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  1. Two Pet Bunnies

    Yes. Porsche is full up.
  2. Council has told family to get rid of bunnies (long story). Can anyone help. Family pets and kids are devastated.
  3. Most And Least Favourite Breed.

    My sentiments exactly. :D
  4. I have two Rotties - a 3 year old male called Cruz in kennels near Newcastle and 5 year old female called Daisy in Glen Innes. http://www.petrescue.com.au/view/166235 http://www.petrescue.com.au/view/54215 Daisy is living with a 12 year Rottie male and also gets on well with other dogs she meets. Cruz apparently also gets on with other dogs.
  5. Thanks Anna Sarge has never spent one night in 9 years out my home. I cannot stop weeping about him. If I get the reporter to do article about the CAA laws and mention Sarge that would be great He should be on my lounge right now. Sue
  6. Jane I did the posters today - vets, shopping centres, street poles, etc, even Council's dead animal collection. I am so shattered
  7. All of the legal stuff is probably not something the newspaper will quote. Can you, as the definitive expert, sort of put it layman's terms. I can refer the reporter to those clauses - maybe I can leave it up to him to summarise it for a newspaper friendly article. There is a fine? I am devastated that Sarge is missing - 3rd night without him . The other 4 are totally confused. It broke my heart doing the feed 10 minutes ago and only having 4 large bowls to hand out instead of 5.
  8. Another double post. Shows how long it is since I have been on DOL.
  9. Can someone please find the actual Clause in the CAA for me. I would be so grateful as a reporter I have spoken to is very interested in doing an article and asked for the actual legal jargon. I would look but am stressed about my missing old Dobie. I want the local Liverpool paper to publicise this because I have come across many instances of people who say "oh we found a dog, and we took it home and kept it". Today, while putting up posters of my missing Sarge, I talked to a couple of people who thought it was OK to just take a stray home and keep it. My reasons are twofold, get the reporter to advise the public on their legal obligations, advise about the stress of the owners missing their dogs and to publicise my missing Dobe (since 28th April in Lurnea, Liverpool). We are pretty sure someone has him in their backyard. Not making much sense I know. Sorry.
  10. Grammar Matters

    Talking about advertising Blue Healers, I had a funny image in my head when I read about Rock Wheelers For Sale, and on a separate occasion, Roddie pups!!! People describing their rescue dogs as "devine". Recently read someone describing themself as a "gluten for punishment". Guess spell check won't help that mistake. The list is endless. This topic could end up running to 100 pages.
  11. Pumba

    Carole, Pumba was a very lucky pig. How very sad for you. RIP Pumba. :p
  12. Alix's Charlie Left Today

    The photos are so beautiful , especially the photo of Charlie's last hours in the sun. Has started tears rolling down my cheeks again. I never met Charlie but I can see what a beautiful old boy he was. May he be at peace now, happy, contented and pain-free across the Bridge .
  13. Alix's Charlie Left Today

    Alix15's avatar said "Charlie, dumped at the pound at age 10 yrs". Sadly, almost 5 years after being rescued from the Pound at 10 years old, and after receiving so much love and and care in the last 5 years, Charlie lost his battle today ;) at home and went to the Bridge. Alix is devastated and grief-stricken, but I hope she will come here shortly to pay tribute to Charlie and post some photos of this gorgeous elderly Border Collie. RIP old Charlie - you were very much loved.