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    RIP Breeze. 9.9.97 - 26.7.08 Run free.
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    My Beautiful dogs
  1. Buddy Boy

    time fly by, but the pain and memories remain.Thankfully the good memories begin to out way the sadness. hugs xoxoxo.
  2. Rip Brydee

    So sorry Deb. xoxox
  3. How very dare you, that's the best Stafford in the WORLD!.
  4. well i did say they wouldn't be good. UNDERSTATEMENT. But it is funny. I give you, Mad dog shot with bad lens.
  5. Aw, that's lovely, thanks for thinking about me. i feel all warm and fuzzy now. My camera has had an accident, Bond knocked me over with my favorite lens on the camera, lens is now pretty much stuffed and i only have cheep crappy lenses to work with. So photos are probably not going to be any thing special.