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  1. THANKU ANNE& GRUMPETTE for all the results ,sadly i couldnt attend ,nor did i win ......BUT BETTER STILL ....my vet KAY WELLER & my vet nurse MARGIE HALL ,whom I nominated did ,deserbaly so TWO VERY SPECIAL PEOPLE ,WHO GO BEYOND THE REALMS OF DUTY . IM SO HAPPY WOO HOO
  2. would love to be there !!! Pls keep us updated..... someone lucky enough to attend 2 nite ,hava fantastic nite all
  3. Oh no not little alvin .can i do anything to help???
  4. A very thoughtful thread ......thankyou No words can ever express the heart ache & emptyness one feels from the loss of thier beloved friends ..... this year has been extremly tough for me & my heart goes out to who have suffered the pain .... I gave my beloved maiden bitch,BELLA her wings @ the grand old age of 16,also her beloved daughter SASSIE was released from her suffering aged 11yrs. Run free my faithful friends .& take care of my Huckleberri No day is ever the same without you,but you all live on in my heart forever . Bella 28/1/96-31/12/10. Sassie 11/1/2000-9/6/ 2011 Huckleberri 5/7/07-21/1/09 Bella Sassie Huckleberri
  5. My Heart goes out to you ,I havnt read all the replys ,but to me it sounds like Toxic milk ?I would be removing babies from mumma & supp feeding .
  6. Rather a long post ,but please feel free to add to your status & list of thing to do .... Christmas comes but once a year , for some of us ,it brings good cheer, for others ,there is just sadness & pain,no family or friends to wish them good cheer & happy Christmas to you . Just another day to sruggle through. I know only to well ,that this is so true . I am apealing to each one of you , Spare a thought for those not so blessed,lets wish them a happy Christmas ,along with the rest. Good wishes you know can spread far & wide . lets all join together& spare just a thought,for those poor souls for whom nothing is bought . LOVE & COMPASSIONALL COMES FOR FREE . place your gift of caring under someones tree . there are the homeless,the disabled,the sick & those confined to bed . may your kindness & caring ,for them somehow be felt & read . PLEASE I ask,just do something special for maybe just one. This a a ditty I wrote this am & was my status on FB ,for those of u not on FB I thought id share it here
  7. PM me if u want some made to measure ;) Ive made for many different breeds & all have been happy with results .
  8. I can make you one .all styles of leads ,made to order
  9. be great if they got the hang of it lol
  10. My pleasure DogMad,I met the lady & her dog ,she did seem very distressed re parting with her beloved dog ,The dog was indeed a very sweet old lady,whos temprement appeared to be very good ,heres trusting she finda a wonderful new home ,Thankyou dog mad for being one of the many who really care for the welfare of our beloved friends
  11. Hi dogmad ,I cant get to colo vale atm, but if the owner can bring the dog to me @Almerton (b4 u get to mittagong )I can take pics & e/m to you
  12. whilst everyone is intiteled to thier opinion ,I have to stick my neck out here in defence of yr post Sandgrubber yes I totally agree re seeking a reputable breeder ,yes some cockere r aggresive ,BUT then that can happen in any breed !!! back in the 50's 60's cockers were extremly popular ,hence in breeding accured ,resulting in some bad temprements ...... in this day & age any reputable breeder will have done a lot of research ,& i as one, would not even consider using a dog with bad lines behind it !!!!hence the inportance of seeking ,meeting a reputable breeder . I always maintain a dog is99% its owner !!training & disaplining any dog is # 1 priority !!!! Obviously a lot of study has been done . BUT if u had shared yr life with a cocker ,u would understand ,my objection to yr post . but i thanku for trying to educate the uneducated ,regarding any breed
  13. Ok ,First thing to be aware off is ADDICTION :rofl make sure u go to a reputable breeder ,prefrably someone who raises thier puppies in house . ask to meet parents of pups . make sure both parents have been tested for PRA &FN ask to sight test certificates . Colour is secondry to temprement IMO Cockers r very people oriantated ,love company ,dont care what yr doing as long as they can be doing it with u ! they have little road sence & need to be kept in a secure garden ,although most will prefere to be inside lounge lizards . they do need exercise & love to run through open fields ect . but r equally happy loungin around Not keen on being alone for long periods of time. Thier coats require regular brushing to aviod knots ect,air way to ears must be kept free of hairs & hair between pads on feet must be trimmed. hope this helps im sure other cocker besotted folks can add more advise. .
  14. Melinda .....did u get yr christmas goodies yet
  15. all my designs r limited only by yr imagination !!!!
  16. so heart wrenching ,but alas, some as u say, are needed by the angels @ the bridge,run free little one
  17. such a cherished pet ,he will be in yr hearts forever . RIP jake
  18. cant go past cazzie !!! amazing talent
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