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  1. I went home and cleaned the auto focus points with my camera cleaning brush and the lens worked straight away. I took 3 pics with auto focus and then turned it off wound back the lens (thanks for the tip Krislin!) and put it away. :laugh: Hopefully that was the problem or at least I will get a bit more love from my 50mm before it needs repairing.
  2. I rang Diamonds today and the lady on the phone said that if it's sporadic to clean the auto focus points on the camera and lens 9small metal bumps apparently ) they might be dusty. Will hope thats the problem but wont hold my breath. otherwise I will go down there and get it fixed. Thank you for your help.
  3. Any ideas please who is good to go to to repair the auto focus on my Canon 50mm 1.4 lens? The auto focus works only sporadically and it's making me sad. I got it from DWI about 3 years ago I guess and it started playing up 4 days ago out of the blue. I'm in Adelaide. TIA
  4. Nackers there is a Bernese Mountain Dog show (combined with Pyrenean Mountain Dogs and Newfoundlands on 20th July 2014 at Virgara Winery Lot 11 Heaslip Road, Angle Vale. The show starts at 9 and the Bernese are on at 11 am if you want to come along. Lindsay- Vevey Bernese
  5. There is certainly a need for a good repro vet in the suburbs that's for sure
  6. Dunno Mjosa I have been told about the corgis by a few boxer people :)
  7. I have noticed a few adverts for Natural bob tailed Rottweilers, boxers were crossed with corgis way back to get bob tails. What about Rottweilers?
  8. I drive from willunga to Noah's crossing for repro stuff. My local vet charges $126 for a prog vs $45 at Noah's and it's 8 hours faster results too. I would love a vet closer but I am super happy with their service
  9. Once you know your girl is due in season soon (squeeeeeee) I would put on that I hope to have puppies available in (month) 2014, If I write due in say may people think they can go home in may so its easier to do that. I never say sire or dam (but thats just me) I tell people when they enquire seriously
  10. I have a cairn and she is the coolest! A breeder in SA has babies available now too….
  11. Does anyone know of a good Animal Chiropractor in Brisbane Qld? Please can you share the details? I am in Adelaide but would like to pass the info on. Thanks in Advance
  12. A Rottweiler bit a child in SA a few years ago and it was big on the news......no one ever knew that the child had rammed a pen down his ear canal and ruptured his ear drum causing him enormous pain.
  13. I really cant see people giving up their dogs to be destroyed then just go pick another one out at the pound....
  14. Holy Cow this is a bit off. They talk about the disproportionate amount of attacks of 'these types of dogs' sadly there are a disproportionate amount of irresponsible humans who are drawn to such breeds for the look without putting in the socialising, training or considering the temperaments of the parents Any dog attack is just devastating.
  15. Have you looked at a Bernese Mountain Dog? They are shorter but chunkier than a standard poodle and are lovely family members.
  16. 2 of my girls have come back in after 9 weeks since last season, totally unusual for one and the others just got so just working her out
  17. Mine have a colour code and a name so I write that on the health check form which has the mircoship sticker on it and on the back of the spare chip stickers. I got a scanner for $155 just incase but haven't needed it.
  18. Omg yay Annette and Brittany !!!!!!!!! Go Jesse
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