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  1. I think more to the point is some people’s attitudes that dogs are a disposable, the ones that are treated like garden ornaments and not interacted with, the ones that once their puppy cuteness runs out or the human is on to the next shiny thing just get dumped at the pound. Irresponsible breeding. 

    I call my dog my dog but he is my family and wouldn’t think anything of it if someone wants to use different terminology. Call them what you like just look after them. 


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  2. 4 hours ago, Teebs said:

    Well good news. It's a food allergies. He is on a restricted diet and doing well, have started introducing fish and no itching !


    He is also an Atlas. Has destroyed everything in my yard :rofl: lucky he is cute !! 




    And in that case as long as you keep the blankets out of reach :laugh:


    He is beautiful :love:

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  3. Quote


    CHOICE will be sending an open letter to Minister for Agriculture David Littleproud next week calling for the long-overdue establishment of mandatory pet food safety standards in Australia. We're urging consumers to sign the letter now and let government know the time has come to better protect our pets.

    The move follows the latest pet food contamination incident earlier this month, in which 23 dogs in Victoria reportedly died and 67 were hospitalised due to indospicine poisoning traced to contaminated horse meat from the Northern Territory.  








  4. 10 hours ago, Rascalmyshadow said:

    No one on here probably cares about me putting in my two cents but I will anyway.

    I have worked in the animal industry for years, actually my entire adult life, when I was young and naive I couldn’t comprehend anyone not staying with their animal in their last moments, actually I thought they were gutless cowards, then I experienced life and changed my mind.

    I had to have one of my older cats and also one of my dogs puppies PTS a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t stay with either, you see I have been that person that held numerous clients dogs while the vet administered the injection, I’m not a nurse I’m a groomer but I did it anyway because the clients wanted someone that loved their dog as much as them to stay, I have been there while other family members have had their beloved cats and dogs PTS, I’ve even had to take them myself on a couple of occasions, I have never generally shied away from it however having to perform CPR on one of my kids and having him die any way and having to turn off life support on two of our daughters has left me more fragile and unable to cope as easily with those final moments.


    I will be there with the dogs and cats I have now when it is their time (hopefully that’s a long way off) but I certainly will never judge anyone else again for not being able to and hopefully one day I will be strong enough to be that support when needed.

    You have been through so much trauma Rascal. I don’t think anyone would ever feel anything but empathy for the bravery you have shown with everything you have been through and not understand under these circumstances you would need to protect yourself for the sake of yourself and your family. 

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  5. On 20/06/2021 at 12:03 PM, Snook said:

    It would have been completely unthinkable for me to have left Justice to be euthanised without me by his side. It didn't even cross my mind for a split second and I don't understand how anyone could leave a pet, who has given their lifetime of love and loyalty, to die surrounded by strangers. I don't care how hard it is for you, suck it up and do it anyway. It the very last act of love and kindness that you'll ever be able to give them and they deserve to have their humans with them. Obviously I'm not talking about situations where your pet passes away on the operating table or when they've had to stay overnight with the vet and you can't physically be there, but taking your pet to the vet to be euthanised and walking away before it's done is beyond me. 

    I feel similar to this. I respect that some situations are different though. But because it is something I hold in myself as a non negotiable in my life it honestly is a situation where my brain won’t let me ‘walk a mile’.

    It is not a personal attack on anyone as it is devastating losing a much loved family member and I would always empathize with that loss. It is just the way I feel about it.  

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  6. 5 hours ago, Stitch said:

    Prime Roll Kangaroo & Pumpkin have worked really well.  I diced a whole roll and then froze it in 125g baggies....somewhat of an endurance event but happy with the results.

    It just shows that you get what you pay for....no upset tummy with the more expensive rolls.

    That was exactly what I was going to recommend (specifically the roo and pumpkin). Having great success with this with a dog with IBD. 

  7. I ended up getting the rescue pup out of the litter that I didn’t want because he seemed to have the worst temperament of the rest of the litter but he was the one my family wanted based more on his looks. Not a good way to choose a dog. 


    But as as it turned out I am now so glad I got him over the others. Ironically he turned out to have coat issues and probably ended up the least attractive of the litter but I am so glad he was the one we got as he completely has my heart and soul. 


    Sometimes things that seem to not work out exactly how you want them to really do end up for the best. I suspect that if you go for another of the litter then once the pup is in your home and you have bonded you will be glad in the end that it worked out the way it did. 


    I understand the disappointment and the breeder should have handled it better but they probably feel terrible about it too and it may be a lesson learnt for them as far as not allocating puppies to particular homes so early. 


    If you can get over your disappointment and feel you can still have a supportive relationship with the breeder then things can still work out. 


    Sometimes our initial disappointments in life turn out to be the best case scenario. 



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  8. Annie is gorgeous:heart: I couldn’t help noticing the familiar little bare patch on her front leg. 


    I know what you mean about the other people and dogs you meet there. :)


    Sending you, Annie and your pack wishes for many, many more fun and special times together (and an extra special batch of ninja vinblastine). 

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  9. Hi Kayla,

    I was wondering how Annie had been going and was happy to read the positive report in the other thread. 


    I hope you are going ok, too. There is no denying that having our best friends go through chemo is stressful for us as our minds are always ticking over but the saving grace is knowing our dogs don’t have that stress. It used to make me smile getting home on chemo day and she would bound out of the car like an idiot. Chemo gets a bad rap but I am so glad we took that route and look back at that time with so much thankfulness in my heart for what it gave us- so very much more than we ever could have hoped for. 


    Best wishes to you and Annie. :)


  10. On 18/08/2018 at 2:01 PM, kayla1 said:

    She remains her happy self throughout treatment - eating, drinking, running, playing - all completely normal. No nausea or vomiting or anything like that. The only side effect is neutropenia a week after each treatment but a short course of antibiotics protects her from any infection.  




    This was our experience with chemo (different cancer and protocol though).


    I completely agree with Kayla1’s suggestion to consider consulting with a vet oncologist. 


    I hope you can get some answers. 



  11. 57 minutes ago, PANDI-GIRL said:

    The OP has changed the dog from  Female  to  Male  even in the first post  &  many  thereafter,

    Maybe the OP  likes telling  stories,   if they can't  even  remember if their dog is male or female 


    I see that you are right, Pandi, but honestly, so what if the OP has accidentally mixed up the gender of the dog a few times. It sounds like they are facing a difficult enough decision without being nit picked on their use of gender pronouns and accused of telling stories. They are only asking for a bit of advice. 

  12. 4 hours ago, PANDI-GIRL said:

    Do you know what sex this dog is,  you have called the dog  HER  &  HIM,   


    This was explained directly in the post below the one that called the dog a he (obvious typo) and is irrelevant to the OP’s very reasonable question. 


    Selkie, you sound very fair, sensible and are looking at this in as much of an objective way as you possibly can given the situation. I would be inclined to give the dog a second chance with the original owner but would still feel annoyed about being mucked around. 

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