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  1. Can't wait for this, just over a month to go!
  2. I got black for my replacement but there is also green, yellow and red for something different!
  3. Vets are where all the diseased/sick dogs go to get better! Not the place I'd be taking a young puppy if I had a choice.
  4. Smartly - at 8 weeks. All breeds need to experience the world during the critical period 8-16 weeks. Don't take to places with high dog traffic before 13 weeks but get that puppy out and about - train stations, busy shopping centres etc etc
  5. Where about are you located? Our branch of the GSDCV sells excellent t quality leads and collars, we can also arrange postage if required. Send me a PM if you want further info
  6. Dutch KNPV bred dogs are crossbreeds consisting mostly of Dutch Shepherd, Malinois, GSD and sometimes guardian breeds used on outcrosses then bred back into herding breeds, so the Chris Jones Dutch Shepherds can't be ANKC registered. Pure bred Dutch Shepherds generally have more drive than a working line GSD but less than a Malinois. Often breeders of cross breed Dutch Shepherds sell them as Malinois when the pups are fawn with black muzzle and the coloured one's in the litter sold as Dutch Shepherds and are usually bigger dogs than pure breed Malinois standards. Some are great working dogs if you don't need typical kennel club registration. They can be ANKC registered... http://ankc.org.au/Breed/Detail/86
  7. Our babies arrived in the early EARLY hours of Australia day, we were blessed with 3 boys and 2 girls.
  8. Can we please be added to the list? First timers for us all :) GSDs due on the 27th
  9. Mornington Farm Stay allows dogs and close to the freeway.
  10. I have experienced the exact same situation. I desexed my first boy at 18months when I knew puppy was on the way, haven't had one ounce of trouble here but I think it depends entirely on the dog's temperament/personality and your management of the situation. My older boy is very laid back and gets on with everyone and was happy to let the pup (who is very hard headed and is dominant with other dogs) be the boss from the minute he walked in the door at 9 weeks. Younger boy is still entire, they are now 5 1/2 and 4 years old. No way I would have introduced another male into the picture if I had my younger boy first, he loves puppy's of both sexes but once males get to a certain age things change..
  11. No leash free fenced areas in Cranbourne that are council run :-(
  12. Envy looks like a Mallonis (Belgian Shepherd), super cute!!!!!!!!!
  13. The child is at face level of most of those dogs, regardless of breed....
  14. I bought one from my local $2 shop...got it home and never used it. What size do you need, it's yours if it suits?
  15. I use the exact same setup as Rebanne and finds it works well for us...
  16. I've done the GSDCV ET for the last two years and I am out of dogs as well! I will be there to cheer on Ish and whoever she does it with though, be good to enjoy the ET from the other side of the bike! LOL
  17. Thanks again!! How early can we set up camp Friday?
  18. Thanks for that info Could you please advise what is happening with the camping spots? I paid for one with my entries but there was no information with my numbers?
  19. What price would you be looking at?
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