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  1. Dream Breeds

    I would love to have another Chessie one day. The girl i had was perfect and when she died at 14 she broke my heart. I havent been able to bring myself to get another but one day......
  2. Brisbane Kennels

    We also use Redgum and have had no problems.
  3. Dogs That Live To A Grand Old Age

    We had a toy poodle, the littlest Princess, she live to 19yrs 10m. When we sent her to the bridge, she still had her teeth, she was a great little girl who had a a fairly trouble free life.
  4. Toller Time!

    Will any Tollers be at the Brisbane Ekka? I would love to meet a few
  5. Breed Prejudice

    A few years ago our Big fella (lab ridgie cross) was attacked by a Staffy. It grabbed him by the chest and he just stood there screaming. I guess I am very wary and will avoid any staffy that I dont know. With that being said, I also do know a couple of lovely Staffy dogs. When our toy poodle was alive and younger, she used to play with Pete the Pitbull at the beach on a regular basis with no problems. The worst dog I know is a pet shop puchased swf that lives in our neighborhood. She gets out and goes house to house barking at everyone she see's. She gets every dog in the neighborhood barking.
  6. Queensland Floods - Contacts

    Kimzy / we are safe
  7. I'm Sorry Little Bill...

    swim free little bill
  8. I Think It's Time....

    Big hugs to everyone going through this. We had to go through this last Christmas with our toy poodle. It is so hard.
  9. Dogs Killing Chickens

    We used to have a dog wire fence and we had a problem with a 4 neighborhood foxies ( they roamed) that used to come in our yard and attack our chooks. We didnt complain to council but we did call and inquire about the rules of fencing and dogs coming in. Our council told us that our fence only had to keep our dogs in, it did not need to keep other dogs out. We did work it out with the neighbors without any drama, we brought them a dozen eggs and explained the problem. We all ended up being good friends.
  10. Neighbour's Kids

    a few years ago we had a family next door who's kids liked to kick a basketball high into the air and watch it lad on our roof. They were about 14 years old and a basketball could have killed our toy poodle. I asked them and their parents nicely a couple of times but it didnt stop so the next time it happened i took the basketball down to the managment company that had the rental they were in and had them pick up the basketball from there. It never happened again. In your situation i really like the idea of buying the cheap tennis balls for them good luck
  11. Chickens And Dogs

    I agree... probably depends on the dog. Ours dont mind the chooks at all. Our chooks run loose in the yard all day with the dogs and there has never been any problem. Well........... Bubba Bundy did lift his leg on one so I guess that one is his.
  12. Britains Ugliest Dog.

    that poor dog that is really upsetting
  13. So sorry for your loss rest in peace Sophie
  14. Please Pray For Chase

    Prayer said for chase hope he's ok