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  1. We had our puppies anal glands expressed yesterday for the first time. She is 3.5 months old. The vet advised me that it's not diet related, some breeds are just prone to having anal glands filling up faster than others and that we can do the expressing ourselves but we'd have to do it right to ensure that we don't cause her an infection. My puppy is a chocolate labrador. Apparently Labs can have this problem regularly, comes with the breed. I didn't even know anal glads existed until we got our lab.
  2. Alot of dogs get a type of conjunctavitis. That may be what the cream is for that your vet gave you? I agree with bathing the eyes in warm, salty water or a saline solution can help remove small debris or dirt from your puppies eyes.
  3. K9: to teach anything, you will need to establish a motivator (reward system) for your pup, then there are ways that you can use this with a method like show/place & reward system.. Yes there is a difference, in reality respect comes from discipline which is you setting boundaries for your pup... Consequences can be from time outs to physical corrections.. Sorry Steve - what do you mean by "physical corrections" ??
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