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  1. Thanks scottsmumand ddd Looks like it's the same number
  2. Wonderful! Thank you! I'll call the Dural lady tomorrow Thanks for the Londonderry tip , too ... That will be my 2 nd choice vis it's further out Cheers Percyk
  3. Hi all Have been clearing out the garage and decided to cull the many dog coats and blankets to make room for new ones I have in the past done a run to Blacktown holding facility with old towels but was wondering if anyone knows of any centre in dire need I know its summer but there might be a place for some of my old but still useable stuff! I have both big that would suit a greyhound as well as little ones Thanks Happy new year and keep our doggies safe :)
  4. oh yes! especially if we are on holidays overseas...i get so nanasick for the animals...by the end of the trip im salivating of course it depends on the situation...i wont cross a road or risk life and limb or interrupt someone..and i also stop short of chasing after joggers :) but i do try to strike up a conversation with someone who has a cute or unusual dog...puppymelt moments...that kind of thing i missed the animals once so much in norway that i bought a carved wooden bunny and had it up on the dashboard of the rental in nz recently i found myself stroking the stuffed kiwi i bought
  5. hes bluffing who is he? donald trump? just to see a lawyer is anywhere between 300 and 450 and hour thered be an initial phone call and the lawyer would say that there was no case...unless he embellishes dont worry about it...ring the ranger or the police if youre frightened and avoid him
  6. what a shock to read this post..im so very sorry... but thank you so much for posting..i have never ever envisaged anything like this...so it really does serve as a warning so sad that your day turned such an awful corner i would definitely pursue this ...this must be a warning to the whole industry..surely the reputable groomers would never risk this...lord it doesnt bear thinking what horrors could well be lurking at shonky 'groomers'
  7. if its a proper kids playground you cant be anywhere near there anyway...i think it might be ten metres if it isnt and kids play there then i guess its ok but you might get someone cranked up at our school there are parents who bring dogs on leashese to the play equipment ..noone says anything..but it still makes me feel uncomfortable..if the rules are there for everyone then noone should break them its hard for dogs in oz...so many rules but we will never change anything if we dont follow the law
  8. thank you for posting i have just annoyed the entire fam...who is watching stupid captain america lol..my exclamations and squeals disturbed their viewing pleasure :laugh: have to go back and look some more pricey but nice!
  9. we dont go... i think thxeyre mostly a melting pot..of potential trouble its ok if they have plenty of room but it only takes one over-excited in your face dog to start trouble too many people with very little knowledge of how to read their dog and others saw a little dog die in a park a few years ago and have seen fights...ears torn...dogs knocked for a six people hurt too...knocked over by big boisterous dogs hitting them in the back of their knees nup...not for us we used to sit and watch from the outside ...nice to see some dogs having a ball but too risky for our dogs we prefer t
  10. I would crate train her or keep her tethered with hooks screwed into a few convenient places round the house...she is not to wander every repetition of an accident is teaching her its ok to toilet inside you have to break the cycle use biozet laundry powder dissolved in water to clean the area use cold water first then warm for poo ( and vomit)...cold to dissolve the protein and warm to dissolve the fat ...dont use warm first cos it will set the protein biozet gets rid of all the urine particles too dogs cant remember much after the incident so unless caught in the act its pretty useles
  11. we have had dogs and introduced kittens and vice versa...cat then pup it's about the breeding and the nature of the cats we have had really chilled out cats ...the latest two are ragdolls and they were brought in to a pack of indoor dogs...a=two spaniels and a shihtzu later as we lost the older dogs...we had a new dog who accepted the cats well..unless they ran ,,,then hed chase but when we moved to the new house...i had the cats put into a cattery/ cat run on the side of the house and whenever we brought the cats inside, this dog would chase them as if not recognising them or maybe he
  12. really nice..thanks for sharing!
  13. i choose dogs by their coat and personality i rule our terriers cos i dont like rough coats i dont like overly smelly dogs...although i know all dogs do have some odour i just dont want an overly smelly coat so avoid the shorthairs size will matter as we age and then i guess there will be grandkids one day so has to be a pretty relaxed breed
  14. oh dear Lord that is beyond horrific...i am so so sorry thank you for letting us know...when i saw the thread i was interested cos we use kennels in that area RIP lil Jack gutless of the owners not to be forthcoming
  15. ahhh hard for them... as it will be for many of us as our dear dogs come to their end all the best to your friends through this tough time
  16. lots of desexed dogs suddenly start marking im no expert but have observed this either with multi-dog households where all are desexed or with visiting dogs usually happens as the dogs mature...even though they can have been perfectly house-trained id suggest that great vigilance be employed from now on contain the dog do not let him roam around the house we have moved house and i was worried that my own tribe would start marking because there was a puppy raised in this home ( evidence in the carpet we tore up lol) and dogs can detect urine traces from way back apparently so no amount of
  17. funny how your tastes change! i love sighthounds... i love softcoated/ silky coated dogs so terriers arent for me still love the teenies like paps and chi's and the like no more wet-mouths for me...dont like the discolouration round the face so i prefer smooth faces dont want a smelly coat...so labs etc are out and heavy shedders arent great for our family either im off the bull breeds... and sloppy mouths and droolers so after all these years on the planet ive been through a few breeds and im still not sure there is a perfect breed for me and the family i think probably have an iggy
  18. thanks for posting i like the look of the dog very much!
  19. i also wanted to replace my green ones..they were great hey buti did get some from parklea markets the other week///not green butnavy not as tough looking buti think theyll survive my tribe of indoor dogs certainly they have been scratching at them with no wear showing yet good luck please post if u find any of the green ones
  20. cavies in sth america attack and eat their male offspring and it can happen with domesticated ones too...so breeders take the male away once the sow is heavily pregnant to give the littlies a chance so maybe it's the same with dogs maybe some just have that overactive sense of territory and hierarchy and competition once i was picking up a puppy we were buying and the father of that litter was acting aggressively to his own offspring the owner was trying to cover up his actions but it was obvious from her choice of words that it wasnt the first time i have also seen a bitch who was runn
  21. i love sighthounds so borzoi would be number one followed by salukis but i also love the look of the english setter i love giants so a beautiful newfie...landseer would do me hmmm the last one i have to consider.... i guess id go for an iggie a blue one
  22. ok thats good info juice..thank you so you prefer hawkesbury pound? would you mind sending a pm with details of that vet that feeds into hawkesbury is it the one near bunnings? i dont know the area very well but my gf is looking for a new vet in the area ....has glenwood got a good vet?
  23. yes big assumptions and they were right my gf and i reading the posts now...having a cuppa and yep the dog had no collar the owner slipped a slip chain on him...didnt have a collar even at home my gf told them on the phone as she was getting ready to turn and head back to their home that they should consider getting collar and tag and sure enough when she handed their pet back...they said theyd 'been thinking bout it' and as far as the pound...they didnt ring any pound even tho the dog had been missing since yesterday afternoon so no not all people know what to do didnt even really
  24. okay! all good! my girlfriend is a champion lol she rang round all the local vets with no answer decided to go to blacktown holding facility since old northern rd baulkham hills only hold dogs if injured on the way she spotted a vet ...open the vet gave her the scanner...since the dog was too heavy to get in and out of the car g/f couldnt get a tag...but vet finally came out and did the job in the car...hooray! name and number located but not answer so the pound looked like an option but my g.f is no quitter so she kept ringing the numbers and got answer result: took the dog bac
  25. oh im sure id be over and beyond worried if my dog went missing but as i said my g.f had no option but to keep the dog overnight she went around with neighbours late at night looking for a possible owner but then had to return home nobody else would have anything to do with the dog as far as taking it anywhere or keeping it overnight and my gf is on her own and has young kids...wasnt goign to drive to blacktown pound and leave the dog in a cage or go to the vet when it was near eleven pm i just spoke to her and she had a sleepless night trying to keep the poor thing quiet it does have so
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