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  1. Thankyou for the answer. So much for all the changes that were supposed to happen.
  2. Hi all, I have asked this question in another topic, (which I will now remove) and because I think it is going to get lost in it and not answered, I have deicded to ask it here. Anyone who showed last year and has already shown this year, is the set up of the dog benches any different? Thanks for your answers. Cheers
  3. It won't let me remove this post
  4. I'm heading over Leanne, only with two! the monster and a new baby............it will be her second lot of shows! so it should be interesting! I was going to camp, but had an offer to stay with a friend, decisions, decisions, decisions............................. warm comfy bed, and good shower, air con if needed V tent, possible wind, possible cold night and cold back in the middle of the night!!!!! NO contest..............the comfy bed wins hands down! gem Hey EdgesMum, I hope you had a good time today and tonight. Cheers
  5. Hi all, I have looked online for a mobile dog groomer, tried a couple and they can't do it for a while. I was wondering if there is any mobile dog groomers in this forum who would like to clip my dog either today or tomorrow. I live in Albany Creek, North side of Brisbane. If anyone is interested please contact me and we can discuss it. Thanks heaps Karryn
  6. Hi all, I just thought I would ask what is the best brush to use on a fluffy????? Instead of trying all the brushes and spending lots of money on them I am hoping that someone might be able to recommend something good, perhaps post a picture of the type and it's make or brand. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. The severe problems is seperation anxiety. Can't stand us to be out of her sight if we are she goes crazy. Since my last post things are starting to look up. She has started to play with Gema my other dog and show an interest in toys and treats, so we have taught her to sit. Sometimes she does it. I have placed a matress between the lounge and seat and she lays there without me even telling her to go to it. She seems to be coming out of her shell a little bit more. The vet decided that she shouldn't sit on the lounge at the moment, maybe later. Last night she slept in a dog box with ma
  8. I haven't spoken to them yet. I think I am still having wishful hopes that all will be fine.
  9. to Poodle Wrangler, Gema the Pom X Bichon was born on 27 Feb 06. She behaves more like a puppy than what the new puppy does. I still call her the puppy because we can't decide on a name yet. We got her on Sunday and yesterday was day one. I took her to the vet today for her 3rd shot and to get her micro chipped. The vet has told me that she has very severe problems and isn't even sure if I will be able to solve it. The vet is also doubting the date of birth, saying that she should have probably lost a tooth by now. I will be contacting a behaviour animal specialist to see if we can be
  10. I guess she has company which is Gema attached is a photo of Gema. They are currently both the same size but Gema is one and a half. Gema's friend passed away on 7 Oct, I had, had her for 16 and three quarter years. So Gema has been alone since then. I have been planing to get a spitz for some time and the oportunity had come up. There was a pup 12 weeks old available and I happend to be going to Bundaberg which was about 4-5 hours from where we live. Ideally I would have liked to get her at Christmas so I could spend 24 hours a day with her but it isn't to be. The only problem at the
  11. Oh boy, I arrived home from work today to find a nasty note in my letter box, it says. "PLEASE SHUT YOUR DOG UP OR WE WILL ALL GO TO THE COUNSEL WE ARE SICK OF HEARING IT GO ON FOR HOURS & HOURS". OMG I am now upset and don't know what the heck I am doing with this beautiful dog that is suffering seperation anxiety. I think the complaint was during the day time. I don't know if any suggestions will help but please keep them coming. So I can control night time by making her an inside bed dog, my newest problem is day time! Hopefully I can upload a photo of my little girl
  12. Hi again, OK so she ended up sleeping in my daughters bed. I guess we will try again. The only reason for the bathroom is because until she is trained and wont make mess on the carpet. Once we have trained her she might find herself in the bedroom all the time. Bring on tonight
  13. OK. She had a lovely bed with a nice thick mattress on it in the laundry. I had put my mp3 player on speakers for her. I thought about the other replys and decided to move her from the laundry to the bathroom giving her the choice of sleeping in a portable dog box, with mattress with no door on it. I've moved the mp3 to the bathroom and have given her a clock under her mattress. I'm not concerned about the cold room because we live in Brisbane and its quite hot at the moment. I would move her into my room or my daughters room but my husband has made a condition about the dog. She is not
  14. Hi, I need help fast. We just got a new 12 week old German spitz and she is beautiful. Problem is that to begin with she will be sleeping in the laundry for a while until she has had some training. We have sent her to bed about an hour ago and she has been barking and howling the whole time. I have only gone in once to put some music on for her but she is still going like crazy. I am concerned that the neighbours in the next town might complain. Are there any suggestions that will help with immediate silence.
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