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  1. Bendigo & Eaglehawk Shows

    Isnt it Well I do apologise then I guess 12 months must have softened my opion on this facility Maybe because i was setup near a door my memories of being hot in the centre have faded
  2. Bendigo & Eaglehawk Shows

    Each to there own I thaught the whole place was air cond i certainly didnt think it was hot.....definately alot cooler than kcc Lots of room to set up I personally think its the better indoor arena out of the 3 used in Vic...jmo
  3. has anyone tried the coats made from thesilver material of the cool walls yet?
  4. Stafford Fans

    Come and say hi Sandra Ill be with the rabble rouser group lol Youll be able to hear Ali gobbing off
  5. Stafford Fans

    Oh Parrot pea i know who you are lol Shes a Brohez baby isnt she? Very cute little girl, Ill be at the Bendigo show so Ill say hi Glad its you with a baby puppy theres going to be huge baby puppy classes at the champ show this year Lots of really nice bubs about so whoever wins/places should be very happy...your in with a shot your girls lovely and nicely bred too
  6. I definately think that the blue Amstaff is generally of far better quality than the blue SBT in fact when people ask me about blue SBT i explain about the problems we are facing with the colour breeders then suggest if they are set on a blue dog perhaps look at an Amstaff as they seem to be of much better quality
  7. Maybe its like a fine wine and matures with age
  8. Don't necessarily agree with that one. Depends on the strength of the ''will produce it'' I guess. A lot of the older SA lines produce blue on a regular basis, the breeders knew this and it didn't generally bother them either way - they did the best mating they could knowing it was likely there would be a blue - they didn't do the mating because they knew there would be a blue but because it was the best mating they could decide on but they knew the dilute was there and likely to appear. They had the knowledge it was there but weren't motivated by this knowledge----fine difference I agree its no different to people who breed with a line that may produce any other of the number of faults. The people who breed for the colour or who hide the gentic possibility of faults in their lines to me are not ethical and i would consider the breeders who use dogs or bitches that are knowingly going to produce puppies that carry or present health faults worse than blue breeders. Unfortunately i dont think this will prevent people breeding the colour considering that the majority of these dogs arnt shown anyway I think that rather than drive the new blue owner back into the arms of the blue breeder clique we need to educate them and encourage them into owning healthy staffords regardless of colour. Maybe you could promote the idea of desexing the dog to prevent him/her beinh used for breeding further down the track especially if only purchased as a pet.
  9. Puppy Puzzle Seminar

    oooh yes keep us posted please Sway could you pm me in case i miss it on here pretty please ;)
  10. Where will the tickets be getting sold? Im a sucker for raffles anyway....will it be tickets or numbers on a board..(just so I know if i need to get in early to get my numbers )
  11. Walls For Gazebo...

    Definate yes for the silver walls and they suprisingly keep out quite a bit of rain as well lol
  12. Benalla Show

    Thanks Gaela Hell be wrapt with those results hes on a roll with that young dog
  13. Benalla Show

    anyone know who the jis stafford was ?
  14. Dogs Inside Or Outside

    I think its totally personal choice and provided that the dogs/s are cared for and maintained it shouldnt matter whether indoor or outdoor. My 3 are predominantly outside dogs however thats not to say they dont come inside. 1 of them definately prefers being outdoors and will actually whine to go out after about half an hour. I do make sure they have dry and clean or cool beding/sleeping arangements I also spend time both outside and inside with them. Ive seen dogs that have been considered neglected living indoors before so by saying indoors is better is not necasarily true it comes down to the individual and their capability to look after their pets.
  15. Well Im laughing my Staffords do a great job at keeping the rat population down. Wish I could claim bonus points on this in the ring lol For the record I dont think desexed animals should be shown outside of neuter classes. Dunno about other breeds but our standard states that males must have 2 decended testees obviously showing they are entire so I would presume if a male has to be entire the same rules apply for a bitch. Definately agree with including neuter classes at more shows.