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  1. I totally agree with everything you say about showing Christina..does not make you a lousy breeder if you don't show..much more to breeding wonderful healthy fantastic conformation pups than carting them around the countryside
  2. Hi Mini girl ,I have had this happen with my toy poodle pups ..mums milk just flows too fast for baby Never had any affects with pups inhaling to lungs if they are healthy and at his weight he should be ..had pups gain good weight first 24 hrs Back teats should settle down ..I usually compress a little milk from them to ease mum ..try to put bigger pup on them to do the same
  3. Puppy is a healthy 3 week old and buyer has had it ordered since birth ..now has changed her mind ..family problems ?? I did not state that the deposit is non refundable ??
  4. If a deposit is taken on the order of a puppy and then buyer changes mind ...can the breeder legally keep the deposit paid ??
  5. My Rochee had two little girls on 6th..she is away down sth being cared for by a wonderful friend as we were very badly hit with the cyclone Awful not seeing my girl & her babies The girl that was due on the 2nd had her babies early /Feb thread now..she had three pups ..two boys ..one girl ..all well
  6. Ahemm which is which as in connect what litter to due date. Jessica was the one due on 28th ..4 pups..2 girls ..2 boys Tameeka came in early she was listed on the March litters due 2nd 3 pups ..2 boys..1girl
  7. Well both my girls..mother jessica (4 babies.. 2 girls ..2 boys) & daughter .(2 boys ..1 girl)..had their pups on 26th ..daughter was early.. thought she would get in on the act Usually i am just so excited with my new babies but we have been totally devistated by the cyclone..we are on the beach at the worst hit area So as we are not in our home but staying with friend it just makes life even harder at the moment.Mothers are in the living area with my other girls so they are not happy We are all sleeping on the floor together But all babies fat & well...
  8. . Hi friends...Sorry have not been in touch ..we have been very badly hit by Yasi. Lost everything totally in and around our home but still have walls & a roof on(damaged & tarped) WE have been emotionally & physically worn out even my husband has cried ..I did not stop for a week . Have sent half my beautiful poodles away for a while as could not care for them properly..that was gut retching choosing who was to go..Cannot find the words to thank a very special friend for this help Also had the terrible decision to make to allow my little Zulu to be put to sleep as she was in pain from her health problems and I was not able to keep her well I had always promised her this would never happen but these decisions were taken out of my hands at this time of trouble Am so cried out lately it is not funny but each day gets a little easier My mother poodles with pups that should have been weaned continued to feed and care for their pups..they just seemed to know we needed help ..I was sleeping on the floor (still am) with all the dogs & 8 pups ..no fans ,power etc ..two girls in pup Finally had some help around the area after 5 days ..we were worse hit and ignored by all When the SES & emergency guys came in they basically saved our lives..never be able to thank them enough We are still without power & will be for a long time ..most of the houses down our street have been totally demolished so lots of power problems..We had no drinking water bought through to us for 4 days as we were flooded in..no phone ..mobile or landline ..so as I said we were all very distressed With 300 klm hr winds & 7 mtr swell it sure does a lot of damage Thank goodness my sister-in -law lives close ..we came in here with 10 dogs & 8 ,7 week old pups ..her house was pristine ..now looks like a refugee camp Had homes for all pups but lost all my paper work..names ,addresses etc..really stressed me till I was able to get in touch with them (Don bought me a new laptop & Internet stick a few days ago) Insurance company has been deadly slow getting in touch so we have been very concerned about that (tidal surge clause) but finally came yesterday and said all covered. We have not a decent contents cover ..silly us ..but will give us a start They are now doing their best to get the house into some basic repair so we may return there ..fencing high on their priority list for us All house has to be sprayed & disinfected for germs & mould BUT WE ALL SURVIVED
  9. Two litters hopefully ..Toy Poodles 2nd & 4th ..think I may be busy
  10. Love all the puppy photos..Sorry for all who have a bad breeding result I agree about Dec pups seem to be so advanced..my babies were climbing around and out their box before their eyes were open This last litter seemed to be so strong & active at only 2 weeks old
  11. Hi all ..Toy poodle due 28th ..has had 3 matings & off season now so here's hoping
  12. Thank you all for the kind words ..Yes BB she does look possessed with her red eye photo She thought she was possessed after the first pup ..wanted to run a mile ..anywhere but have another Did not even look or lick them till after the third baby I was sure I was going to pull their little heads off or damage Mum & the last breach one was a nightmare to deliver Vets are 1/2hr away and with a pup stuck not much use so have to do your best in a bad situation..did not expect to have problems with all of them !! At least Ruby & the pups were very lucky to have come through it all safely & I will recover She is loving her pups..feeding them well ..she is so light now the pups are delivered..will have ot feed her up New photo with less evil eye
  13. Well that was the worse whelping I have had so far ..such BIG pups for a little girl ..had to drag every one out Three girls ..one boy ..last one was breach and only one back leg showing ..Poor little Ruby was just so exhausted Pups weighed in between 147gms & 165gms ..all doing well ..mother & grandmother bloody tired ..been an all night saga
  14. Good luck and looking forward to seeing the new additions. Thank you Bokezu, so far so good. :p I think we are in need of updated pics of your guys, I bet they again have grown so much! Redkidsmum, your girl is certainly very large isn't she, is this her first litter or if not was she the same size last time? ;) Yes this is her first litter ..she is only a tiny girl normally and the smallest I own.. so will be worried more than I normally am till her babies are here safely
  15. After looking at all the fat tummies on the expectant mums thought I better put my girl in as well in case she feels left out I think the pups out weigh her now !!! So lumpy & bumpy now She can't get comfortable
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