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  1. Importing A Dog From A Category 4 Country

    Just got home from Quarantine as I have a dog currently in jail.Anyhow talking to the girls and as far as they are aware the 10 day announcement / change is coming in January. I was told by AQIS staff face to face back in October that originally they thought November / December but they believe now January. Their advise to me was keep checking the web site as it will be updated there before they are even given official notice.
  2. Do Altegra Walls Fit Oztrail Gazebo?

    The weight pull on the Oztrail roof of the weight from the Altegra sides I would think would cause a huge strain on the seams on the roof & Frame that it wouldn't take too long for it to cause some damage. I own both types of Gazebo and I wouldn't do it. The Altegra frame is built to last and to take the weight of the roof and the sides, the Oztrail in comparison is only built to take the light weight sides they offer. Don Day sells some really good walls for the Oztrail, much thicker than normal but nowhere near the weight of the Altegra I would have a look at those ones.
  3. Camden Ag - Ground Conditions?

    Just spoke with a friend who was out there today and she said it was good. With the sun and wind today and forecast for tomorrow she thinks it will be fine.
  4. Breed Suggestions Please?

    A basenji is not for someone with limited dog experience and especially for someone who's kids are not used to having a dog in the house. There are exceptions, but generally I would never suggest a basenji for someone like this. Kids who have never had a dog before more than likely will want a dog that will be playful with them, and obedient.
  5. Leasing A Bitch

    No truer words can be said. I leased a bitch back from someone that I had a passing association with ( I bred the bitch that was leased ) and it turned into a less than happy situation for both of us.
  6. Oztrail Compact Pavillions

    Thanks for the Heads Up. Hubby picked one up from Penrith for me on his way home tonight. I just love it when you get a bargain like this.
  7. Anyone Have A Sydney Royal Catalogue

    Thank you so much for going to all this trouble for everyone. You really went well beyond the call of duty.
  8. I have used this company before, and I will be using them again later this year. The breeder in Belgium did all the leg work, but he said they were great to deal with. Full price to ship a 9kg basenji to Australia was $ 1200 and will be the same again later this year. VKC Live Animal Logistics. They are also organising flights from the USA for me for later in the year, for thousands less than what the Australian companies want.
  9. Spring Fair

    The Spring Fair is moving next year to the Dalwood weekend.
  10. Isle Of Dogs - Products

    Another IOD convert, but only on the Saluki's. The basenjis still use Animal House.
  11. Photographer At Hillsborough Sunday 26/9/10

    Yep I paid him for a sitting at Bathurst 2 or 3 years ago, that I am still waiting to get or see the proofs. That reminds me.. are you coming to Bathurst this weekend ? I have a Whippet that I have been unable to get a good pic of. It's a ten man operation and I still can't get one Nuh, I have the Hound Club and Sighthound show at Castle Hill. um um um just trying to think when I am coming out again. Are you coming down for the Spring fair , we could try then ?
  12. Photographer At Hillsborough Sunday 26/9/10

    Yep I paid him for a sitting at Bathurst 2 or 3 years ago, that I am still waiting to get or see the proofs.
  13. Importing Dogs

    My boy arrived from Belgium in October 2009 after the Q'tine price increase. Airfare for 8kg Basenji was Aust $ 1300.00 Q'tine for 30 days was around Aust $ 1400.00 Vet costs before leaving were approx Aust $ 600.00 John and I sent the mother of this litter over to Belgium so we could have a puppy back, so we didnt have the expense of paying for Hakim. But I believe show puppy prices in Europe are at least double what we would expect to sell our puppies for here. Well at least in my breed they are.
  14. Besanjhi How High Do They Jump

    Hi corvus, yep it was me. You are more than welcome to come over anytime to get a basenji fix until you get one of your own. My guys love having visitors over, its when they pretend to be extra loving and obedient and non typical basenji.