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  1. Yep, lots of exercise - at least one big walk a day... And now we even have another dog to keep her company! they get along well and follow each other around whcih is great - until one of us goes outside!!! great idea re using the ball... i generally use the word 'ball' to coax her out of the laundry at night if i want the little one to sleep and her to get out - sometimes it's the only way!!! i may use it as more of a tool i think thanks !
  2. Thanks! We actually have a 40 acre farm that we take her to once every few weeks where she gets to run around and is a natural with herding our cows!!! if only we could direct her which way to send them for us!!! we used to take a ball with us there sometimes that she'd play with occasionally but i guess there are much cooler things for her to do so the 'obsession' side of things were disguised! We are actually heading there this afternoon and taking Maggie & Charlie (or lab) so it will be interesting to see how they go up there together! i think it's sounding more and more like it
  3. thanks... what a great site. we are in victoria, so yeah - correspondence could be the G O! Thanks again!
  4. very cute puppy you have there!!!
  5. Absolutely awesome article! thanks for all the info this is certainly a keeper - will print off
  6. haha! that's terrible... where is the happy medium hey?!! Maggie isn't big on food either and we have a friend who has a kelpie who isn't big on eating either... it's almost like they're not interested?? we try our best but it is a constant battle...
  7. Hi there, just wondering if anyone out there has experienced similar problems with their pup. Our 10 month old Kelpie Maggie is obsessed with her ball - everytime we walk out the back door she begins searching for a ball and immediately wants to play! When we pat her through our front gate she's fine or if she comes in the house to see us she's very affectionate as well but as soon as we set foot out the back she just wants to play - to the point of obsession!!! . This has gotten worse over the past few months. Our behaviour toward her hasn't changed that we're aware of so we're wonderin
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