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    Its a Goldies world and I just live in it!
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    Hi there, my name is Jen, I am 24 and live in Perth with my husband.

    We are owned by two lovely DSH Black and White Cats - Tyra (6years) and Aussie (3year) and not forgetting our Golden Retrievers Ella and Rosie - sisters! Ella was our first girl and then a year later we were able to adopt Rosie as her owners could no longer keep her. Best decision we ever made.

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  1. Behaviour After Spaying

    I did read up on it before it all we got them done but our vet assured me it would be fine to do her when we did. I didn't see anything about this - just the usual things like swollen parts and risk of haemorrhaging etc. Well in the future i'll know... and i think we'll be going for boys lol Day 3 down......
  2. Behaviour After Spaying

    Thanks everyone for your advice and for going into it further BoxerJim Good point Persephone - we do know where she is and keeping her settled is so much easier than when our other girl was done and she was bouncing off the walls the next morning. The extra sooky cuddles are nice too. I really hope it's only days & not weeks though!
  3. Behaviour After Spaying

    Hi GG85 - it's Ella, my more sensitive girl lol Rosie seems as confused as we are! I'll pop over the Goldie thread and say hi :) Thanks everyone for your advice, we'll just ride this out then!
  4. Behaviour After Spaying

    Dancinbs - her last cycle started 25th March. Would there have been signs if she was already phantoming? We left her alone last night and has set up camp in the wardrobe. She is venturing out this morning but for short periods of time before running back 'to check on them'. I really hope it doesn't last long, I miss my girl & this is something I had not expected in a million years!!
  5. Behaviour After Spaying

    i'll give her a couple of days and see how we go otherwise its off to the vets on Tuesday for another check up!
  6. Behaviour After Spaying

    What did you do K9?
  7. Behaviour After Spaying

    I didn't really want to believe a google search lol What do I do? Discourage it or let it run its course? Think it's going to be another trip to the vet!
  8. Hi everyone, On thursday we had our 2.5 year old Goldie spayed. Thursday night/Friday morning she was pretty out of it and then Friday afternoon she started whining and moaning etc. We thought she might be in pain but speaking to the vet he said she is prob uncomfortable and unsettled after the surgery and wait and see how she is Saturday. She kept pacing and whining and as we left our other Goldie with my parents thinking she could do with the rest as they are pretty full on together most of the time, we got her home thinking it was separation anxiety - even though they had been apart before but thats what it seemed like with the panting/whining/etc. It helped Friday night and we all got sleep but this morning she started it all again. So called the vet and got a check up and everything is ok, and he gave us some extra meds to help with any additional pain this morning. Now this afternoon we noticed how obsessed with our wardrobe she was and now she is taking in her teddies and 'nesting'. Its not 730 at night so can't call the vet and now thinking about even last night she had slept in our wardrobe, we thought she might just be cold and feel comfortable in there being post surgery and all. Randomly I did a google at after spaying behaviour and read something about some dogs acting out a phantom pregnancy kind of thing.... and it sounds exactly like what she is doing. Is this for real?? We blocked off the wardrobe and took away the teddies and she is now whining like crazy again and really stressing about not being to go in there. Any one experienced anything like this before?? Our other dog was spayed about 2 months ago and was in and out and totally fine the next day as has any other dog i've had before. I am really worried about her.... thanks for any advice etc!
  9. Ignore

    wrong section - sorry!!
  10. 52 Weeks For Dogs 2012

    Hi everyone. Had no computer at home so been a little MIA lately. Finally got a chance to jump on at work and left my memory card at home!! Loving all the pics Be back soooooon!!
  11. Retrievers - So Popular They Should Have Their Own Thread!

    Hi everyone, I know its been forever since i've posted in here BUT I am the scout (as i've noticed others in general do too lol) for some votes!! If anyone has the time, i'd be for ever grateful if I could even look like I had a shot in the competition and get your votes?? You'll need to like the page and allow offerpop access but you can always cancel/unlike once you voted .... thank you fellow goldie lovers!!!! Vote Here!! Ella and Rosie say Thank You!!
  12. Sensitive Back

    She is only 2 and a half I have just googled some dog chiros for Perth and making a few enquries. I really hope it's nothing that serious and its just me being my over worried self. Thanks for your reply!
  13. Hi guys, I am a little worried about one of my girls. When ever you touch her back, it kind of contracts/twitches like its super sensitive. I had her at the vet on Saturday as over the last couple of weeks it was from occasional flicker to when ever you touched it would happen. I was wondering if it could be hot spot related as I had read online it cause them to be very sensitive or if she had injured herself (the girls play hard sometimes) but he couldnt find any signs of flea bites, hot spots and put it down to a possible food allergy and not to worry. The fact it doesnt seem to be getting any better, she hasnt had any food changes and i've covered every inch of her coat for any hidden spots etc with no luck, i am just wondering if there are any other reasons this could be happening and should I get a second opinion? We also have artificial turf in our backyard and the plants have long since been destroyed by the dogs and nothing has changed (wash powder for bedding etc) so dont think its environmental. I've also stopped play time if looks to be getting a little full on with the wrestling. She doesnt seem to be in pain, and is acting/eating etc normally too. Any ideas/advice?? Thanks !!!
  14. 52 Weeks For Dogs 2012

    Havent been on for a bit but thankfully due to Flickr app been keeping up to date! Good thing about not getting on all the time, being able to browse through all the pics. Def. best thread ever!! DSO - Love Baileys trio of shots! Ella 5/52 Got creative on the Instagram App Ella 6/52 Nothing like chiling out in the water bucket after a run! Rosie 5/52 Something touched my paw - not going back in there!! Rosie 6/52 Before she went crazy with zoomies!!
  15. Finally Purchased A New Car

    Thats great. I have a new VW Beetle and with 2 golden retrievers upgraded to a Jeep Patriot last week. The difference it makes with taking the dogs anywhere is just awesome - Enjoy!!!