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  1. Retrievers - So Popular They Should Have Their Own Thread!

    Remember me Sorry for lack of communication folks. I have had a few personal & family issues that have caused me to be a bit bogged down. But thought I would come and introduce Laynee & Kuga's litter 8boys & 1girl born on the 15th. Also Maddie & Tennysons litter born on the 21st 5girls & 4 boys. Busy times ahead here, not much sleep happening bit getting better every night. Just a couple of pics. Hope all are well xx
  2. Retrievers - So Popular They Should Have Their Own Thread!

  3. Retrievers - So Popular They Should Have Their Own Thread!

    I have not heard anything back from them yet Make sure to give her big hugs from :) Thanks MP I will reply your email later, flat chat at the minute getting things prepared for school tomorrow :) :) :) :) :) Yes I am happy hahahaha. Just heard from the lady that adopted Nuggett, he is doing great, what a very lucky boy he is to have gone to such a loving home, must think he's in heaven :) We need tummy pics please GL so we can make a guess :) Will let you know the minute I have a phonecall to if she is coming here.
  4. Retrievers - So Popular They Should Have Their Own Thread!

    Have added my name to this girl & have to wait for a phonecall to see if I am succesful :) Someone may have to come with me for the long drive
  5. Retrievers - So Popular They Should Have Their Own Thread!

    Anyone able to help with transport for this girl please?
  6. Retrievers - So Popular They Should Have Their Own Thread!

    GW I am the same, I dont have the social confidence to go up and just chat with people. :) Please don't feel we are bagging the club, I know the comittee members put in a lot of time and effort and so often it is never aknowledged or appreciated by others. BUT As a breeder & club member I honestly do not see anything to encourage puppy PET buyers to join. Majority of our puppies are sold to pet homes, yet we have nothing as such that the club do for them. No social fun days as such. Some pet people may have joined thinking that their membership fee if nothing would maybe contribute to rescue but we dont do that anymore either. I am happy to help but refuse to join a committee been there for other clubs & the bitchiness I can do without :) Not saying that you are all bitchy but if not involved, no chance of being a target hahahaha. If other Vic people are interested in social get togethers/fun days I am more than happy to help organise with other people etc. On a happier note we had the most gorgeous rescue boy dropped off last week, he left for his new home yesterday, the photos I am getting are beautiful :) Pitter patter of puppies may be filling the forum again :) Hope all is well.
  7. Grade 3 Heart Murmur

    I bred a pup that had a grade 3 murmur at 6 weeks, he stayed with us and was checked every 4 weeks, every check it was downgraded until at 20 weeks it was completely gone. He was given to a family that had previously purchased a pup from us and at 18months is doing fantastic. Both parents had clear heart certificates. I would never rush to put a pup to sleep, he would have just lived his life with us if it hadn't have cleared.
  8. Retrievers - So Popular They Should Have Their Own Thread!

    Hope Oscar is feeling better now Poor boy. MP well done!!! They are all looking pretty lovely I think ;) Not much happening here. Everyone keep fingers, toes etc crossed will take Mia for an Ultrasound later this week. Poor Bailey is doing the same with the storms We had just a bit of thunder last night & Bryce said Mum she kept waking me up, poor old girl. Love the trailer & stickers CD
  9. Retrievers - So Popular They Should Have Their Own Thread!

    I definately wouldn't rule out the older dog, take the kids along and see the response you get. My Maddie hasn't been raised around young children but absolutely loves Jess's little boy Like any dog/puppy you must supervise them at all times anyway, even the must trustworthy dog can get poked in the eye and nip if hurt, CHILDREN are unpredictable ;) Sorry CD I wouldn't rule out a line because of one dog either, got the crankiest bitch in my yard her mum produced 20 pups she was the only one like it, I still think my neighbours did something to her but I wouldn't trust her with any strangers. Kuga is so easy going & a lot of forum members have met him but around one little boy who suffers from autism I see him get very nervous and he comes and hides behind me. This little boy is very fast, loud and rough. Dont blame him really, I read his body language and put him away. Maddie his daughter keeps going back for treatment. I'd take every dog as an inidividual some will be suitable others won't. If really young children are involved I sometimes think a older dogs is a better option especially if you get a wild out of control pup that scares the kids & then you hear they've separated them, the dog gets no time and ends up out of control even when older around the kids. Just my opinion though lol On another note Happy 3rd Birthday Miss Maddie loves you lots sweet girl.
  10. Retrievers - So Popular They Should Have Their Own Thread!

    Definately Bitty :D Thanks MP, yes she's one of my breeders terms girls. Fingers crossed.
  11. Retrievers - So Popular They Should Have Their Own Thread!

    Bub we can never have to many photos, keep them coming CD can't win every week that would be boring ;) Got to let the others have a turn every now and again. GL sadly its true was discussed on another forum, you must have missed it. So much more to the story but wont publish here. My heart breaks for that poor old girl, I look at my Bailley & think this poor girl is older than her
  12. Retrievers - So Popular They Should Have Their Own Thread!

    Luv you have unfortunately decided to get a puppy when everyone else wants one, most people are searching for a pup that can come home while they are on holidays over the christmas period. I have only got on my website I'm planning a litter at the end of the year and I am getting 3-4 emails a day. Good luck I'm sure the right breeder will come along just don't rush into it.
  13. Retrievers - So Popular They Should Have Their Own Thread!

    Bub you can never get to many update and photos in my opinion :D Lucky, lucky breeder.
  14. Retrievers - So Popular They Should Have Their Own Thread!

    Should add I would have a boy over a female any day if I was only allowed one, love my boys ;)
  15. Retrievers - So Popular They Should Have Their Own Thread!

    Hi all Well the forum finally got active again Haven't been here for ages cos no one seemed to be around. Welcome to the newbies & good luck with your new additions. Luv in one word anyone who mates a bitch at that age repulses me. So I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole, poor poor girl. Might have to edit my post maybe so mad when I went to that website. I'm sure you'll find a much better caring breeder somewhere. Not much happening here. Stumpy is growing like a weed and has decided he can chew up beds, couches etc. But only when I'm not home or not looking :D Everyone keep you fingers crossed Tenny might be a dad around Christmas time Can't wait for puppy breath Its been to long between litters Hope everyone and the furkids are doing well. Congrats on the wins CD. Mp love the photo, how cute getting her mummy flowers Hasn't Bitty grown up :D Sorry I know i will have forgotten someone, not on purpose, the brain is a little overloaded with personal things at the minute