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  1. you may enjoy this girls! There was a time, there really was, When I was sweet and tender; When Show Dog meant a Disney Star, and bitch was not a gender. I went to bed at half past ten; I went to church on sunday; On Saturday I baked the beans and did the wash on Monday. But then I got a certain pup, And an erstwhile friend said "SHOW", And so I did and so I do, OH! What I didn't know. I used to dress with flair and style, That was the life, don't knock it. But now each dress from bed to ball Must have a good bait pocket. I used to have a certain air, I wallowed in perfume, I used to smell of Niut D'Amour, Now I smell like Mr. Groom. My furniture was haute decor, My pets a tank of guppies. Now I've furniture unstuffed, And well-adjusted puppies. Once I spoke in pristine prose, In dulcet tones and frail, But now I'm using laguage, That would turn a sailor pale. I was taught to be well groomed no matter where I went. Now all the grooming that I do is in the handler's tent. I used to long for furs and jewels And a figure classed as super, Now the thing I yearn for most is a nice new pooper scooper. I adored a man who murmured verse, through intimate little dinners, But now the words I thrill to hear, Are just three-"Best of Winners". I rise at dawn and pack the car, the road ahead's a long one. The one I routed on the maps, Invariably's the wrong one. I really love this doggy life, I wouldn't care to change it. But when I get that Best in Show, I plan to rearrange it. When my time on earth is done, I'll go without much nudging. Just give me three weeks closing date, and let me know who's judging
  2. My dog had a really bad time with a really bad groomer, so she can occasionally snap during a groom. But I always use the same groomer, and I always warn them, and tell them they are welcome to muzzel her if they feel safer. They never use the muzzel and they never tell me that she has been any trouble, but I will not put them in danger, forwarned is forarmed, and honesty is a much better way to go.
  3. I read your invite to the craft site and spent and hour in there before coming back to what I was doing. Thank you
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