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  1. I thought this was a breeder forum but it's clearly not.
  2. My vet says the goat dewormer works better. Thank you very much.
  3. My vet has been involved. Where do you think I got the medications from and tests for coccidia and giardia? These medications aren't "home remedies". Ive went to 2 seperate vets and followed all their guidance. So get over yourself and stop being so judgemental and assuming what you don't know. Learn what your talking about. I FULLY UNDERSTAND THAT LIQUID DIARRHEA CAN CAUSE RAPID DEHYDRATION. I HAVE BEEN TAKING CARE OF THAT OBIVOUSLY MY PUPPIES HEALTH IS MOST IMPORTANT. I'M NOT CUTTING CORNERS!!!! I SIMPLY ASKED IF ANYONE HAS EXPERIENCED PARASITES THIS
  4. Hello, I have a litter of 13 day old frenchies. They are gaining weight and have normal activity for their age. A little back story. My last litter got coccidia at abt 7 weeks. Then I had brought in a new puppy that also brought giardia. this was 2 months ago. When my bitch was pregnant I treated her for 2 weeks with fenbendazole (safeguard for goats) on the last 3 days I treated her with toltrazuril and she had been eating decoxx for the last week or so before whelping. I treated the litter at 4 days old with toltrazuril too. I also treated everyone at my house. I
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