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  1. Hello, The dog is with us almost all of the time. On most days I take him to work and he is very occasionally left in the yard for a day if I cannot take him to work. If hubby is off shift he looks after him. I was wondering if he thinks he may be the boss.
  2. Our Border Collie (male, desexed) is now four years old. My husband is a shift worker and therefore away from home for a day or so at a time. Last night when getting the dogs dinner ready, hubby walked into the kitchen, the dog squeezed between me and the cupboard. Hubby came over to say hello to me and then went to pat the dog but the dog beared his teeth, didn't growl but not good. I gave hubby a piece of meat to give the dog but as he held the meat out, again the dog bearded his teeth. This is a big worry for me and husband. Would appreciate any help in how to deal with the problem as I do not want it to escalate. Thank you
  3. His hock joint is large not quite golf ball size yet and the vet is keeping a eye on it. He is on carprieve tables as required, he started on one per day for five days then he usually has one table even second day. In the next six months he will have a course of carprofen injections - one per week for six weeks. Its basically a wait and see at tthe moment that is why I was looking for alternative treatments in the short time to help with the pain management.
  4. Thank you for your reply. We have not seen a specialist as such just our local vet who preformed the operation. They are very good and he did mention that a hock arthrodesis would be the last option and as he is young dog to try the pain relief for a while to see how things go. I just hate to see our boy in pain, even though if you really push hard he showns no pain but the vet says if he is limping or holding up the leg there is definitely pain there. He seems to be more in pain after running hard (this has been restricted to more gentle runs) and after resting so I have purchased him a couple of good quality latex mattresses so he is never resting on hard surfaces. I am so happy to hear that after arthrodesis they can run, jump & play I thought it may have been a lot more restrictive. Did you have your surgery in NSW??
  5. Morning all, Our 2yr dog has had an opertion on his right hock for OCD when he was 12mths old. The vet advised these ops generally do not have a great outcome -he was right. Dog is now on painkillers on an as required basis for life and tends to hold up his right back leg and limps especially after sleeping. Vet has indicated that there is nothing more that can be done and it seems arthitis has developed in the joint, not unexpected. Dog is taken for walks each day, jointguard + fish oil is added to his food. Weight is keep off. I have been doing some research on the web and was wondering if anyone has had any luck with the Adicell Stem cell or the no needle acupuncture treaments for this type of problem. I really just want him to be painfree, I understand nothing will make it back to normal but would like to see him pain free as he has a lot of time left. I have no problem in travelling for any treatment that would work for him.
  6. Dear All, Thank you all for your help and suggestions. Gate was unfortunatley left ajar as we were going in an out, stupid I know as I have been told. He is now on restricted access to yard particulary the front and is not allowed out the back unless one of us is with him. We moved from smaller yard (750m) which had solid colourbond fencing all round to rural block abt 1.5 acres with the farm fencing so he seems to have become over stimilated by lots to see. Live in the Newcastle/Hunter Valley area so any help with good behaviourist.
  7. Good Afternoon all, We have a 21mth old de-sexed Border Collie. He is quite a lovely dog but has been displaying some worring behaviour. We have moved to a small acerage estate with what I call farm fences that is they a wooden poles with mesh so he can see everyting around him, we are currently in the process of planting full hedges all around the yard. Our dogs behaviour has never been a problem but over the past few weeks he has been barking quite agressively at people passing by, I normally tell him no and make him go inside. Yesterday we were in the front yard working and a fellow with his dog (on lead) was walking pass, well our little darling darted out the front gate and bailed up the other dog by barking really aggressively at it. This behaviour seems to be some sort of protective/garding thing but it is someting we do not want him to do as I believe it could become a real problem. Would apprecite any suggestions anyone may have that will help in addressing this situation. Thank you
  8. Good Morning all, I have been trying to find a contact number for the Tellarah Dog Traing Club which is near Maitland NSW. Can anyone assist me with a contact number or perhaps where and when the club trains/meets. Appreciate your help. Thank you
  9. Monring all, I have been tryin to find a contact number for the Tellarah Dog Training Club near Maitland NSW. Can anyone assist me with a number or where and when they meet Appreciate your help Thank you
  10. Hi there, Pelican itch is caused by sea lice which normally live in the seaweed around the lake edge. Dogs can be bitten by these lice and it causes a rather nasty rash on their belly and legs. If you swim your dogs in the lake best to wash them down as soon as possible after and try to keep away from any visible weed. I noticed you have a picture of a Rottie so assume your dog(s) are Rotties. As their coat is shorter it will not be as big of a problem but still best to wash them down.
  11. Hi All, I would like do some swimming exercises for my pup and would like to know if anyone knows of a safe place which allows dogs to swim. I live in the Maitland area near Newcastle in NSW. I know about the dog beach in Newcastle but believe it can be a bit full on and that the dogs are not always controlled. The Lake also but dogs can get peligan itch which is not good. Appreicate any info.
  12. Oh dear, I felt it would not be good but not that bad. Hopefully our boy will be fine. Thank you very much for your reply its always best to know - good or bad that way you can prepare yourself.
  13. Morning all, Our 11mth old Border after having an operation for OCD of his left shoulder in Oct 2009 was diagnosed yesterday via XRays with servere OCD of his right hock. So booked in for operation on Monday, poor little fellow. We are at a loss as to why this has reared its ugly head again. He is feed a very good quality puppy food, exercise is regulated, no stairs (we have ramped these) no running on hard surfaces, no rough play with other dogs, no jumping- he is lifted in an out of the car. Oh well as they say S#@t happens. His shoulder after the surgery and restricting his movements for three months is extremely good but apparently the hock can be a bit more tricky. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with OCD of the hock with their puppies/dogs and what the outcome was.
  14. Hi All, I am sooo jealous. I wish we had a facility like this in Newcastle NSW. My boy would be there a couple of days a week. Looks like a great facility.
  15. Morning all, I am going quite spare with my 11mth old Border Collie pup. He travels to work with me most days and I must say this is not a pleasant experience. He loves the car, gets in with no problem - BUT then as we get into traffic he barks, howls, pants heavily, bites at the back head rests etc. His behaviour is especially bad when bikes go past. I have tried treats, pig ears, toys to keep him occupied but to no avail. Even yelled at him on occasion - not good. He was very good for about two weeks then it has all started again, carn't put my finger on why. Have just purchased a never ending treat thingy and am hoping this may work on the way home. Travel time is about 40mins. Tomorrow I am going to go another way to work to see if this may have any affect on his behaviour. He is a super dog I just wished we could get over this hurdle. Even thought of a blind fold him but that would not be nice. Carn't black out the back car windows as this is quite illegal. Any suggestions would be very much appreicated. Thank you
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