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  1. Thanks Leah.. She has come a long way, but still suffers from anxiety at times. I suspect she always will. I completely ignore her when she's being anxious because I don't want to encourage that behaviour, and when she's calm and happy she can have as many pets as she wants. She's a total snuggle bum and lives to be adored. I can even let her off lead and she doesn't take off, which took a while. She took off on my hubby once, so he doesn't trust her, he keeps her on lead all the time. But she loves me the most and is never very far away. Bonnie has the wettest nose I've ever seen on a dog. She sniffs everything, just in case someone drops a crumb. And so often she has bits of fluff or whatever stuck to her nose. She always gives us a good laugh.
  2. Ummmm yes, mine are very "talkative" too.. :laugh: Someone once told me you can train it out of them.. The one who starts the trouble is Georgia... we call Bonnie, the 2IC (second in charge), she just does what her sis does. On her own, she's as quiet as a mouse.
  3. Thank you, Bonnie's coat was awful when she arrived from having a crappy diet, probably. But with good food and lots of healthy oils its looking fantastic. She has much less coat than Georgia, and for that I'm grateful. :laugh:
  4. They were actually staring at my piece of orange... these two always act like they've never been fed... LOL This is the best photo we've ever got of them together and my 9yo took it on my old mobile.
  5. My girls are so gorgeous.... I know, I know, I'm biased. The sable is Bonnie, she's a rescue from a puppy farm, and the tri is Georgia, she came from a registered breeder.
  6. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: It seems I'm in good company.
  7. Thanks for your input Hankdog, I definitely agree, its an area we need to keep helping her in. Who knows, maybe down the track something will happen to our dear little Georgia, how on earth would Bonnie cope with that. Its food for thought, I have been doing it already. Like taking her to a cafe on her own, or to the pet supplies shop etc.
  8. LOL ain't that the truth!! I've loved the Destiny and Bonnie stories. So few foster caring stories on DOL anymore. I hope thats not true, if it is, thats very sad. I know there are a lot of loving foster carers out there, maybe they just don't come here.
  9. Agreed!!! The point I would like to make is you are a CARER. Your method is permanently having the animals and doing the caring. Considering they are both rescues, then you are fabulous to have stepped up and given them a chance. Thank you I love them both so much, plus my others. They all give me so much joy, on a daily basis.
  10. I always had an idea in my head that I would love to be able to foster a few dogs and cats and help them get new homes and new beginnings. A few years ago I did foster a few kittens, which was fun and although I loved them all, and was sad to see them go, I was also a bit relieved. Fast forward about 18 months ago, I was out walking my dog early in the morning, when I stumbled across a cat sitting hunched up on the nature strip, looking very uncomfortable. I knocked on the doors in the street and no one answered, it was 7am though. So I knew I couldn't just leave this cat there in pain, to die. She let me pick her up and bring her home, I knew she was in a bad way because she cried in pain all the way home. And I'd already established that she couldn't put any weight on her back legs. I rushed her to my vet, who shipped her straight off to the pound. I was heart-broken. This little cat trusted me, and I effectively dumped her in the pound, where her fate was doomed. I decided at that point to call the pound and tell them, I was the one who found her and I wanted to be kept in the loop. I just didn't want her PTS, if she was able to live. I learnt that she'd been hit by a car and had a broken pelvis. I ended up adopting her from the pound, with the idea of rehabilitating her and rehoming her. Since I already had enough cats, and honestly didn't need another. She came here with a chip on her shoulder and a bad attitude. She would attack anyone that came close enough. I had a feeling from the time I found her, that I was meant to find her, so I called her Destiny. The stars were lined up or something like that. Her recovery was long and slow and over time, she came to trust us, even love us. She was advertised for a long time, and once even got rehomed, only to be returned 24 hours later. A few more months passed and we had another enquiry, and I just couldn't put her or I through it, so I simply said, she's been adopted. I just didn't tell her, it was me. Then back in December I received a call, asking if I'd be interested in fostering a sheltie who'd been rescued from a puppy farm. I'd never fostered a dog before, let alone one from a puppy farm. I didn't really know what I was in for, but I took a deep breath and dived in. Poor little Bonnie arrived, totally shut down and terrified of everything around her. She improved really quickly though and she was advertised for a new home. That home didn't work out and she was returned 10 days later. When she came back, she was so much worse than when she left. So we were not quite back to the beginning, but she was scarred from her experience. We have our own sheltie, and the two girls have a great bond. Bonnie has suffered with anxiety the whole time we've had her, but she's much better now. We have decided that rather than keep fostering, we are going to give Bonnie a forever home. She loves us, and trusts us and she needs stability. I was really worried if we rehomed her again, she'll just keep coming back and get worse each time. I couldn't do that to her. So in summary, I think I'm a great owner, but maybe not meant to be a foster carer. And thats ok, I applaud all of you who do it. If you got all the way through my essay, thanks.
  11. Thats very true, a big part of it is that she glued herself to my side from the second she got here. And when a little furry who is so terrified of the world, can reach out a paw and trust you in an instant, that does something to your heart. If her first home would have worked out, I know I would be ok with it too. But over time, our bond has just grown and grown. I've been thinking of taking her to dog obedience. Not really for the obedience aspect, she's very obedient, more for the socialisation side. But I worry about how she'll cope being on her own without Georgia. Maybe its good to push her out of her comfort zone, I'm just not sure which way to go.
  12. Oh and if I put my hand up for fostering again, it will come with divorce papers... Having said that Bonnie has come to trust my hubby completely. She will sit at his feet with her goofy grin on, and just beg for a pat from him. For the first few months she wouldn't go near him. He is equally smitten with her. But Bonnie is very much my dog and Georgia is still very much his girl. So we got ourselves his and hers shelties.. :laugh:
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