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  1. Abuse Only Behaviours?

    Great idea! :) I know a kelpie who if she gets put on a leash to stop her going with her owner around the farm while he drives off yelps like she has been beaten.
  2. Zig Had Another Turn Last Night

    Hope everything goes well. Fingers crossed for Zig. Very quiet at our house tonight too. Our Dachie is in hospital with Haemorrhagic Gastro.
  3. Do You Love All Your Pets Equally?

    Nope but I am getting there. I often tell the dachie I don't love her as much as the others but she doesn't seem to care. It took me a long time to really bond with her and ironically the more I tell her that she isn't my favourite the more I have bonded with her.
  4. Leads That Are Comfy To Hold

    Cheap as Chips have good rope leashes - terrible to look at but really comfy on your hands! And I think they cost about $3.
  5. Leads, Collars

    What a great idea. I walk 3 dogs at a time and I love that other people are interested in talking to me about my dogs but they always want to pat the Dachshund who is the one who really just wants to be left alone. Maybe a "No kids" one would be good too. :)
  6. Does She Really Need An Elizabethan Collar?

    I have had 4 bitches and a cat speyed in the last 10 years. Only one dog needed a collar as she had ripped her bandage off and had started on the stitches as soon as she woke up from surgery. My other 3 were ok, although my BCx did start to lick hers after around a week. Chloe dachie wouldn't even look at her wound and Rubi, our cocker didn't worry hers either. Both of them complained bitterly for around 3 days following their ops though compared to the BCx who basically, once she got over the anesthetic, was no different to normal. Actually keeping her still was an issue. Our cat did pull one of her stitches out at around day 7, which was a bit of an eek but she didn't touch them again. Sounds like you have the ideal situation being home. I always try and pick a day that somebody will be home for at least 4-5 days following one of our pets being desexed.
  7. Outside Dogs Barking...

    I think she should rehome them. If she is not a dog person, why does she want dogs, doesn't make any sense.
  8. She Is Seriously The Best

    Well my heart dog was a complete PITA. Hated small children, ate the chooks, growled at the kids. Lost her way too soon just over a year ago and I am still heartbroken. As others have said, life is unpredictable, treasure every second!
  9. Off Leash Dog Conviction

    Actually a freind of mine was charged by council a couple of years ago when her Golden Retriever a lovely but silly dog with not much training knocked a kid over when off leash where it shouldn't have been......kid bumped his head on the bitumen from the fall and grazed his forehead, my friend was devistated given her dog is a friendly and gentle dog, but boisterous and she learned quickly what can happen with lack of off lash control where especially kids are involved. Wow, what a terribly hard way to learn a lesson. Recently I was walking with one of my teenage children and usually I walk all three of my dogs but I gave him the cocker to walk. He was just in front of me and they were passing a lady and her husband looking in a shop window who didn't realise he was behind them and as he went past them our cocker jumped up on the back of the lady's legs. The lady got such a fright she nearly fell over. Luckily she was very understanding but if she wasn't or had actually fallen it might have been a different story. I do tend to avoid problem dogs but really shouldn't have to and we have so many people in our town who either let dogs into front yards with either no gate or unsuitable dog fencing there is no way I can walk without passing some of these dogs. Crossing the street sure, but many of them just run across the street!
  10. Pet Insurance Non Rant

    I don't really understand this logic. A freebie mutt will cost just as much to treat as a dog worth mega money if its poisoned or hit by a car or gets a paralysis tick or some other disaster. And I don't think most normal people's desire to do anything they can to get treatment for their pet correlates with how much it is worth.
  11. Breeds We Saw Today - 23 Different Pure Breeds!

    I don't see many different breeds in our town either. I doubt we even have that many different breeds in our town let alone seeing that many in a couple of hours! I think I am a bit of a novelty walking my dachshund, cocker spaniel and border collie/kelpie mix! I certainly get lots of comments. :)
  12. New Foster Puppy

    Seems odd you weren't given any instructions by the vet clinic. They should really be giving out an info sheet. Would give them a call.
  13. People's Prejudice Against Dogs

    As if that would ever happen! *cough* Love it!
  14. Jeepers if our dachie went into rescue I hate to think about the impression she might give. She carries on everytime she sees another dog even though she has never had a negative experience, she thinks the vacuum cleaner is evil (regardless that she has never been beaten with it)and when we are out walking if the texture of the path changes she freaks out and tries to avoid or jump over it (ie council have inserted some decking over a tree root for a couple of metres and she also hates metal covers). Our other dachie had a real issue with small children - anything smaller than our youngest child was a cause for great suspicion and she never had any reason for this but if she had ever been adopted it would have been very easy to presume that she had had a bad experience with children. I can understand speculating but I am also convinced in a lot of cases that speculation is anywhere near close to the mark. It is human nature to want to understand and I agree that it feeds our need to give a 'better' life to a dog than the people in its past did and the satisfaction that comes with that.
  15. Okay, I Finally Snapped And Was Rude

    I walk past one our local pubs quite often and walking three at a time I often get comments from people standing out the front having a smoke, generally I am listening to a book, so I don't really hear but smile and nod. Tonight from a lady was "oh you walking the dogs". Errr, *smiles nicely and nodding away*, thinking WTF do you think I am doing, mowing the lawn?! I also like it when people say hi, and often stop for a chat. But occassionally I am slightly perplexed.
  16. Okay, I Finally Snapped And Was Rude

    I walk past one our local pubs quite often and walking three at a time I often get comments from people standing out the front having a smoke, generally I am listening to a book, so I don't really hear but smile and nod. Tonight from a lady was "oh you walking the dogs". Errr, *smiles nicely and nodding away*, thinking WTF do you think I am doing, mowing the lawn?! I also like it when people say hi, and often stop for a chat. But occassionally I am slightly perplexed.
  17. Just Doing His Job

    Great pics. I love how the sheep are just going about their business while he is carrying on! :laugh:
  18. A Year Of Firsts...

    Lovely pics - gorgeous dogs. Happy Birthday! What is the big black lad in the picture after the one with the boxer in the friends series?
  19. How Did You Choose Your Breed/s?

    I am another one that grew up on a property with only working dogs. All kelpies actually. Quite a few years ago now we worked on a property and one our neighbours had a litter of BCx puppies and I wanted to have a go at training a sheep dog from the time it was a puppy. We only lasted a couple of years on the farm but she has stayed with us and adapted to life as a pet in a town. Growing up we had relatives with dachshunds and I had always wanted one. The cocker spaniel is a bit out of left field. Although I had always thought they were beautiful dogs I had never thought of owning one. Just a lovely natured little soul. So glad we decided to get one. All very different but so much fun in their own way. BCx is very tolerant and a bit crazy. Dach is the needy one and the CS is just cruisy and laid back (although she is still very young so we don't really know her too well yet).
  20. Whats Your Limit On The Number Of Dogs

    What's a relationship got to do with it? I'm single, have two greyhounds, would love a few more but I rent so can't have anymore as it's hard enough to rent with two dogs. Because you'd have the extra person to share the costs and work of any extra dogs. 2 is my max for myself as a singular, but if I were in a couple or married then I would happily entertain the idea of more dogs as it would be more practical between 2 people to have 2 or more dogs. Well I hope you don't end up with someone like my OH then. Although he likes our dogs he doesn't lift a finger to help out. :) I currently have 3 dogs, that is enough for us. If we ever get organised and build a house on our block we may get another one.
  21. Can They Get In Trouble For This

    I cannot understand why someone who knows their dog will bite has their yard so easy to access. Ok, the friends are idiots but what if somebody opened the gate, left and the dog got out on the street and bit someone. Tell them to secure their yard asap, no excuses for a gate so easy to access. Why would the padlocks keep getting cut off??? Some people have all the bad luck.
  22. Dogshaming Takes Off

    Haha, that is hilarious. Love "we killed a mockingbird".
  23. I hate this woman's articles and this one has just put the icing on the cake. Not that I totally disagree, more her tone and lack of empathy I find irritating. Personally I would rather a well behaved dog sitting quietly nearby than badly behaved children, and some of the things they do I find more stomach turning (and I do have kids). http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/opinion/pets-are-fantastic-companions-but-they-are-not-people/story-e6freabc-1226423764987 Pets are fantastic companions but they are not people THERE'S a line pet lovers should not cross when it comes to dining in public places, says Rebekah Devlin. ---------- BRUNCH is my favourite meal. It somehow feels a little more refined than lunch. With the luxury of time, I flick through the weekend papers, and hopefully find some much-needed sun in the winter cold. It's my weekly treat. Here I was, just about to tuck into my eggs benny when a couple sat down at the table next door. She had their pet pug positioned on her left knee while she scanned the menu. A little put off, I kept watching, thinking surely once her meal was served the dog would leave the table. But when her salmon arrived the pug stayed. She simply held on to the overweight dog with her left hand and ate with her right. This meant cutting things with her fork and generally displaying manners most kids would be told off for. The dog was sniffing madly at the food that was literally inches away from its cute little nose. How is this socially acceptable? And surely she was making the restaurant break an entire book of hygiene laws? What about the person who next dined at that table? Pets are fantastic companions, particularly for the elderly, ill or the lonely. They are best friends and confidants. However, they are not people. They are not capable of the human emotions we project on to them. We feed them with treats and scraps off our tables until they explode because we think they will be "upset" and "think we don't love them any more" if we don't. As humans, we need to show some restraint. A fat dog is not the sign of a loved dog, but an irresponsible and weak owner. We don't let our kids overeat, so why do we let our canine friends do this, and then excuse it as kindness? A dog will keep eating until it vomits, then it will eat that, too. Enough said. They won't take it personally if we kick them off the "good chair" or stop them from sleeping with us at night. And if they do sulk, they'll get over it. I'm not a dog hater. I grew up with Ellie, a precious (but decidedly naughty) golden labrador who was a treasured part of the family. But Ellie slept outside in a comfortable bed and certainly did not have her own seat at the kitchen table. My grandparents inherited a fluffy white poodle in their golden years. Every time we had a barbecue, Benje would get a cut-up sausage. However, this one day I was a little peckish and decided a final snag would do the job nicely. As I drove my fork into the last sausage, my grandfather swiftly plunged his own fork in, declaring: "That's Benje's sausage". "Yeah, but I'm still hungry," I explained, a little miffed. "I'll cook you another one." "But there's a sausage sitting right there." "No, that's Benje's." "Well, why can't the dog wait while you cook another one?" "No, he always gets a sausage when we've finished eating. We've all finished eating." "I haven't." And so I sat there while the dog ate its sausage and my grandfather cooked me one. Fair to say, things were a little strained for the rest of the day. Love your pet, but love it in an appropriate way. They should not be substitutes for real, human relationships. And so, these are my pet pet-owner hates. People who: LET their dogs lick their faces ... you do realise dogs wash their backsides with that same tongue don't you? DRESS up their dogs in zany outfits. ARE immune to the "dog smell" of their houses. Open the windows once in a while and, for goodness sake, vacuum up the pet hair on every seat in the house. I don't want to look like I've been attacked by a yeti after a visit. NOT only talk to their dogs (this is OK) but then give answers for them using a funny voice. DRIVE with dogs on their laps. DON'T pick up their dog's poo ... the worst of the lot. Puppy love is one thing, but for goodness sake, let the canine live a dog's life.
  24. ETA: Wanted to know the difference, don't worry, I googled. :laugh:
  25. An Opinion Article On Dogs From Adelaide Advertiser

    Love the collar too. Gorgeous.