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  1. Had a dingo/ kelpie cross for 16 years. Best, smartest, most loyal dog I have ever had. Miss her daily and she has been gone for 13 years now. She couldn't bark at first, but learnt to copy the others. The only problem was if she was off lead and there was wildlife around.......not good. Lucky are the people who adopt one of these beauties.
  2. I had a cattle dog that wanted to kill snakes. Another one that was absolutely petrified of them (my preferred response) and , many years ago, a young Doberman who killed a RBB and delivered it to us for praise. No dingo in that one. Pedigree papers could be produced.
  3. When living in Brisbane I used to visit Rowan Kilmartin at Animal Options. Since moving the dogs have seen Toni Lynch at Maleny and Heidi Douglas in Rockhampton. Happy with all.
  4. Has anyone got an opinion on feeding raw turkey legs? I am a bit worried they may splinter. Grateful for any feedback.
  5. I second the Shirley Chong method. Have used it with two dogs and it's great.
  6. Dogs hate it when you go away and leave them behind. Install a doggy door so she can access the house when you are away and you will find you will have no more trouble. They find comfort waiting for you inside the den. This has worked for us in similar circumstances.
  7. Why not let him sleep with the 12 year old boy. That is a great age for a kid to have a dog. And he is certainly old enough to do the toilet duty at night if it becomes necessary. And, don't write off a Labrador's guarding abilities. They have a big, big bark and the intruder doesn't know the great hulk thundering towards them just wants a pat. We are on our 3rd labby now. Wonderful dogs. All the best with your health issues.
  8. Thank you for this. Just what we need. The glucosamine problem has cleared up but he is a very allergy ridden boy. He has all sorts of other problems that advice for would be great. Thanks so much.
  9. Thanks all for your helpful suggestions. He is now clearing up and tummy, feet etc. are almost back to normal. I have to suspect the glucosamine chondroitin with MSM as nothing else has changed. I'm surprised that it took so long to become a real problem, (about 4 weeks) and also surprised that it has taken a week to get him back to almost normal. He is an allergy prone dog, came to me in a dreadful state a couple of years ago as a stray. Owner when found didn't want him back. I sort of suspect why. Anyhow, this latest problem seems to have been resolved. Your input helped a lot.
  10. Thanks all for your input. Some really good advice.
  11. Wondering if others have had their dog react to glucosamine chondroitin with msm. I started my dog on this four weeks ago and he now has a fiercely red tummy and is itching badly. Stopped taking it two days ago, but no relief yet. I don't know if the supplement is the problem but wondered if others have had a similar reaction.
  12. Dog sitting my son's dog at the moment and a gift card for Bunnings (they know I like to garden) was left for me. I am happy to accept this, but would refuse money.
  13. Dog sitting my son's dog at the moment and a gift card for Bunnings (they know I like to garden) was left for me. I am happy to accept this, but would refuse money.
  14. We have a "Dogs in Yard" sign up. Deters most people.
  15. Lucky dog!!! And lucky you!!! The breeder must be so happy.
  16. Snippy, I would love to know the outcome of your investigations. Can you let us know how you go? Good luck.
  17. I think soft crates are too hot for coated dogs except in mid winter and have not needed to cover a wire crate except to keep rain out at a show or when the dogs sleep in the car in below zero temps. I know how hot it gets inside a tent, even with the window flaps up or inside one of those all screen tents and have no desire to put my dogs, who prefer the weather much colder than I do, in a stuffy enclosed crate. I totally agree with this.
  18. Have to say I feel sorry for the dog you may choose. Not much of a life to look forward to. I think the idea of a garden ornament rather than a flesh and blood dog is a good one.
  19. Where can you get the correct grade of Diatomaceous Earth please?
  20. Your dog sounds very much like my ACD some years ago. About the age of 3 she started to react very much like your dog. She too had been repeatedly attacked at obedience training. She thus learnt to "get in first" with a growl and sometimes a bit of a lunge if the other dog came too close. We went on to train and compete in agility, just always being careful to keep our distance from other dogs. No dramas while off lead training or competing as she was completely focused on what she was doing with me during those times. I just knew her limitations and managed her behaviour, keeping a close eye out for other dogs at all times.
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