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  1. More than happy to help but you do need to come over to us. I am usually running between group 5 and 6 and ALWAYS looking for someone to cover group 6 in case I am clashing which is regularly.
  2. I would say that most breeders would quote $1500 for a pet and $2000 for a show prospect.
  3. Hi Revontulet, We own and breed lappies in the Sth burnett region of Qld. We will actually be in Brisbane on Sunday 3rd April at Kings Ave Durack. Also in Toowoomba on the 1st. You are welcome to PM us and organise a lappie visit. Alternatively i can put you in contact of several owners in and around Brisbane. Theldaroy.
  4. What a beautiful 2 weeks we have spent in NT. A huge thank you to Elle and Cilla for their hospitality. the only downside has been the rain in Alice. We had a fabulous but freezing trip out to the big rock. then off to Tennant Creek for the shows. we were pleased with the youngsters doing so well. We will be back in a couple of years. Ros and Col
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