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  1. To Desex Or Implant?

    Thanks everyone for the replies! I went and saw the vet who does the implant and he suggested I hold off as he is still too young! I could do the implant after at least 18months but best to leave him entire (so prefer no implant at all). After listening to the risks of bone cancer which increases 6 fold and all the other issues I am not going to desex. I still want to be a responsible owner though. I am going to continue with my training with a new trainer as I now think a lot of his behaviour is due to anxiety. He is also on some herbs to help with that too. I do still worry a bit that he may start wandering. We are on 5 acres with horse mesh fencing which I think is 1.2m high. Was thinking of adding the invisible fence too maybe.
  2. I have a 12 month old rottie who I am considering desexing. I am having conflicting advice from vets so really confused! We are having some behaviour problems and I have been taking him to a trainer which doesn’t seem to be helping. He is very ADD! I am also worried about health risks, cancer etc with both options. One vet said desex him is the best option as it will stop him looking for females and any aggression (which he hasn’t shown any). Will also stop testicular cancer and there is no health benefits with keeping his testes. The other vet is saying keep his testes and try the implant and a vasectomy. There is only one vet in WA that does this so wasn’t a bit concerned why more don’t do it. I am completely confused!!! Just wondering if anyone has some advice or similar experiences? I do plan on collecting his semen just in case I ever wanted to breed from him as he comes from very good bloodlines and when he is calm is the best little guy! Thanks!!
  3. Vastectomy For My Rottie

    I also want to point out that I am not OK with him getting out and potentially mating for many reasons. I have a cat with FIV and have fostered both cats and dogs with illnesses they have caught whilst out on the street and have seen how sick these animals can get so I am not ok with that.
  4. Vastectomy For My Rottie

    I have an older female rotti and have had 2 prior to this pup so I have not taken on this pup without knowing what's involved with owning a rotti. The only thing I haven't had is an entire male before and that is why I am trying to learn as much as I can to keep everyone safe. My horse fencing is high mesh so the dogs cannot get in there with hot wire. I have had them there for 3 years with no issues. I also was going to run the containment fence around with the collars. At the moment while I have construction going on they are in a dog yard with a high fence and dug into the ground.
  5. Vastectomy For My Rottie

    Nehkbet the reason I was thinking of the vastectomy was Incase he did mate with another dog there wouldn't be pups not to prevent cancer. I didn't want to desex him to prevent cancer. Sorry it that was confusing. I am leaning towards leaving him entire. I didn't think that he would still have those urges and behaviour. The vet had suggested coming in and discussing all options but he is against sterilisation unless needed for medical reasons. He also said we could see if it was even worth freezing the semen but if I am going to keep him entire that may not be an issue. I was worried about keeping him entire as I have never had an entire male dog and people keep freaking me out with stories! I live on 5 acres with good horse fencing but might get him the electronic fence too. Plus some training. Not sure what else I can do to keep everyone happy!
  6. Vastectomy For My Rottie

    Thanks for your reply. From what I have read so far it reduces the risk of lymphoma and haemangiosarcoma and other cancers. Haemangiosarcoma is what I lost my boy to and I don't want to see another one of my dogs go through that. If this could potentially lower his risk I am all for it. I want him to continue to have his hormones that will add it in his growth and good health but am concerned about him having pups or wandering to find a female and getting hurt. He has the most beautiful temperment and is the biggest sook so I am not concerned about aggression or anything like that. He is so gentle with my cats and well behaved around the horses. He is an awesome little guy! I might take him to the vet that does the vestactomy and have a chat. I am thinking though if I do choose to go down that path I would like to collect and freeze his swimmers Incase I ever want to breed. Not sure.
  7. I am looking at getting a vastectomy for my rottie and was wondering if anyone has done the same for their pup and how it has gone? I have looked into it and I am so paranoid about cancer after losing my boy last year I want to try my hardest to prevent it and look after my new pup. There is a vet in perth who recommends them but I haven't actually spoken to anyone who has had it done. Thanks!
  8. thank you for your replies. Its so hard when you have different opinions and one is saying dont leave it get the amakcin cos we have no other options and then if that doesnt work we are out of options and the other one is giving more hope. I am just scared that I may choose the wrong thing and make things worse for him. He has been on the cephalixin for 3 days now and there is a fair bit of snot but the colour is changing. Not green anymore, more yellow. Not sure if thats a good or bad thing! Rappie he did have some bone destruction from the fungal infection only a small amount though in his nose not near the brain. Can I ask as my normal vet said that letting the cephalxin work and destroy other bacteria is not a good thing as then the pseudomonas will take over and spread. Is that correct? We think the fungal infection has nearly gone (the last rhinoscope looked 10times better) so its just this damn pseudomonas. Wundahoo when your dog got sick did they say what would happen if you were out of options? I think the specialist is hoping what happened with your dog will happen with mine. I know I am!! I am hoping for the best but really scared as we only have the one drug left!
  9. Hi guys well we have had a little rest from the antibiotics and tried to get the cushings a bit more under control. He has put on nearly 2kgs and has a lot more muscle back thank god!! His normal vet says his cushing levels are good and to start him on the antibiotic that its not resistant too, not to waste time (He didnt want me taking a break from the antibiotics in the first place). I went to the specialist yesterday and he went through the blood results are said his cushing levels are still way too high(ACTH stim test - returned, pre-sample 190, post sample 420). He now wants to try him cephalxin (however you spell) even though its resistant because he said that it still will do something, bring the numbers down. Then try him on the amikacin. I thought that made sense and also gave his cushings a bit more time to get better. Then I got an email from my normal vet disagreeing with the specialist saying by leaving it and using the cephalixin it could make the Pseudomonas and dont waste time!! So I am so confused now!!
  10. Well I spoke to the specialist today who made me feel a lot better. The plan has now changed and we are going to let him have some time off the antibiotics for the next 2 weeks to try and boost his immune system and get his cushings under control. He freaked when he heard he has pretty much been on antibiotics for the last 9 months trying different ones. The uni docs were trying him on new ones all the time and so was his normal vet. We are then going to get his bloods checked (cushings) then reassess the best treatment for the infection if its under control. We still have one drug left and he reminded me there was another drug that they couldn't test for as they had run out in WA. So we are not out of options! So for now I just need to do everything to get his immune system improving!!
  11. That sounds promising Raffiki but sorry you later lost him. The idea of drilling into his head freaked me out. I didnt want him going through all this pain with still no chance but if its still an option and there is a bit of hope its worth a try. As disheartening as it has got and seeing him go through all this I am not giving up!! He is still that happy boy who is my best friend and while I know he is happy and not suffering I will keep fighting!! Thanks everyone for your replies. I am going to try and get an appointment with the specialist tomorrow. If I can't get in he normally speak to me on the phone which is good. I will keep you posted!! Fingers crossed!!
  12. I think the drilling into his head is the surgery the general vet was talking about. I am going to speak to the specialist about it though. It's nice to know it has helped someone's dog though!! One of his biggest problems is the fact we didnt know about the infections for so long. Maybe I could try the Jarrah stuff. He is a fighter so I am hoping for a miracle!
  13. Unfortunately it's in his nose not his ears so I think the only surgery my normal vet was suggesting was to drill into his nose and put port to flush directly into the nose. I have has the surgery talk with the specialist yet. I had taken him to the uni doctors and for 6 months they kept telling me it was allergies. Only when I took him to another specialist did they say it was fungal.
  14. I spoke to someone at the heat food shop here an they said that only the super markets have manuka honey and it been diluted. And you can't bring it in to perth. Anyone used it from perth? Am try collodial silver for now