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  1. It though Reggie was a Papillon, then a Shetland Sheepdog, then a Border Collie. (She's a Bi Black Aussie Shepherd) : )Only got the full 100% on papillon too lol.
  2. Glad you enjoyed it! We had a few troubles with the lure on Sunday, (it ran perfectly the month before!) but overall I think it went relatively smoothly. :) Yes I have done that drive in the opposite direction for a 2 day dog training seminar and it is amazingly exhausting! Can't wait to meet Neko next year ????
  3. After seeing this I just figured out who you are and hunted down your photos haha! Thank you so much for coming over here and taking photos they are fantastic!!
  4. I also use an Ozito rotary tool on Reggie. :)
  5. Where can I buy it at a similar price? I'm seeing 20kg BH at around $90 (is this before price rise?) And 13kg IC at around $110 You're comparing two different varieties of product there. The 13kg Ivory Coat is a grain free product. Black Hawk only seems to sell their grain free formula in 3kg bags. Cost per kilo for Ivory Coat grain free is $8.45 for the largest bag, compared to Black Hawk's grain free price of $9.65 per kilo. Feeding a formula with rice in it is certainly cheaper because rice is a hell of a lot cheaper than better quality ingredients Ahh I see, I was looking at p
  6. Where can I buy it at a similar price? I'm seeing 20kg BH at around $90 (is this before price rise?) And 13kg IC at around $110
  7. congratulations, enjoy it because I suspect she will have some competition next year! Great action shot too. Yes I suspect so too! Had a few friends with Aussies who couldn't make it this year. We will have to get training to defend it haha! Well done to Ebon too! I'm surprised at the low number of veterans!
  8. Reggie the fastest Australian Shepherd in Australia!!!! (And slowest.. there were no other Aussies entered but don't tell her )
  9. I do understand the concept. I do understand your reasons. I am simply stating the reasons it would not make me more likely to use these kennels over ones that accept all breeds. I would need more information about the kennel. You have more information on the kennels you use so it is a non-issue.
  10. If their policies concern you, find a place where they'll happily toss the bull breeds in with the SWFs I think it was quite clear that mixing of dogs is something I want to avoid. If a kennel can't keep a DA bull breed away from my dog then they can't keep a DA dog of any breed away from my dog. A kennel not accepting specific breeds would not make me more likely to leave my dog there.
  11. I don't know the kennel, perhaps they do. But I would be concerned they think they are not equiped to handle DA dogs and so exclude potentially DA breeds ? I would need more reassurance.
  12. If they don't board specific breeds due to perceived aggression issues, I would be concerned they think the breeds they do board are all friendly and perhaps not be cautious at all about potential issues between dogs?
  13. All that flowing hair This one I took at lure racing in May. One of reggie running through water and my OHs scream when he thinks the water is going to hit his phone And my cat Omar jumping for a toy! All taken with OHs iphone 5s. I only have a lousy 5 ;)
  14. Reggie's absolute favourite toy is a Pogo Plush Raccoon They look like a normal soft toy but they have a rubber 'skeleton' that's similar to a hollee molee, instead of stuffing. They have two sizes. Reggie's is lasting really well. ???? http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0046ZRXZU?pc_redir=1408674205&robot_redir=1
  15. My dad once took a little tin of what he thought was 'Little Champignons' (Champignons are mushrooms) to work for lunch one day. He thought it didn't look right when he opens it to eat. Reread the label and it was 'Little Champions' and old supermarket brand of dog food :) poor dad. :laugh:
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