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  1. Thanks! I'll definitely have a look. We haven't decided on the colour, they're all beautiful though. <3
  2. I'm in no hurry. Hubby and I have discussed it and decided the next breed would be a golden retriever. I just like to see who sells them etc. I was surprise to see none on the breed page. I think there's a way to find the breeders page to look at their sites, I'll check again(thumbs up!) :-)
  3. Thanks for the link.... It's very hard to look at anything with all the unwanted popup ads coming up each time I try looking at something. :'(
  4. Most likely a huge waiting list. I've found one and I've like their page... Just a waiting game...I reckon my girl would love a playmate, plus we're always home :-)
  5. It's it just me or is hard to come by litters of golden retriever available for pet homes only? I'm in South East Queensland, and cannot find anything?
  6. Cavalier King Charles. Meet Molly( we didn't end up buying from the breeder we wanted to originally,).
  7. Roll out up, it might just be perfect when you get home, unrolled and all :D
  8. Have you tried a breeder that will request you to fill out an inquiry form for a puppy or to be put on a waiting list? I've done 2 of them now even though we don't want to get one till mid 2019. All I have to do is within a week of an expected litter is to let the breeder know I'm wanting a pup from that one... Few years ago I kept emailing a breeder from SE QLD, that I had found on the list of breeder here, they never replied... Funny enough one day I happened to see where they lived, I'm happy I never bought from them and the other day proved me right when I found them advertisin
  9. Have you looked at the older dogs for sale page?? You never know one might suits you to a 't'. https://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/mature/american-staffordshire-terrier.asp
  10. Thankyou everyone! No one recommended a breeder but I've received a lot of valuable extra information from those that deal with the breed first hand. I've looked through the breeders list and I've filled out an inquiry form with a specific breeder. I'm only waiting for the time that hubby and I have agreed on to choose from the litters(if any by then) to 'apply' and get everything rolling. I can't wait <3
  11. Yes I'm starting to think I've read the info at the wrong place! But everything I've read about the Cavalier seems spot on... Thanks
  12. I wouldn't buy from a backyard puppy farm. They couldn't care less about the health of the dog plus you have no guarantee of the breed you're really getting. You might end up with a lot of heartache. Jut my opinion.
  13. Thanks. Yes I've read that neurotic, anxious behaviour can be possible in the standard Poodle as well which is they say choosing carefully. Thank you.
  14. I'm home pretty much all the time except a couple morning here and there. Regular walks especially are planned and being with me as a companion. Plus it would encourage my oldest daughter to walk after school with us as she as put on weight (not a lot) but a little due to tegratol. We want a faithful family companion, like hubby says preferably one great with cats also. Thanks again
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