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  1. We're changing from using Interceptor monthly to using a monthly heartwormer and a three monthly intestinal wormer. Should we worm them (intestinal) a month after their last Interceptor then three monthly or can we start worming them three monthly after their last Interceptor?
  2. He does make an adorable reindeer, even if he doesn't like being one. :laugh:
  3. Zali (my sisters dog) is fine. Their neighbour who's lived there for 25 years has never seen a snake, trust her to find one. I'll ask which pet insurance she has.
  4. Fingers and paws crossed here for Toby.
  5. Yikes Tiggy - glad to hear the dog is OK. Guessing it would have been an expensive little exercise. I am just back from Brisbane and one of the dogs I go over to babysit was bitten by a brown snake the weekend before I got there. They actually didn't realise the dog had been bitten until the next morning when they got up and found blood all over the floor - she was bleeding out. Thankfully, even though it was a 5ft snake she didn't get a full hit of venom and after 2 lots of anti venom she was fine by the time I got to Brisbane. Needless to say I spent the 2 weeks keeping my eye out for anything that wriggled. Zali was bitten by a brown snake too. Their pet insurance just covers the cost but it's a one off deal with snake bites apparently.
  6. Roleystone. They got her to Murdoch in the nick of time.
  7. My sisters dog was bitten by a snake in their yard yesterday. She's very lucky to be alive.
  8. I hope they're found soon. I'll share the Facebook page.
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