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  1. I use Biolac coat improver on the Poms, and it works a miracle for my kids... I tried it on one of the SHeppie girls who dropped coat for her season, and her coat came back twice as fast, and gorgeous.. Its not the same for every dog, but its been fab for my guys.
  2. I may need to try something on my sheppie.. He was on clomicalm with absolutey no affect (after being on it for almost 6 months)... He is well trained, but neeeeeeds something to help him calm down, he as ADHD, and OCD, and Seperation anxiety!
  3. I think they are stunning dogs Absolutely gorgeous. Id like one.. Oneday. Along with everything else I want and cant have
  4. ditto, totally understand the oily clumping. We are yet to find something that works properly on the shepherds. We used to use something called 'Shoo Fly' but havent seen it for ages.
  5. Thanks everyone all your thoughts and well wishes are extremely wonderful
  6. Its hard seeing my dad so torn. He was dads boy, and dad has never been so close to any of our dogs.
  7. Well, I was 11 when I was showing him, and he was massive against me. He liked to grumble at the judges never anything serious, but because I was so little handling him, no one would help me get him over it. So he just hung around as the family horse. God love him.
  8. He will be missed.. I woke up this morning and couldnt find him. Mum told me he was PTS last night around 10:30pm.. I was at work & Didnt get to say goodbye. a Sarcoma Tumor in his stomach burst. He never showed signs of illness before. General old dog things, deaf & grey.. But nothing like that. He lost a lot of weight a few years ago, but we got most of it back on him. We could have rushed him off to get it operated on, but he was in so much pain & its not the sort of operation we would have put him through anyway. eta - he was a huge boy... stood 78cm at the wither He could rest his head comfortably on our kitchen table
  9. He wasnt a show dog for long, as he grew and grew But he was a beautiful boy. He was born into our lives March 31 - 1996, I was 11 years old, so we grew together. I surprised many, when I put him through Obedience, he was up past my waist. But we learnt together. And we even won a lovely rosette Old Lucky had to be PTS this morning when a Tumor in his stomach burst, it was the kindest thing for him He was the most gentle old dog, here he is only last week, sharing his bed with my tiny Polly Pocket It never gets easier saying goodbye to the kids ;)
  10. Ive just shaved off a couple of my POms for summer & they are very thankful Much cooler.
  11. yep, Biolac Its aweseome stuff if it agrees with your dog. Which it does with all mine.. One of my black import poms, ended up with the typical flat, silky horrible coat you see on black Poms until i put her on the coat improver. Now she has a big american coat and looks awesome. Oh, I also use brewers yeast in my dogs dinners
  12. I get those phone calls at least once a week 'Do you have any mini poms for sale?' Drives me bananas, as no amount of explaining will make them see the truth. I have one guy in Perth, hunting me for Polly. He was ringing at least 4 times a week to see if I have changed my mind on selling her. I keep telling her that she is only tiny because of what happened to her, and she took me endless nights to keep alive. But he assures me that he knows better and she is the perfect teacup Pom, and he could produce more perfect 'teacups' if I let him buy her. I told him, that if she was bred from, it would kill her. But he doesnt care. He just wants small puppies for more $$$ in his pocket. In the end I told him I was contacting the police as his phone calls were none short of harassment. He hasnt called anymore. Funnily enough Polly's sister in QLD isnt much bigger than her And she was normal right from the word go! So I wonder if Polly's size is normal & not from her bad start?? I have a Pom bitch here who is 4kg. She is beautiful. She was purchased as a brood, her first litter she carried 5 Puppies which wasnt to her advantage. It took a lot out of her. She didnt produce her size though. She is large, but I am going to enter her in a few shows for some fun simply because thats what the shows are for me. Alot of you know Mozzie.. He is on the larger size, which can go against him, but he does well because he is so sound. Never would I breed my Poms to go 'tiny' as many seem to be doing. It only increases health risks on the Pups, and the death rate on the mothers seems to be going up, as they cant cope with the birth. Id rather have my Poms at the larger end of the size standard, as they are, or they are in the middle. And lets face it, I havent had any health issues with any of them. They're all gorgeous I was only ever going to have 1 Pom.. I swore Mozzie was my one and only Pom.. Now I have 10 spoilt brats You can see from Polly's tongue that she isnt exactly 'normal'
  13. Yep, our kids love them They are a bit messy on the pom's coats. But they enjoy them all the same, and ive never had any issues.
  14. My dogs wont eat the super premium foods. They used to like RC but wont touch it. And they wont eat Ziwipeak either now. The only dry they will eat is the Pedigree Pal meatybites for little dogs. They all love it. I naturally ad the omega oils to their dinner, and I use coat improver. They are all healthy and their coats are wonderful.. So I wont be changing what im doing.
  15. One of our Sheppies has pinched nerves in the end of his tail. Now and then they flare up and irritate him, so he chases it. He doesnt have much hair on the end of his tail, because he gets it so that he is sitting on it. And the hair rubs off. But it is tender to touch, and he only ever allows me to touch it.
  16. regular brushing and routine coat maintenance will keep it fine.. Dont clip her.. they arent a breed that needs clipping.
  17. John Munro at Mulbring.. he is a greyhound chiro and also does race horses.. And its only $5 per dog per visit .. He also does my back and neck I wouldnt let anyone else touch my dogs other than John
  18. There is a huge outbreak around with earmites. And they are highly contageous. Have just had to do all my dogs with a drop of frontline plus in each ear. The shepherds each had 2 drops per ear. Earmites cause the ear to smell musty and waxy.. Gross things they are.
  19. one of the best things I have ever heard of for issues like HD, is shark cartliedge, it is slightly expensive, but is great stuff.
  20. I too much prefer royal canin if I had to chose.. I put my pom puppies on the Eukanuba puppy as it was nice an tiny for them to eat, but they did nothing but poo!!
  21. definately raw..... Cooking the chicken takes all the goodness out of it.. Sometimes if the poms get fussy as they do, I will cook it, but through it, I put some extra biolac, some performace oil, molasses etc, just to put back in what has been 'cooked out'.. But like said above, watch the tiny bones in it unless you get the human grade chicken mince.
  22. I have always fed my kids on super premium brands, like Nutro, royal canin etc. They did 'ok' on them. However they didnt all like them. And wouldnt eat the kibble. Just for something 'quick' I bought a bag of Pedigree meaty bites for little dogs. And they ALL love it, their stools are consistently good, and they are all healthy and have shiny coats. Now, thats what they get
  23. Ive fed optimum before with no problems Stick with what your pup does well on. If she is doing well on Optimum then let her be
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