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  1. Raw Feeders Please Help

    So, i have done milk bottles with holes in them and kibble inside. He like those, but now it doesn't seem to be doing the job. I have a frozen treat block to give him tomorrow while I am out and will see how he goes with that. Next I will be trying the kong!!! Its starting to drive me bonkers lol. I'm thinking he needs more physical activity too. So hoping to ramp that up some more too. Thanks for all the tips :)
  2. Raw Feeders Please Help

    I think I had something similar to this once... will hunt around. Thanks for the tip!
  3. Raw Feeders Please Help

    I think I had something similar to this once... will hunt around
  4. Raw Feeders Please Help

    The boxes are a great idea aswell, and I'll just get the kids onto cleaning up the mess haha!!! Thanks for the tip!
  5. Raw Feeders Please Help

    So the barf patties I'm thinking would be similar to me just putting his meat feed into the Kong. Do you find that get it all out? I suppose you just wash it each day? I've just done the milk carton thing now and he just loves pushing these things around! Thanks for the tips!
  6. Raw Feeders Please Help

    Omg...definately trying the iceblocks considering the heatwave we have at the moment!!! Thanks for the tip
  7. I'm currently fostering a dog who likes to be destructive and chew what he can when left on his own. He doesn't get left on his own often. It's his only vice and would love to get this sorted before he goes to his permanent home. I raw feed. He gets a chicken carcass or pork trotter in the morning and some mince and offal at night (think I need to cut him back as he is now a healthy weight) I did have a treat ball, and was using that with some dry food that I still have in my cupboard from when my dog before foster dog fell ill with cancer and needed to her just to eat anything to keep her alive. However the treat ball was making a sore on his nose, as he loved it so much, but the hard plastic of the ball became scratched up and this is what was causing the sore. Then I tried a goats horn, he doesn't mind it, but don't think it's enough to keep him from chewing everything else! I have a large black Kong in my cupboard, and wondered how I would fill it considering im a raw feeder. Any advice would be appreciated. I still have some eagle pack in my cupboard and happy to use it for this purpose. TIA.
  8. Nala Has Lymphoma :-(

    Omg she is looking better already and I can feel that her lymph nodes are shrinking. She doesn't have the constant body tic either and she is happily eating today. That may be aided by the bone broth I made for her too :-) she has had 3 helpings to raw beef mince with bone broth added so far! From not eating yesterday it's a great change and she seems a bit stronger than yesterday. Fingers crossed she keeps improving
  9. Nala Has Lymphoma :-(

    Hi Teebs. I found your story and I'm very sorry for your loss :-( Xyz - I'm doing all I can to keep her happy :-) I got her to eat a little bit tonight. Hopefully tomorrow will be better once the prednisone has time to start working.
  10. Nala Has Lymphoma :-(

    My 6 yr old Bordeaux x Rottweiler x Boxer girl Nala has Lymphoma. Her lymph nodes under her jaw are the biggest and her tonsils are very red. It seems to be difficult for her to swallow, which I think may be having an affect on her appetite. My holistic vet and I have decided that it will be best to just try to keep her comfortable, eating and happy the best we can. Today was her first dose of our management plan ... Amoxyclav in case of infection (we are only doing one course, and vet only done this for my sake really), Prednisone (only a low dose so not to bring down her already low immune system) in the hope to keep her eating (today was her first day that she has said no to any food). And the holistic side of medication we are starting with Sheep Sorrel Comb, some sort of mushroom combo capsule, Tresos B tablet and Traumeel Tablets. If there is anyone here that has treated their dog that has lymphoma with holistic ways, I would love feed back please of your experience. I'm hoping I can get her to eat dinner tonight!
  11. Kidney Failure

    Definitely lymphosarcoma, and i think pretty aggressive. She is going down hill fast. I'm going to move over to palliative care forum. Thanks guys
  12. Kidney Failure

    Definitely lymphosarcoma, and i think pretty aggressive. She is going down hill fast. I'm going to move over to palliative care forum. Thanks guys
  13. Kidney Failure

    Xyz - I haven't discussed all options yet with the vet. Appointment on Monday. Boronia - thanks for the tip!
  14. Kidney Failure

    Thanks for that. Didn't even think of a bone broth. I actually eat the low carb healthy fat way myself and do a broth every now and then. I'll do one this weekend. Thanks for the tip 😊
  15. Kidney Failure

    So, turns out she has lymphosarcoma and the kidney function is just secondary to that! To say I'm pissed off with the first vet is an understatement!!! I absolutely love our new holistic vet. She is just my kind of vet. She understands and agrees with me in doing what we can to support Nala but at the same time not allowing her to live in pain. Quality of life is utmost in my eyes, not how long I can keep her with me. I see the vet again on Monday at 10am to go thru some options for management which will include herbs and supplements. I'm currently trying to find the best diet for her and from everything I have read, high fat, moderate protein and low carb is best. I need to get her eating her vegetable mix with her mince as at the moment she is too high protein because all I can get her to eat is meat and egg at the moment. If anyone has any advise regarding feeding for lymphoma would be greatly appreciated ☺