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  1. Thanks for your reply As pointed out by Dogsfevr, there are numerous reasons for crating at night. I’m not interested in explaining our situation to justify why our dogs are in crates at night, that’s not why I posted. Just know that these crates are not small, they are bigger than what is recommended for cavaliers. The dogs love their crates, the doors are only closed for a maximum of 7 hours at night or on the odd occasion when a tradesman is at the house. They have free range of the living areas during the day because there is someone home 95% of the time to supervise. In fact, the dogs choose to go into their crates over using the dog beds in the living room the majority of the time. Little miss chewer is in hers, with the door wide open, as I type.
  2. No, not at all. She’s a very confident, outgoing, sassy, friendly little girl. Everything a cavalier should be. I think she’s just a chewer. My cavalier has never destroyed a toy, he still has toys from when he was a baby, this little girl destroys them all. She spent the first year of her life, since 8 weeks old, living with a staffy “sister”. Chewing episodes were always blamed on the staffy, skirting boards, Christmas trees, underwear etc, but now I’m thinking it might have been the cavalier or a joint effort.
  3. Thank you. I did wonder if I could cover the corners with something. If the bitter spray doesn’t work that will be my next step, I guess.
  4. Thank you for replying. I should have mentioned that the chewer is a small cavalier. The only bones I give them are chicken necks with me holding the ends so they don’t gulp them down. I was hoping there was a chew toy that they could be left with unsupervised.
  5. God I’m stupid, worked it out now. Reply to Powelegs is in post above
  6. Thank you for the replies. It’s been years since I posted in here so I’m not sure if the quote will show up. Powerlegs, I went to Petbarn this afternoon and they do carry a bitter spray but my local was out. I will give it a try when I can source some.
  7. I’ve never let my dogs have chew toys in their crates at night as the ones they have are quite hard and they have warnings saying not to leave the dog unattended with the toy. I’ve had beautiful timber and rebar crates made and been using them for a few months now and have just found that my daughter’s dog has started chewing on the wooden corner of her crate so I’m wondering if there’s a chew toy that would be safe to let the dogs have all night when they are in their crates. I’ve found a recipe for white vinegar and apple cider vinegar spray that is supposed to deter chewing but as it’s for the area where they have to sleep, I’m concerned that the smell might make it uncomfortable for them and they’ll begin to hate the crates. Any thoughts, suggestions or ideas?
  8. This was posted in Dec 2010 http://www.puppyprisoners.org/healeys-hellhole/
  9. The cavalier thread isn't very active anymore but you might get a response if you ask in there. There are some breeders who frequent that thread. http://www.dolforums.com.au/topic/164335-the-ckcs-photo-and-chat-thread/page__st__27040
  10. I am so very sorry for your loss.Monday marks 5 months since I held my precious Holly as she was helped over the bridge. The pain was unbearable at first but as Keshwar's post says, the sleeps get longer. Take care of yourself xx
  11. There have been topics about these breeders on here before. http://www.gympietimes.com.au/news/puppy-breeders-fined-22k/2778922/
  12. Regardless of the woman's mental state, should a police officer who is just doing his job have to politely cop a bag of shit to the face? No! If people behave in an unsocial manner they can expect consequences.
  13. The police were protecting a crime scene where a woman had been rammed off the road and had her head bashed in while she was hanging upside down in the car. I don't think it was top of Police list of priorities to have some place for residents to go if they couldn't access their homes. I hope that woman is disgusted with her behaviour after finding out why the police had cordoned off her street.
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