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  1. Aussie Pics

    Re coat after desexing - Hershel's went very long and wispy around his flank. Still lovely and soft but he has these really long bits!
  2. Flat Coated Retriever

    This wasn't because of the breed of dog that bit you, it was because the dog had bite inhibition and/or only wanted to warn you to go away, not injure you. These things are due to training and the temperament of that individual dog, not because the dog has some kind of physically weak jaw because of its breed. Small dogs can easily cause serious, lasting damage to people's hands - people losing fingers, permanent nerve damage etc. A dog the size of a Flatcoat can also do serious damage if it wants to. That dog chose not to injure you severely, it wasn't limited by its jaw. Totally agree with this.
  3. Ahhhh so many cute piccies
  4. Aussie Pics

    They grow up so fast! Murray is looking gorgeous Nik
  5. Hahahahaha so true Roova! He is gorgeous but a handful.
  6. A Light Has Gone From Our Lives

    Noooooo RIP little man
  7. Here's Hershel at 8 months old
  8. Who else is going? I feel kinda lame going to a dog show on New Years eve but to be honest I don't usually do anything anyway. Can't be bothered going out when every man (and his dog) will be out getting drunk.
  9. Aussie Pics

    Yep he's gotten so big and handsome! (if I do say so myself) Happy Birthday Quinn
  10. Aussie Pics

    Haven't been in here in aaaaggggeeessss. Here's a piccie of Hershel from the other week :) He's nice and sleepy now from big day herding and playing
  11. Aussie Pics

    That's Galaxy! He belongs to one of the lecturers from the NDTF course. Such a sweetie & only just a baby really.
  12. Aussie Pics

    Sorry to hear about that R & B sounds awful On a completely different note...Trixie on my bed right now Such a cutie
  13. You definitely should do as much as you can :) I'm there on Saturdays, Sundays & Mondays so might see you there :)
  14. Give them a call. They take puppies from 8 weeks & they would all only have had their C3 at that point. Hershel had only had his C3 as well.
  15. They really are great. I took Hershel there from the day after I got him at 8 weeks. Up to you though.