bag for a friend it was out of BC fur and worked well once felted. But I had it everywhere while doing it, so much got up my nose I swore I would never do it again!
  10. There are a pair of Bernese here in town, I see them ever day as they saunter along my street on their daily walk.
  11. Thay said that here as well but its warm and wet and BOM says frost tomorrow so that means its clearing tonight. We were so hoping it would snow here.
  12. I love these little guys, they go well with Fauves. I agree we cant get enough pics.
  13. I have just come back from a lovely walk with Cedro just to get the paper but it means he has to walk amoung other people of all kinds. We had a good time, he met lots of interested people and behaved really well. He went into the newsagency with me and had his pic taken as our mascot on the steps of the gallery. It was a positive thing for both of us, so instead of going out of town I will now go to the main street more.
  14. What hurt the most was he was a lovely family dog and loved my boys, very soft and gentle. About four went missing in my area in one weekend, the RSPCA told me there had been heaps of bull breeds gone missing over a few weeks. There was a well known dog fighting group in Wollongong at the time and after searching for many weeks I accepted the fact he wasn't coming home. My sons used to go out and call him every night, broke my heart.
  15. What I found handy when I checked my dogs every day was letting them swim in the dam, wet coats made it easier to see ticks. Dogs loved the swim and I found the ticks. One of the reasons I moved here was because we don't have ticks! At that time I had a Blue Healer and a Lab, they went everywhere together, the lab got lots of ticks and the healer hardly got any.