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  1. Hi everyone, hope that you can help me :D I am looking into pet insurance and with all the policies out there I am a bit bamboozled in relation to which one would be best. I have 3 German Shepherd Dogs and I am after a policy that basically covers for everything and anything that you have and a company that you do not have dramas with when submitting a claim. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I would like to get this sorted shortly. Thank you in advance FD :)
  2. Thanks cowanbree. I think it may be a good idea to scan her too, just to rule out ulcers or anything like that. Thanks for your reply. FD
  3. Hi everyone, Hoping someone out there can tell me if they have had similiar symptoms. My GSD (under 2 years) had a severe bout of gastro (she had to be hospitalised and placed on IV fluids and antibiotics) about 2 weeks ago and seems to be okay at the vet clinic and when she has come home she seems to throw up. I have noticed that if I don't catch her in time she seems to lick it up so I am unsure whether she may have been throwing up all the time she was at the clinic and she quickly may have licked it up before anyone saw it). Of late she seems to be only throwing up white bile (not s
  4. Hi, was wondering does anyone have the breed breakdown for the Kelso long weekend shows? Thanks FD :)
  5. Hey everyone , So very,very happy today :D. My neutered boy Bruce got his very first points towards his neuter championship title today. They are extra special as they are my very first points I have been awarded. FD :D
  6. Hi everyone , Just wondering does anyone know some good suppliers of show number holders, I am looking for the metal badge type (circular usually in shape) which usually has the dog breed on them. Looking for a german shepherd one. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance FD :D
  7. You can park on the main road and side streets coming off same. I was parked in the car parking area and yes it is very boggy. Not sure if I am going to park in there tomorrow. FD
  8. I would definetly bring gumboots for walking around in
  9. I recommend Linda Vogelnest at Sydney Uni - we see her at the Camden clinic. My GSD has seen Linda for many years now as he has an allergy skin based problem. She is fantastic!!!!
  10. I give my GSD cold pressed sunflower oil. The quantities were prescribed though by my dog's dermatologist. It brought his coat along very nicely. I agree with the other posts. Check with your vet or other specialist to ensure that it is right for your dog and how much to give. FD
  11. Kavik seeing as you are in Sydney, I could give you the details of the dermatologist I go to. See have been absolutely amazing with Odin's allergies. If it wasn't for her I dread to think what Odin would be like. We are also allergic to quite a few things we went for intradermal testing (they test for over 70 different allergins) and found out Odin was allergic to a variety of things and decided to go along the de-sensitiving vaccine which has worked wonders. Please PM me to get the dermatologists details - she is happy to consult over the phone, in person and via email after the initial
  12. Or maybe it was me:) If you look back at my previous posts you will read all about Trinta's allergies and how well she is doing on the injections. As others have said, not all dogs will respond so well but its certainly worth the try if it gives your dog even 50% relief. I believe you need to foolow the course exactly for the best results. Which blood test did you have done as the one we did (SPOT) gives you food allergies also. LOL I think we definetly need a thread on allergies now K9katz glad to hear that you have had success with the injections as well Just gave my boy his injection a
  13. I am probably the lady sas is talking about I have a very allergic GSD which took a long time to get diagnosed. It is a very stressful situation for both you and your dog when you are dealing with allergies and trying to find out what is wrong. I did not have the allergy blood test I had the Intradermal Testing through a specialist who deals specifically in dog dermatology. I agree with sas that it is definetly a case of trial and error and what might work for someone else might not work necessarily on your dog. I am on desensitizing vaccines (it is actually needle night tonight for my GS
  14. Hi all, my GSD Bruce just started tracking last month, both him and I enjoyed it immensely Went down to a custom saddlery to get him measured up for his tracking harness. I can't wait until our next tracking day next month . I absolutely love tracking, so much fun!!!!! FD
  15. Hi FHRP :nahnah: Just need the marker, not worried about flag - I'll just use a piece of material. FD
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