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  1. Have PM'ed you Kavak Jeff: Yes general obedience
  2. a friend of mine wants to send her dog and i dont know if these places can be trusted
  3. Does anybody have any experience with these places where your dog stays there for a few weeks and is trained by professional? Am particularly interested in ones in western/south western sydney. Any information/advice would be helpful! TIA
  4. Naturally, as soon as ANY breed of dog attacks the focus is yet again on pit bulls. How about they do a proper, full report because i would really like to see the statistics on what breeds really do account for the attacks and what other factors they have in common (namely, young, male, entire dog). it sucks for the responsible owners out there.
  5. Great!!! of my two dogs one is a PB and the other one rotty, one already has a very restricted life, im hoping the media wont start on rotty's as the next PB and have them put on the restricted breed list as well Funnily enough the only people that dont cross the road when im taking one of my dogs for a walk are the ones you would least expect - the elderly and little kids, one time a couple with small children (who talked to me about their old PB girl). My PB absolutely loves people, if people pat her even once she is absolutely delighted!
  6. Coco was also the 'runt' of the litter, and she's just smaller (and the best looking imo hehe) and very healthy
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