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    how much do female pointers weigh when mature? i had a question on drool, but that seems to be covered. do pointers like water? and are they good swimmers? i know yours do Alicia, but wasn't sure if that's common for the breed? are they good at playing fetch? (ie do they like to bring the ball back to throw and chase again or do the prefer you chase after them to get the ball back?)
  2. i'm sorry to hear of your loss. Rod Straw is who is treating my girl at the moment, and i agree he is a very caring and compassionate person.
  3. i was thinking of selling my nikon d40 with twin lens kit, small camera bag, SD card (can't remember what size, think it was 2GB) and a book on how to use it (not the manual, although i have that too - it's a digital field guide). it still has extended warranty cover until end of december (like the 28th or something) and i can include the original receipts. pm me if you're at all interested. hadn't gotten around to listing it yet, but was considering selling it on ebay.
  4. should that be D70 if you have a nikon? (don't want ppl to get it confused with the canon - if canon even have a 70D)
  5. thanks everyone. after speaking to the vet, i'm feeling a lot better about it. so far no signs of side effects from the chemo, which is good and after the surgery, she's back to her normal self. hoping it stays this way for a while
  6. thanks everyone. 4kelpies, no i didn't know about that group, but i have sent the mod a request to join so far lucy is going ok, it's only been about 26 hours since the chemo, so not expecting her to show any signs of sickness just yet. still acting like her usual self, wanting to run around and play fetch, but we are trying to limit it a bit in case she gets sick and also cause her tummy is still healing when she sits down, you can see her tummy looks different without the tumour in it (very saggy skin), so was definitely a big tumour. but yet, at the time when it was there, it also wasn't
  7. ok, i've checked the dates and lined it up with lucy's chemo rounds, and she will have had her 4th round of chemo the week before that (either the wed,thurs,fri), so depending on how she responds to chemo will depend on if i can come. and also what day, seen as her excretions could be cytotoxic for 48 hours afterwards, so if she has the chemo on the wednesday (her birthday) and she doesn't have side affects, we should be able to come, but as she only had her first round of chemo today, i really can't say how she'll be that really sucks tho as i really wanted to take her as this could be her
  8. well, we went for the surgery follow up with the specialist today, and talked over the treatment options. the vet did more research into the location that lucy had this particular tumour, and it is rare for this type of cancer, but because of that, her survival rate is a lot higher than originally thought (hard to say how long exactly, because of how rare that location is, but should be a lot longer than the original 10 months) he thinks the chemo is more likely to be successful, but basically said that if we decide to do chemo, we'd need to decide soon, as if we wait til the cancer comes ba
  9. i'm interested, but wouldn't be able to commit until a lot closer
  10. thanks. lucy is a german shepherd x belgian shepherd
  11. a week and a half ago, we found a lump in lucy's abdomen. took her to the vet, who said it was the size of a grapefruit and she wanted her to have an ultrasound. that was on the friday. on tuesday morning, got a call that she found us an appointment at a specialist for that lunch time. ultrasound showed it was attached to her bowel, but they thought probably benign. they took xrays just in case it wasn't benign and had spread, but nothing anywhere else. she was booked in for an operation to remove the tumour the following morning. when the vet got inside, thankfully it wasn't attached to her
  12. i drove past tonight. i think it's just roadworks. it looks like where it goes from one lane to 2 they're widening so it'll be 2 lanes further back from the lights. it looked like the dog park was still open, but couldn't see anyone, but it was late in the day. would be a pain in the butt to try and cross the road to get in, you'd need to walk up to almost the lights to cross, as where you'd normally cross from the carpark has that council fencing along the edge of the road. altho, whilst i've never tried, i think you can access the park by parking in the back streets behind the park, ok i j
  13. i didn't do a lot of research, but from what i could tell, AF versus AF-S. so if your body has a focus motor in it, you'll be able to auto focus with the 1.4D, otherwise it's manual focus only. if your body doesn't have a focus motor, you will be able to auto focus with the AF-S (or manual if you choose to). i had upgraded my body from one that didn't have a focus motor, to one that did, which is why i went for the D and not the G (that and price). a lot of people told me the 1.8 would of been enough, but for the price difference, the 1.4 wasn't much dearer than the 1.8 here anyway, so decide
  14. whilst i haven't bought from america, my 1.4D came from hong kong (friend bought it), and when she got back to aus she posted it to me and it cost almost $30 (was registered person to person and insured) if that gives you any idea on whether postage is fair
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