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  1. oh no I'm so sad to read of Kluska's passing sending you big bully hugs from all of us and an extra big one kiss from Ruby thinking of you at such a sad time take care oxoxooxox
  2. I am just loving all these amazing ( and some funny ) photos must say the edit on Neko's is just gorgeous wish i could edit like that :laugh: still a few weeks to go so hope to see heaps more photos :D
  3. GREAT photo's I always love this thread here are a few test shots of mine ho ho ho by mandy2039, on Flickr Santa's little elf by mandy2039, on Flickr it's starting to look a lot like Xmas by mandy2039, on Flickr Santa and his Fav elf by mandy2039, on Flickr
  4. great photos the Blondie is bigger than her :laugh: Neko is just gorgeous
  5. Neko is just gorgeous I am so use to chunky monkeys but boy I could see her sitting up on my knee
  6. :laugh: must be a frenchie thing loving getting dressed up and celebrating things :laugh:
  7. oops hope photos shrink when PB settles down
  8. great photos Think Halloween is Frodo favorite time of the year :laugh:
  9. :laugh: got to love a bulldog smile gorgeous doggies to love both of them :)
  10. your so lucky that you have a zoo close enough for regular visits :) I still haven't been to our small zoo to check out the meercats
  11. well if you like long legs Luka is the guy for you :laugh: he does have two different coloured eyes
  12. yes he has certainly grown " up " :laugh: rest of the gang are still as crazy as ever do you mean Stompy ? he is a dad now I posted some photo of his new coloured babies in the photos thread and in the off topic sheep one :D
  13. I don't know how I didn't blur it as I got the giggles as Ruby just looked so funny sitting there thinking Izzy wouldn't see the big bit of wood :laugh:
  14. he has a blue and and green eye now :)
  15. she was just chewing away and then when Izzy came over she knew Iz would try and take it, so she just turned away as if to say if I turn away she won't notice it in my mouth :laugh: Kajtek was hoping you might like the photos :)
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