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  1. Cheers Rebanne. So it is possible for them to catch things from a DIY dog wash? Stupid me didn't do the rinse section first. But I did it after Badger was out at least. He's much better this morning after some a good dose of pawpaw cream then a manuka honey cream last night and some special booties.
  2. Can't add photos at the moment as I can't remember how but my 10 year old English Pointer Badger has sore paws. One pad is raw. No idea what has happened. He hasn't been anywhere apart from a DIY dog wash a week ago. He's on week three of the monthly arthritis injections. He was just starting to perk up again and now he's so sore. Vet did a swab yesterday but it didn't come back with a whole lot but she suggested antibiotics, a paw balm and wash. I'm going in tomorrow to get the antibiotics. Washed paws with a weak betadine last night and put pawpaw cream on them, then put baby socks on him but he's eaten one sock over night Though he is walking better this morning. Could it just be a case of old man dry feet? He has always had dry paws but never this. Is there a good cream to apply? Good boots for him to wear? Would antibiotics be worth it?
  3. They're giving out samples at the Perth Pet Expo this weekend. Ivy and I are going.
  4. Awesome thanks for the reminder about sharae. I had forgotten about them. Just done a quote with them.
  5. So we're looking at moving to NZ in the future and seeking the cost to have the dogs (Ivy and Badger) and a cat come with us. Have two insane quotes from Dogtainers and Jetpets. I've asked for quotes not including the vet treatment. And have the vet stuff done at my own vet. I have PM'd Wayrod but I'm not sure he's still an active member?
  6. Microchips only recently became compulsory with council registration. So I never really thought about it.
  7. Thanks everyone. NSW Companion Animals His chip was done by this company, by his breeder. I'm totally lost, so would he have never actually been registered? I'm a terrible owner, he's over 6 years of age and I'm only just realizing his chip isn't linked to me. Ivy's is.
  8. I had Badgers microchip scanned recently when the vet was out for my horse as I had done a search of his chip awhile ago and nothing came up online. His chip scans with the same number on his papers but still doesn't appear online when I do a search. Should I get him done again?
  9. I know a couple of people who use Black Hawk and was wondering if anyone could fill me in on what has changed since it was taken over? I have read a few things online. Is it still good quality? Are the products still sourced in Australia?
  10. No, not liable - ranger said as much and neighbour admitted his dog put paw on your side of the fence. However - it's not what I'd want my dog to be doing - so I'd be blocking up the gap and bringing my dog inside if she barks at the fence or the neighbour's dog (or possum or cat). Ok if the cat or possum wakes me up while in my yard - I might do something different. The neighbour is at fault but I would not want my dog to be biting other dogs paws or fence fighting so I would prevent this. The gap was one section and it was over 1m off the ground but anyway there is now no gap at all. It's an 8ft high colorbond fence with limestone columns. She's never ever in 8 years done anything like this before and I wasn't there. She protects her yard and I feel safe with her and Badger warning with barks. I applied for a Release of Information for the rangers report and it arrived yesterday. So I just wanted to ensure that Ivy being on her own property etc. Thanks everyone. p.s - Our younger rescue Labrador become sick very quickly. Turns out she had pyo and we opted to pts due to the uncertain surgery costs. Worst decision I have had to make, then yesterday I had to have our 15 year old Labrador pts as his quality of life was nil. And I have had the Ivy issue hanging over my head. I couldn't imagine Ivy ever biting another dog
  11. I do want advice but I'm not being understood correctly. I've had two dogs pts in two weeks and this issue with Ivy. Just over it right now. Ill try again tomorrow.
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