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  1. I don’t have any experience with this site as I have never used it but might be worth having a look. bringfido.com I hope it all goes well for you and your dog Rashad.
  2. I think more to the point is some people’s attitudes that dogs are a disposable, the ones that are treated like garden ornaments and not interacted with, the ones that once their puppy cuteness runs out or the human is on to the next shiny thing just get dumped at the pound. Irresponsible breeding. I call my dog my dog but he is my family and wouldn’t think anything of it if someone wants to use different terminology. Call them what you like just look after them.
  3. To answer the original question….$4000 is a fair price give or take a few thousand.
  4. I am so sorry for your loss Katdogs. It is heart breaking enough losing a very loved dog no matter what age but especially difficult that Jodie was also your connection to your life with your husband and canine family members. Sending you much love and gentle healing thoughts.
  5. And in that case as long as you keep the blankets out of reach He is beautiful
  6. We can be limited as humans in the way we relate so I dont think it is unnatural for us to look at it from a human point of view and draw the comparison. Especially due to the deep connection we can have with our dogs. They are just the best
  7. https://action.choice.com.au/page/88671/petition/1?campaign=saferpetfood
  8. You have been through so much trauma Rascal. I don’t think anyone would ever feel anything but empathy for the bravery you have shown with everything you have been through and not understand under these circumstances you would need to protect yourself for the sake of yourself and your family.
  9. I feel similar to this. I respect that some situations are different though. But because it is something I hold in myself as a non negotiable in my life it honestly is a situation where my brain won’t let me ‘walk a mile’. It is not a personal attack on anyone as it is devastating losing a much loved family member and I would always empathize with that loss. It is just the way I feel about it.
  10. Did the dog wash have fake turf in the pen. The one time my dogs have had raw paw pads was from fake turf.
  11. That was exactly what I was going to recommend (specifically the roo and pumpkin). Having great success with this with a dog with IBD.
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