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  1. I think it’s odd that folks are concerned about coming out ahead on the insurance premiums. That’s not how insurance works, I don’t hope my car gets in an accident so I can claim, or for my house to be damaged - insurance is a group of folks (most of whom will not make there money back) using a collective pool of funds to cover catastrophic incidents. It will not work if most people claim more than they pay in. also I hope I never have a significant claim on my pet insurance, if I do it means one of my dogs is having a very bad time, I’d rather loss money on insurance.
  2. Etiquette when talking with breeders?

    My dogs breeder once asked me if I was willing to meet with a potential puppy buyer, with my dog from a previous litter. My breeder then passed on my first name and number, and the potential buyer and I arranged to meet at a local pet store. So details were not passed without permission, the potential buyer got to meet me a buyer and a dog from a previous breeding. We were not local to the breeder so it was good for the potential puppy owner and I gave permission for the exchange. I think references can be done with permission, but as a buyer like any reference if you don’t trust the breeder how do you trust the reference?
  3. Puppy aggression towards younger puppies

    Since I'm sure you woudnt be ok with an older dog doing this to your puppy, I'm shocked you allowed this to happen 7times. You need to stop letting your dog run amok until his recall is good enough you don't have to "try" and get him on leash. He should never be off leash somewhere there might be a target until you have fixed the behaviour.
  4. Root Canals For Dogs

    My whippet had both removed (she fractured them somehow) 6 years ago, her face looks fine, she has been active and has shown no ill effects.
  5. Early Age Desexing

    I should have said 'part' of an alternative to BSL, for example in the Calgary model dogs have to be desexed unless owned by a registered breeder. Calgary does not require dogs to be desexed, yearly registration is cheaper for desexed dogs but thats it. My mistake then Edit: I was going by an interview on the communityK9 website - http://communityk9.com.au/2011/10/and-the-winner-is-calgary/#more-65 It says: Q: In your opinion, do you think Calgary’s model is workable for most American cities? A: Absolutely. The system works on supporting responsible owners and having consequences for owners who do not manage their dog in the community. The whole responsible pet ownership (or guardianship if you prefer that term) is based on four simple things we ask of all humans who have companion animals: 1. Provide a license and permanent ID on your pet. 2. Spay and neuter (unless you are a qualified breeder). 3. Provide the proper training, socialization, medical care, diet, exercise and grooming to keep your companion happy and comfortable. 4. Don’t let your pet become a threat or a nuisance in the community. By supporting and, when necessary, enforcing these principles, we are able to maintain a safe community for people and animals with no breed restrictions or arbitrary pet limits. NCRC’s video interview with Bill: So is that not accurate or have I somehow misread? Its accurate in that they encourage desexing, by making it cheaper $31 to register a desexed dog or $52 for an entire dog, but it not required anyone can have an entire animal if they are willing to pay the increased fee To encourage it they also offer a No cost spay and neuter program for low income families
  6. Early Age Desexing

    I should have said 'part' of an alternative to BSL, for example in the Calgary model dogs have to be desexed unless owned by a registered breeder. Calgary does not require dogs to be desexed, yearly registration is cheaper for desexed dogs but thats it.
  7. Another thing my dog enjoys on cold/rainy days is work on an exercise ball. I stabilize the ball and she will stand, sit, lay down as she got more experience I let the ball wiggle more, she gets lots of treats and it works on all her stabilizer mussels.
  8. Performance Puppy

    would you mind going into a little more detail Blitz? I thInk I know what you're referring to but not sure I will try. A dog needs to learn that even if it is not correct, it can try again to earn the reward. I see this as being very helpful in keeping a dog eager to learn and preventing them from shutting down. It makes it easier to teach new skills if the dog is not worried about being wrong.
  9. Performance Puppy

    It is important to teach them how to fail and recover from that failure.
  10. An example of a positional cue would be standing on the takeoff side of a jump, and inside the dogs commitment zone, to cue the dog to collect and turn over the jump towards the handler. A motion cue could be running full out arms pumping cuing the dog to accelerate and take the line of jumps (or other obstacles) in their path.
  11. The best way to train a whippet is with positive reinforcement and upbeat short sessions. My whippet and many others I know will shut down and/or attempt to leave if their owner/trainer is getting stressed (voice or body language).
  12. My dog does both. I would agree it depends how you train if it creates a problem or not. If you train your dog how to jump, in both collection and extension the dog should be able to handle both sports. You will also need to train your dog to pay attention to you so it listens on course, but you need to do this anyway, I have seen lots of dogs pick there own course that never had anything to do with flyball.
  13. Orijien Food

    Protein (min.) 42.0% Fat 16.0% http://www.championpetfoods.com/orijen/pro...geAnalysis.aspx