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  1. haha thanks Bindi it was my 80's theme 21st... great night.
  2. ok, so i am a little embarresed by this, but here is my Dance photo. love, love, loving! all the photos everyone is putting up!! just wish my photography was half as good as the ones on here!!!
  3. Is that the Dish in Parks Minimum? here is my landscape... looking over the farm land. looking nice a green.
  4. my home is where my animals are, and where i can rest after a days work. this is how i rested today, taking photos and captured this of my horse.
  5. hee hee, it makes Kaiser prick his ears up everytime i play it to him
  6. i took this last night while Bear and Kaiser were watching a movie with us, Kaiser got annoyed at the flash on the camera, so he took it out on Bear hee hee This is Kaiser playing with the hose... he couldnt figured it out at the start, but when i started filming he was right into it.
  7. Kaiser gets the hiccups too! its so cute! he gets them after drinking and eating and if he gets woken up by a loud noise... its so cute!!!!! ;)
  8. she was just being very clingy. which was good for her heal work, but her sit stay and drop stay and recall, which are usally spot on, she just wouldnt do it. she would slowly get up and walk over to me and sit next to me in a perfect heel position... so i thought, well stuff that.
  9. i'll be stewarding at the bairnsdale one... i thought about entering my girl, but then after last saturday in class, i was more feeling like shooting her than entering her in a trial. but very good luck to thoes who are entering! and i'm sure you will do fine! :p
  10. Andowen

    Any Tips?

    wouldnt it be better just to wipe the dogs feet yourself. seeing as the dog will only be really wiping its pads on the mat it wont be getting any further up the legs... it would be a cute trick to teach to show off to friends, but once the dog lays down or something its just going to get the rest of the mud and dirt off its legs everywhere... just a thought
  11. thanks whitka! i am so proud of her. i am hoping to enter her into a comp sometime soon. she is really picking up the agility quickly just have to get her to stop skidding off the table haha
  12. my dog is the champ of fence jumping, every night she is out. but because we live on the highway its not such a good thing. now i am thinking that alot of people are not going to like what i have to say next but its the best we could do, we tried chaining her up, she broke the chains, we tried a dog run, she either dug out or cut her legs open jumping out, we tried putting the fence higher, she still got over, we tried locking her in the shed, she broke the door... SO! my dad and i being the horsy people we are, we tried putting hobbles on her. and believe me if you will, it worked! she can still walk around freely, but she cant run and there is no way she can jump. so she still has the freedom in the yard, she just cant get over the fence. and as her reward i take her for long walks off lead (in the parks and away from the highway) in the mornings before work.
  13. ok this isnt one of her with her ball but of her going over the dog walk, which she only mastered last week after about 5 weeks of training on a saturday for about 20 minutes
  14. that is just way too cute! i once got a hicky on my chin from a Cav pup sucking on me. it was there for a few days, twas a little hard to explain
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