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  1. Weight Pulling Discussion

    Just wanted to let those who didnt know that weight pulling is now an ANKC recognized working dog title and classified pulls will be starting along the east coast next month. The Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky Social Club of QLD, The Alaskan Malaumute Club of NSW and The Alaskan Malamute Club of Vic will all be running ANKC pulls, as well as the AMSTAF club of Vic and the SA Sled dog club who also run pulls but arent ANKC classified. I run an Australian wide weight pulling group on facebook which is a great place for participants and those interested in the sport to talk, ask questions and share results. This is such a great activity for any and all dogs to participate in and it is gaining a lot of interest which will only increase now that it is a working title. There hasnt been much mention of it in here though so please feel free to ask any questions and/or join the group on FB here. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1108643739150830/
  2. Where To Buy Raw ?

    Wow I know this is a bit of an old topic but I cant believe no one in Sydney has mentioned Luddenham Pet Meats!!! They are an actual abattoirs and there meat is top quality and their prices are fantastic. They move huge amounts of meat every week so they guarantee the meat you buy is fresh THAT DAY! They have Beef, Roo and Horse (healthy and very good quality meat for dogs) and can get mutton as well. They are on The Northern Rd near the roundabout with Elizabeth Drv and your best to get there early in the morning. Ph 02 47734131 Oh and if you haven't seen my other post I sell Fresh (from the animal but frozen by me after cleaning and packaging) Raw Green Tripe around Sydney
  3. Help Needed With Xl Transport Crate

    Yeah I'm starting to think I might just make my own timber crate.
  4. Help Needed With Xl Transport Crate

    Ill be flying back down and putting him on the plane myself and flying back with him so i dont see the point of paying a transport company when ill be doing all the work. I have looked into hiring a crate from dogtainers but was hoping or checking there isnt a cheaper option or like i said would be interested to buy one since we'll be moving around again at some stage. and yeah Korbin the army will reimburse us for the costs but we still have to pay for it ourselves upfront. I'll look into those VariKennels to thanks Oakway. Does anyone else have experiences airfreighting large dogs and how did you/they find it?
  5. hi guys. i havent been on here in ages but im hoping someone can help me out or point me in the right direction. my wife joined the army last year and as a result we are now in Townsville! We still dont have a house and as such have spent the last 3 weeks in a hotel. i had to leave Marty behind in my pops backyard in sydney but its nearly time to get him up here, FINALLY!!! I cant believe how much ive missed him, he was the only thing that got me through the last 6 months away from my wife. Anyway ive sussed out the flight info etc but im still missing one vital part, an air crate big enough to carry him. id probably prefer to just hire one but would also be willing to buy one if it were able to be taken apart or folded up etc. If anyone has gone through a similar move with a large dog or knows where the best place to get a crate would be id love to hear from you and also if theres anyone on here in TV id also like to chat coz i dont know a single soul up here! cheers guys, Cory.
  6. South African Boerboel

    and again (sorry they are to big)
  7. South African Boerboel

  8. South African Boerboel

    just thought id put up a couple more pics of my boy Marty.
  9. Training A Dog To Pull A Sled Or Wagon Or Such

    try having a look at the website www.pulldoggies.com its an american site with heaps of info on pretty much everything you need to know about the sport.
  10. Weight Pulling In Sydney?

    Hi guys. So i just found the world of weight pulling and im really interested in it! I own a big strong Boerboel and i live in Sydney and would really like to get involved but at this stage im just not sure where to start. Ive done a bit of research and found alot of information except for what would seem to me to be the most important, WHERE????? I know that a few breed specific clubs (huskies and malamutes mainly) run weight pulls at their meetings but ive been surprised by the lack of structure or organisation in regards to an exclusive weight pulling club or regular competitions. This is a massive past time in america and other parts of the world but it just doesnt seem to have picked up here in oz. Does anyone have any information on upcoming events or is anyone out there with some experience in this field interested in looking into setting something up for the future? any and all feedback will be greatly appreciated.