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  1. I might be too much of a softy. I worry hes going to end up choking on them. They have said i can put a small amount of pb on the tablets and that seems to be working for now.
  2. Dog. I only mentioned the cat pill popper as i wasnt sure if there were different sizes. Thanks for the replies everyone. I will contact the specialist and see if they can be covered in food.
  3. Not sure about the pill applicator. I had a cat one years ago but this tablet would be too big i think. Guess ill persevere and if that doesnt work maybe wrap it in cheese
  4. Hi Normally id just put any pills in his food but these recent ones need to be given on an empty stomach. They are also rather large and are not supposed to be broken. I try to fling it back as far as i can, hold his mouth closed, lift his head and rub his neck but he still manages to bring it back up somehow. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Hi i have tried several different foods for my dogs over the years. The airedale had a cast iron stomach and could eat anything and be fine but the shar pei would often have skin issues. I have recently changed them from VIP Grain free chicken and duck and vegetables to Meals for Mutts Turkey and Duck grain free. http://www.mealsformutts.com.au/dog_duck_turkey_grain_free.html The meals for mutts seems to me to be far superior. The Shar Pei's skin is fantastic but now the Airedale has skin problems he has had turkey before without issue. The only thing i can think it would be might be the lentils. Im not sure that that has been in anything before. Is this a common allergen or might 30% protein be too much for a dog nearly ten? Does anyone have any suggestions as to what else i could try ? Not sure that im ready/ have the time and brain power to go full raw.
  6. Second Dog?

    My Airedale only gets shaved about twice a year. However, we don't give him the show coat we just shave him. We will need to trim under his chin more often that that so he doesn't get for stuck in it. Airedales need to be groomed every 8-10 weeks, they are not low maintenance if you are used to short coats and they do tend to want to chase cats and even small dogs so I would be very careful. I have three cats and while my Airedale will chase a timid one that runs around the house, it is in play. We had two of them when we got him as a puppy though. It is certainly helpful if you are getting a puppy and your cats are confident. Haven't had a problem with small dogs. Coat is definitely not low maintenance though, especially this time of the year when all the fallen foliage and flowers get stuck in his hair, but I usually only clip though the warmer months.
  7. 52/2016

    Very pretty. I can almost imagine the first one is a dancer or a mermaid
  8. 52/2016

    Lioness looks extremely cuddly. Dunno if it's the winter coat or what.
  9. 52/2016

    Gorgeous photos. The panorama in particular has some lovely colours. Sorry to hear about Mya. Hope it is easily treatable.
  10. 52/2016

    Wonderful posts ❤️
  11. 52/2016

    Omg that's Wonderful! Love the first one.
  12. 52/2016

    Thank you. Naughty Justice causing you so much stress
  13. 52/2016

    I seem to have gotten behind. Been keeping up with everyone's photos though. Think they are all great, particularly the sea turtle and the bird (can only imagine the chaos here if a bird visited!) 11/52 12/52 13/52
  14. 52/2016

    Great news! Hamish has a bunch of fatty lumps but I always a worry when a new one appears.
  15. 52/2016

    Love them