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  1. He's fallen into the pool twice (coz he didn't quite know what it was!)but all he did was swim straight to edge and pull himself out. I don't want to force him in but do you think if i go in with him on a lead he'll be ok? I certainly don't want to scare him off.
  2. I did wonder if it had something to do with the fact that I had removed the cover thus exposing a different material underneath. He hasn't tried to chewed the trampoline bed but he doesn't seem to like it without the cushion! I'm not new to GSP's, our last one loved to destroy things too but grew out of it eventually. I guess this one took me by surprise as he's not been very destructive at all considering his age however I have to acknowledge that in the 7-8 weeks we've had him he's been sick a lot of the time so maybe I'm now seeing his true colours because he is well! He had been gett
  3. We've had our now 10 month old GSP (desexed male) for about 8 weeks now. Since we've got him he's had one of those raised trampoline type beds with a comfy cushion type thing on the top. I used to take it away during the day but then one day it was cold and raining and I had to go out so I left it there for him, no problems so from then on I've left it out there for him all day and night (he has a separate cushion bed for inside). Two days ago I took the cover off the cushion to wash it. My husband took him for a walk, put him in the garden, came inside and when I went out about 5 minutes la
  4. Husband already desexed, but not housetrained
  5. I am assuming he was up to date with worming etc before I got him (I know his heartworm was) and I changed him to advocate last month due to having ear mites, he's due for his next dose tomorrow (It says it treats whipworm on the packet). I've been in contact with the breeder (have been since he first got sick early on). Yes I know it sounds suss to have such a sick dog a week after getting him but maybe I just lucked out, they said he had never had anything like this before. I'm having more problems with OH now (he's pretty unsympathetic with anything to do with the dog now because of the s
  6. thanks for the replies. I guess I need to find out what exactly is low residue (ie will I be able to feed bones etc) and see what I can do. I don't think I used the word "cheaply" in my posts I think the words used were "cheaper" meaning cheaper than this particular food not cheap supermarket stuff. Yes vet bills are expensive and that and the extra expensive food has put a strain on the family. Unfortunately I'm not in a position to keep paying these kind of vet bills or ultra expensive dog food. If its cheaper to feed raw then great I'll certainly be looking at what exactly I will be abl
  7. Thanks for your replies. PW, I too was a bit surprised to see the ingredients of the Euk low residue as when I compared the carbohydrate content of the low residue it was actually higher than the food he was on before so I couldn't quite work out how it was low residue compared to other super premium/premium dry dog foods!! As for shopping around unfortunately from what I found was that because Eukanuba low residue is a "prescription" diet its mainly only sold by vets. I ended up buying some from the vet because I couldn't find it anywhere else. Once I got it home I looked at ingredients and
  8. sorry, yes its been recommended by vet as he's recently had surgery for chronic inflammed/infected caecum. Its been recommended to put him on Eukanuba low residue indefinately in case the problem reoccurs. After all the vet bills we've had recently, adding on an expensive food (he was already on a premium food which is expensive enough but the eukanuba low residue is even more expensive) and OH is not real happy with the spiraling expenses (we only got him 7 weeks ago and he got sick the week after we got him and has been sick on and off since then, its just been a real shock to us in many w
  9. I've been advised to put my 10 month old GSP on a low residue diet. Eukanuba was mentioned. Are there any other brands available that have a low residue product?
  10. I must be in a particularly expensive "Vet" area, I rang 4 or 5 vets in my area and they were all around the $250 mark for males over 25kg (and dissolvable stitches were approximately $30 extra) I won't tell you what we just paid for a laparotomy! although we do seem to have cheaper elizabethan collars .....I think an earlier post said $20-25, I had to buy another (large size 25cm) after the first one was chewed a few days after the laparotomy and it only cost me $5, just as well as we're broke now
  11. Spanner


    Thanks for the posts, pawing is not happening much anymore so things are getting back to normal. He's a great dog and really well behaved so I guess I was just a bit surprised he was doing this all of a sudden.
  12. Spanner


    PW, thankfully he doesn't jump up at us anymore, we nipped that in the bud quite early on when we got him. I'd love to make him drop and then give him attention but because I'm just in the process of teaching him drop (I'm using food, make him sit then put my hand that has food down to the floor to make him drop) but he manages to paw my hand (that has the food) once he's just about on the floor! The times he paws my legs are random (well seemingly so). Its not always a food thing (as it is with the drop command) but can just be at any time. I guess thinking about it, its probably more evident
  13. Tanner just walks and waits by the door, we only know he's there because we realise that he's not in the room with us any more and we go look for him. Our last GSP used to do a little "I need to wee" dance, sort of like a little kid who wiggles when they need to go, well he used to come up to us and do his little wiggle dance (especially cute in the "wee" hours of the morning where I'd awake to find him looking straight at me doing what looked like an irish "river" dance but on four paws instead of two )
  14. Spanner


    if I could ignore the "hard" paws I certainly would but they really hurt (if I was game I'd post a photo of my leg, its got long dark bruises all the way down my thigh). I can't really give him treats at the moment due to his surgery but it just dawned on me I can use some of his steamed chicken from his meal and use that. I know he's a bit stir crazy at the moment with him being somewhat confined due to the surgery. I don't think I have been soft on him, if anything I've made sure he's behaved because he's had to be with us inside so much more than normal and he's a little hyper due to not b
  15. Spanner


    My 10 month old GSP (desexed male) is currently giving me a few bruises by pawing me. Sometimes its very soft and I hardly feel it but other times its so hard it hurts (the worst one was on my thigh and its left two long bruises down my leg) This is a new problem and I wonder if it has something to do with his recent surgery and he's feeling stressed? We've only had him 6 and a bit weeks and basically he's been to the vets on and off for the last 4 weeks with unknown illness. He had surgery last week and is wearing an elizabethan collar which he's not too fussed about (he's chewed one a few d
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