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  1. Hopefully the police will follow through, with charging her for criminal negligence as well
  2. Any dog attack sickens me, but this particular one really made my blood boil Not only was it in an on lead area but apparently the owner had said "If you see my dogs coming, make sure you stand up" not long before the dogs attacked On top of that, the owner left the scene It also might not have been the first time these dogs had been threatening/attacked. I hope the owner gets the maximum fines.
  3. I titre test my two every year, also through VetPath. My vet charges $75, but we're lucky and just down the road from VetPath so no postage. Just got the latest results and both are still showing >1:80 for both parvo and distemper. They haven't been vaccinated since the booster they had at 15 months of age, back in August 2010 Mine aren't really around lots of dogs, just small training classes, and we don't go to busy dog places either :)
  4. There may be other online places where if you supply a script you can get medications much cheaper, but here's the one I know of. though haven't actually used it myself. Atopica(Cyclosporin) is much, much cheaper than you're paying :) Atopica at Petceutics
  5. I just found that The Pet Chef, in Midland, sells Beef Tripe (Green)
  6. I've been told there is a guy at a weekend market that sells it(might have been Subiaco, which have just closed ) I'll be in contact with the woman that told me tomorrow, so will let you know ASAP :) Natural Paws sells the K9 Natural - Frozen Green Tripe
  7. I hadn't seen the canned food with tripe in it before, so was hoping it might be a new "taste" for him. A CRF group I'm in say green tripe is usually the best thing for the CRF dogs, once they begin not wanting to eat, as it's stinky and rarely refused, so was hoping it might tempt Danny :)
  8. ZiwiPeak do a canned Tripe, Lamb and Venison I've read that it's highly palatable and enticing, maybe Danny would be interested in it? :)
  9. When the Ingleburn Vet Antihistamine Sheet was removed I found this one http://communityvet.net/2009/07/diy-antihistamines/ hopefully it helps :)
  10. I found my two can push the flap open, even when bolted shut Not a sliding door, but for my back door I put one of the bunnings compost panels on the inside, folded at the edges to fit in the frame. It bends easily, so removing it is quick :) Maybe something like that would work? It obviously keeps them outside when needed too :D
  11. Just thought I would add a link I still have book marked(that I found years ago) that has a bit of info, link for video and pictures, and the References the info was collected from :) http://www.pets.ca/forum/showthread.php?t=67934
  12. Electra was laying with the ice pack most of the time, she also didn't really want to sit much, especially in the first few days I'll send the link in a pm now :)
  13. Electra was quite uncomfortable for about a week, from memory. I let her sit on tea towels which were wrapped around bags of ice and she seemed to appreciate that most of the time. I also think as it's changed the whole feel of the area, it look her that long to get used to it...she's very sensitive like that though, so may be different for your girl. I have an album on facebook with pictures and the odd comment about her journey if you'd like a to have a look :)
  14. My girl had all the same problems and had the surgery when she was about 22 months old. I also struggled to find much info about it! Hope her recovery is quick :)
  15. I watched the 9 news report last night, the link I posted was from earlier in the day. Apparently they man spent a bit of time tossing treats to Beau, gaining his trust I really hope with all the news/internet coverage, the owner gets Beau back!
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