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  1. Someone must be missing that beautiful boy if not the owner maybe the breeder would recognise him.
  2. I waited 4 years for my Fauve! You need to read up about Golden's, maybe go to a show or the specialty Golden show in your state. Meet people who breed, intro yourself and talk to them about their dogs. As its been said above because there arnt many bred you will have to wait.
  3. Up here all childrens play areas are fenced really well so dogs and weirdo's cant get in. They have to up here because there are so many roaming dogs, so bad that I have had to stop walking my two. Every where we went there was a dog out on the road.
  4. Reducing plastic in relation to dogs?

    My frames from the butcher come in a plastic bag I always reuse it after washing it and putting it in the sun to dry. I reuse them heaps of times in the freezer for animal food.
  5. Best Lawn/turf For Dogs

    I have extremes of temps up here down way below freezing and up in the thirties, I have kikuyu its tough and free. I go over it every two years or so and air rate it and dig out old runners and make space for new ones. It perks up the lawn a lot. I don't feed it or water it at all it gets water when it rains. Gilly is allergic to it I think but I have a 1/4 acre so cant afford returfing it.
  6. Owner not happy

    I wonder what they would say about Basset Fauve De Bretagne they are an old breed.
  7. P.E.T.A. now Aus registered charity

    Large company 1 million or more. What idiot would give a million to them?
  8. Is he show material

    Why do you need to know? Usually people start showing when their dogs are young. If the breeder shows, but didn't give you papers, or show your dog, the dog may not be suitable to show. I would ask the breeder, they would have more knowledge about your dog than we would.
  9. Man kills fighting dog with cricket bat :(

    Owning dogs that attack like that puts every child in the area in danger, I don't blame the dog I blame the owner for not controlling obviously dangerous dogs. Its a disgusting thing to happen,. This the reason I don't walk my dogs here in town, because there are dogs roaming everywhere and most are pigging type dogs large and aggressive.
  10. Anyone had a dog have a stroke?

    My 19 yr old Bob had a stroke, he couldn't walk or stand, he didn't know were he was and was very confused, couldn't see, he had some sight before but that went as well. It was a hard day for me that day. I hope its just the affects of the op, they can knock around the oldies a lot. I hope your girl improves.
  11. Frozen semen transporting - domestic

    I want to freeze Cedro and send to his breeder so she can keep it. I will need a specialist vet to do that don't I. I know nothing about it.
  12. We say goodbye tomorrow

    Im am so sorry for the loss of two love ones, one is hard but two is terrible. Thinking of you and sending you strength and love.
  13. Looking to get a Blue Heeler, need advise please

    At the time I was living 30ks from town, she knew my friends and she knew they wernt friendly. I was living alone at the time as well. She did her job which was to protect me. But they can get over protective so you need to be consistant with training.
  14. Looking to get a Blue Heeler, need advise please

    I had visitors at my place once, very unwanted ones, they walked up a very steep hill for 2 ks to get to my shed. Ringer did the smiley face when they came up and chased them back down that hill on the run. She stopped at the gate.
  15. Looking to get a Blue Heeler, need advise please

    My Ringer caught one once, she got ill but survived. My fault I hadn't trained for them. But if you train to leave and keep inside at night you should be ok. You need to do that anyway to get pup out of situations that will hurt. They are smart dogs one bad experience cured my dog, not that I wanted that to happen, it was dangerous. She was never interested in snakes. Just macadamias and cane toads oh and tractor tyres.