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  1. Following on, this is the latest FDA update here FDA Provides Update on Investigation into Potential Connection Between Certain Diets and Cases of Canine Heart Disease February 19, 2019 The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today is providing an update on its investigation into reports of dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) in dogs eating certain pet foods. The update covers reports of DCM received by FDA through November 30, 2018. This update does not include reports received in December and January due to the lapse in appropriations from December 22, 201
  2. link Vets can do more to reduce the suffering of flat-faced dog breeds February 13, 2019 6.16am AEDT Veterinarians have a professional and moral obligation to reduce or prevent any negative health impacts of disorders in animals. But what if animals are bred with known disorders? And what if those disorders are a big part of what makes them cute? In a paper, published earlier this year in Animals, we argue that veterinarians must do more to discourage the breeding of animals with conditions known to seriously compromise their welfare. This is the case with ex
  3. link In an Australian first, the ACT may legally recognise animals’ feelings February 14, 2019 6.18am AEDT Have you ever wondered what’s going through your dog’s mind when you say the word “walk”? And does your pup seem to show guilt when you ask them sternly “what have you done?” Their tail might drop between their legs, their ears droop down, and their eyes turn away. We often attribute human emotions to animals, in a practice called anthropomorphism. It’s frowned upon in scientific circles, because it can lead us to incorrectly assume what animals are expressin
  4. If she is living exclusively outside and you think this is an environmental allergy, why not just bring her inside? Might give the poor girl some relief. Then you can do the boot trial which was mentioned earlier in this thread.
  5. Wow, fantastic park. Are these types of parks common in the US?
  6. Insect protein: dish of the day for your environmentally friendly pet February 1, 2019 1.31am AEDT In the UK, there are approximately nine million dogs and almost eight million cats – with around one in two households owning a companion animal. This large pet population is estimated to consume billions of tonnes of meat each year. So, given that more people are trying to do their bit to help save the plant and keep meat consumption to a minimum, it’s not surprising pet food has become the latest sector to think about its environmental credentials. Pet food trends tend
  7. Sorry for your loss, stellnme. The oldies teach us so much and bring so much joy. Beautiful little Tuppence, I'm glad you had the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful 15 months with your new family. Run free now
  8. I wasn't sure if I would have a positive update this time, but I'm happy to say that Annie is still happy despite the cancer progressing. We finished the round of vinblastine last year and then trialled palladia. Annie was doing well on palladia until week three of treatment, when she developed shaky leg syndrome. The oncologist said she doesn't very often see this side effect, said most of the side effects (if any) with palladia are gastrointestinal, but it was enough to reduce Annie's quality of life so palladia was stopped. At the moment pred is keeping her comfortab
  9. Beautiful girl. Trouble, I hope today is filled with treats, fun, cuddles, more treats, and all the things that you love to do.
  10. Great story, and it's good to see that all donations go directly to helping the animals. link Pet Medical Crisis Fund established after whopping $30,000 vet bill ABC Sunshine Coast By Kathy Sundstrom Updated about an hour ago PHOTO: Two-year-old Wolfie, the Husky, was saved by the Pet Medical Crisis Fund after it swallowed two nails and a piece of cloth. (Supplied: Jennifer Hunt) RELATED STORY: 'Emotional blackmail' contributes to high vet suicide rate RELATED STORY: What you need to know before getting pet insurance RELATED STORY: Knowing when it'
  11. I can't say whether it's normal or not but it's not something that my boy did, though his kidney failure came on very quickly and it wasn't long before he stopped eating altogether (he may have been in a later stage of kidney failure compared to your girl). Is she on medication to prevent stomach ulcers? It's great that she's still active and eating.
  12. I was reading about this the other day. Here are some tips from this article
  13. The kidney disease smell is quite distinctive, if that's what it is that you're smelling on her breath.
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