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    Dog agility with my dog Nina
  1. HI it's great that your intrested in dog sports, I do agility with my dog and it is just the most fun i've ever had. I hope your dogs are going well, if you need more info reply to this :rolleyes:
  2. I would LOVE to go to the trial great prep for us so Nina gets used to the grounds I will try and convince my mum to take me :D Maybe we could do another meet up thing w/ Vickie like last year? Nina's A-Frame has defiantly improved she touches the contact now YAAAY!! XD So I hope I can come to ur trial i'd love to meet you and ur dogs
  3. OMG GOOD LUCK AT UR TRIAL!!! I hope you do reeeally well :D i'd love for you to take picturesof our trial do you think you'll be at our first trial at Deer Bush Dog Trg. Club on the 13th of July? Answer: The weird thing w/ Nina's weaves is i din't use ANY of the fancy methods, (she has slowed down slightly but i'll try and fix that ) I just used a toy to lure her in and out and eventully she got it sooo proud of my girlie and w/ the contacts I used a target plate with a peice of food on the top and she eventully learnt to touch the target when I told her to once she learnt that I put it on
  4. OMG LOVIN' THOSE AWEOSME PICS!!!!!!! Your soo lucky to have ur on photographer taking pics of ur training and trialing, I hope Vickie can take some pics of me and Nina's first trial!!! AWESOMMMEEE!! Snoopy and Jock are soo cute btw. I'm glad ur trainings going well, me and Nina's training is going GREAT!!! she found her weave entries perfectly and her contacts are reeeally good. We have to work on the A-Frame though cos she's having trouble w/ it but yer lots on FUN!! XD Will you be on MSN soon???? Glad to hear ur trainings going well lol B0rder C u have that backyard agility set lol
  5. OMMGGG I LOVE THESE PICTURES!!!!!! u got awesome dawgz!!!
  6. yeah i bought it from the US veeerrry expensivr, theres my christmas and birthday pressie gooone XD
  7. I don't have alot of posts but yeah i'll try it's probably easier on MSN yeah how have you been going anywayz No ones been posting here for a while oh well life goes on XD
  8. I was just wondering if anyone is going to the Agility Trial at Fairfield on the 13th of July. It's our first trial and I'm really excited
  9. I have the Agility In a Bag and I think it's really great! It's easy to carry around so I can easily take it up to a school oval and practise. The weave poles do fall apart (but thats normally cos i rushed to put them up :laugh: But we love it Nina gets wonderful excircise! Hope this Helps
  10. hey there don't worry bout it have u asked ur mum bout the MSN thing?
  11. omg well it shows how we Juniors are gonna rock the agility world :p ;) :D :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock:
  12. I have this convient Agility In a Bag thing and I take it to the school oval set it up and practise www.youtube.com/CanineSportsFanatic
  13. Hi there, dog sports are great fun and it depends on your dog and your handling and training skills. For me training Nina in agility was easy because she was bold and had alot of drive. But once you get there and feel that excitment rush through you it worth it! OK, I will need to have alot of practise especially for Dante (9 month old Iggy) he has no self control, whatsoever Storm (whippet) should be easier, just show him the ball ;) plus (I make, makeshift jumps) he loves to jump, I taught him when he was young, now he jumps on the benches apparently its my fault (sorry OT
  14. Wow Trim is fast!!!! And you were really good at handling her, I hope you get an agility dog soon because agility is just so much fun and you have alot of potential
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