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  1. still looking for someone to do a yard check:)
  2. Looking for someone to do a yard check for a maltese in Vincentia (near Huskinson on the south coast) for Sydney Animal Second-chance Lady is retired so could be flexible with timing I would think. If you are able to assist me please message me or text on 0416 083 571 Thanks in advance Kerri
  3. Does anyone know of a vet that will do rescue rates or at least reasonable rates on the northern beaches (anywhere on the north side within about 1/2 an hour of north narrabeen) One of our dogs has been returned with an ear infection and needs to see a vet over the weekend and our rescue vet is at Beverly Hills. Preferably one that is open this afternoon or tomorrow:) thanks in advance
  4. another email received from Campbelltown Pound this morning copied below:- "Hi all, We still have plenty of dogs needing help, at the moment we have 26 dogs available for sale or rescue and that number will grow by 10 + at the end of the week. This does not take into account any surrenders we may receive as well this week. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Scott. P: +61 2 4645 4783..." Campbelltown pound is still in need of urgent rescue assistance they still have 26 dogs in care and as you will note above this will increase to 36 medium/large dogs by end of week some of which through no fault of their own have been there for sometime. Please assist if you can and if you cannot then please share share share as these dogs are urgent. Link to Campbelltown website is listed below or Scott Crowe impounding officer may be contacted on number listed above or via email [email protected] http://www.campbelltown.nsw.gov.au/AnimalCareFacility thank you
  5. Is there anyone that would be able to do a home visit in Wheeler Heights (near Dee why) either tomorrow (preferable) or Saturday for a small dog for Sydney Animal Second-chance? Please contact me on 0416 083 571 if you maybe able to assist. thanks Kerri Sydney Animal Second-chance
  6. There are currently 2 Italian Corso in Campbelltown pound that are on the urgent list. One 3 yo female (desexed) and one 1 yo male (desexed). Does anyone know if there is an Italian Corso Breed Rescue that I can make aware of these 2?
  7. Was wondering if anyone maybe able to do a home visit in Shelly Beach (Qld) on the Sunshine Coast
  8. Home Visit Katoomba Please

    saturday ok as meet and greet not happening until Sunday morning
  9. Home Visit Katoomba Please

    bumping...is there anyone that can offer assistance. happy to return the favour for a sydney based home visit
  10. Hoping someone maybe able to assist with a home visit this week in Katoomba for Sydney Animal Second-chance. thanking you in advance
  11. Fence Check Lawson

    thank you andrea I will PM you :)
  12. Is there anyone that can do a fence check in Lawson (Blue Mounains) during this week for a small terrier x . Have already met prospective owner who is very nice and will make trip up next weekend for meet and greet with her dog but do not want to make this trip of approx 4-5 hours round trip allowing for meet and greet with other dog if fencing needs work. Lady tells me that fences are ok and I am sure they are but she does have a beagle sized terrier x and her other dog was a larger breed as well so just want to make sure that a smaller dog will be secure. Thank you.
  13. that's ok my post was not clear enough either that I meant the meeting forum and not the DOL Forum :)
  14. I did not mean to offend anyone I just meant that I did not think the meeting was really a forum for everyone to air their gripes about the pound as the people running the meeting are not employees of the council and are really in limbo at the moment until the tender process has been run through by the council. Of course if Rosie wants to share the invite on this forum then she should be entitled to do so it was just that as part of that she said that this was the time for all of the rescue groups that have complained about the council to have their say and I was just pointing out that the meeting itself was not the forum to do this as there were no representatives there from the council.