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  1. Thanks for that. she has cancer so she has regular blood tests and vet visits. I will see what the vet thinks but I strongly suspect its more of a behavioural issue.
  2. Thanks all. I’ll check with the vets. She’s already on a lot of medication for other things. I had set up a bed in the crate in our room but she wasn’t really interested. That seemed like the best otherwise might trip over her at night.
  3. Hi. A year or so ago I posted that my dog was very unsettled at night following the death of my other dog. unfortunately it is getting worse. Now she bangs on the back door. We let her out and she just bangs to go out again an hour later. I think she just doesn’t want to be alone because if I go sleep out on the couch she just hops into bed and is fine. She has just worked out that banging on the door gets us up. She starts pacing from when we go to bed. we have tried leaving our bedroom door open but it doesn’t make a difference. I have tried crating her in our room and she just stresses…despite being perfectly ok with this for several years when we first got her. I’ve put out nightlights but that didn’t make any difference. any suggestions? The lack of sleep is making me loopy.
  4. Thanks. I will look at getting some nightlights.
  5. Thanks. Yes, the house feels very empty without him. I think Yuna is liking the extra attention though. I don’t think she has dementia. Though the vet said her eyesight is deteriorating so dunno if that could be related. thanks all for the replies.
  6. I apologise in advance if this is a dumb question. hamish died in March. How do I know if Yuna is lonely and I should get Her a companion? I am concerned as restrictions are lifted more and she is home alone more she will be lonely by herself. She seems pretty good for the most part but I hear her wondering around the house some nights which she didn’t really do before and sometimes she seems a bit lost. I am a bit torn as to whether I myself want to get another dog.
  7. Thank you.they hadnt suggested it so thought they must not have it. sorry to hear about Jeune this is all very hard isnt it? I wish they could tell you how they feel. thanks everyone for the advice. I will try to dissolve his meds and syringe it to him. Hopefully that will help. At least until i can get some nutrigel. he ate some dry elderly cat food this morning of all things. Hopefully it will keep him interested for a couple of days at least.
  8. where do you get the nutrigel from?
  9. Thanks for the replies. hamish has a very aggressive lymphoma. The vet had mentioned that he had sores in his mouth and we think that is why he hasnt been eating much. He does have tummy issues as well. Unfortunately if i cant give him food i cant give him meds... Id rather not spend his last days fighting over pills (he still has plenty of strength to fight ). ill try the dog rolls and mackeral. He had gone off sardines some time ago because id hide pills in them but mackeral may be a bit different. We had tried cat food but I’ll try a kitten one. Unfortunately i just end up throwing the high end canned dog food away as he won’t eat it.
  10. Apologies in advance if this is the wrong place to put this. hamish is eating less and less. He still seems happy in himself though and seeks affection ( the vet said if he stopped eating and stopped seeking affection then its probably time to give him his wings) so i am after ideas of what might encourage him to eat. He has lost all interest in puppy canned food. We had been getting BBQ chickens but he only had a couple of bites this morning. Mornings seem harder though.
  11. Thanks all for the great suggestions
  12. Just as a bit of a background - Hamish is 12 and Yuna is nearly 11. Yuna's idea of play is sumo slamming and tackling Hamish and they'd roughhouse running around and crashing into each other and play biting. Yuna isn't interested in balls. We'd throw them for Hamish and she'd chase him. Due to a combination of osteoarthritis and lack of muscle tone due to prednisone and being unwell lately Hamish isn't up to roughhousing. He thinks she is still a puppy but Yuna has knocked him over a few times when they have played. I have tried to play with Yuna, I got her to tug on a toy a bit but she isn't really interested in me. Just wondered if anyone had any ideas for things I could do to get her more interested in playing with me to try and make up for Hamish not being able to?
  13. I might be too much of a softy. I worry hes going to end up choking on them. They have said i can put a small amount of pb on the tablets and that seems to be working for now.
  14. Dog. I only mentioned the cat pill popper as i wasnt sure if there were different sizes. Thanks for the replies everyone. I will contact the specialist and see if they can be covered in food.
  15. Not sure about the pill applicator. I had a cat one years ago but this tablet would be too big i think. Guess ill persevere and if that doesnt work maybe wrap it in cheese
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